Funny New York. Funny New York . Humans of New York My last wife was 47 years older than me." Yep. We met when she was 80 and l was 33. She came to the nursing  UShumor
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Funny New York

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Humans of New York
My last wife was 47 years older than me."
Yep. We met when she was 80 and l was 33. She came to the
nursing home where I worked, and everyday she would spend
six hours with her dying husband. I said to myself:
If she ever loves me like that, Ill be OIC We married a couple
years later, and stayed together until she died at the age .
it l had any money, lo make a movie about it."
really started running when I was 18, right after my dad died.
l was doang 17 miles every day, It was my own way dieting death
each might and beating it."
whats your greatest struggle right now?“
with other people."
In what way?"
In this way."
want to be an artist."
What kind of art do you want to make?"
l want to make different versions of myself."
Do you need the cane?"
l need it when Fm wearing these shoes,"
We talked for a few minutes. She told me that she' d had a plan
main the Navy out of high school, but that fell apart because
her knees were bad. She told me that finished working
a hour shift on afoot truck. She told mama shed moved
to New York for no reason, Just to get out of Kansas “But /m "
glad l came," she said
s that?" I asked, Her eyes began to water,
Because rm so in love with a girl right now."
If you let your gum air out for a few seconds, ts more of a
challenge when you put it back in."
Every thought you have seeps into your blood."
Whats the most scared yrou' ever been?"
Probably when l was detoxing from alcohol, The first time.“
How long after that did you have your next drink?"
Twenty days."
If you could give one piece of advice to a large group of people,
what would it be?"
keep your powder dry [F
What does that mean?"
rm not sure, i think man Hath Century thing [l
mt... well, whats your greatest struggle right now?“
Getting across this road is gonna be pretty tough,"
why were you homeless?"
just got to a point where my mom couldnt maintain anymore.
The sad part was that it was during high school. so I had to keep
it a secret, Cause, you know, ts high school."
What are you working toward?"
Being the boss."
want to be a police officer."
whats the best part of being a police officer?"
Protecting people."
Whats the worst part?"
Probably the gunfights,"
He gave me his cold."
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