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Introvert guide

Read the title

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AIM nun, an you Kos' -mar I Mean)
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Submitted: 07/12/2013
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#385 - anonymous (09/11/2013) [-]
I like the part about Silence Is Not An Insult, but you make Introverts sound like they have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with all the Limited Energy crap
#365 - anonymous (07/13/2013) [-]
People saying we're lazy, making up excuses for being not skilled socially... I can't speak for all introverts, but in my case I am genuinely annoyed when somebody is persistent in trying to get me to be part of a conversation that I don't want to take part in. It's not that I'm just entirely horrible in social situations, it's that I also don't like them sometimes, and as the content mentions, the keyword is sometimes.
User avatar #351 - srskate (07/13/2013) [-]
This instructions sound as if someone is telling me how to care for a very expensive and ridiculous cat.
User avatar #383 to #351 - tenthdoctorrocks (08/23/2013) [-]
Yeah, except you don't have to feed/buy stuff for/play with introverted people.
User avatar #384 to #383 - srskate (08/23/2013) [-]
The **** are you two doing here anyway?
this is over a month old
#380 to #351 - alexanderh (08/22/2013) [-]
Honestly, that's not a terrible description of introverts.
User avatar #382 to #380 - srskate (08/22/2013) [-]
The cat is also unwanted.
It's a neighbors cat that I need to watch for the weekend.
#341 - anonymous (07/13/2013) [-]
I just wish more people would figure this out rather then insisting on talking to me about things I really don't care to talk about then just assuming I'm in a bad mood, like my mom does incredibly often. It isn't rocket science.
User avatar #337 - ThatsMyFaceWhen (07/13/2013) [-]

I am an introvert

I understand that I'm an introvert and what that implies

I don't think all extroverts are drunks and party freaks who like to **** everything and do drugs

I even have some extrovertive traits sometimes and understand that labeling myself "introvert" doesn't define me in every possible way

I am a rare specimen indeed
User avatar #328 - cormy (07/13/2013) [-]
And what about those who have boundless energy and try to force it on you and then when you actually react to them they can't handle your level so you're forced to retreat again because you leave them in the dust?
I am entirely extroverted but much prefer to be alone for fear of being 100% entertainment and not giving anything of any value. i.e. I have no energy alone (being an extrovert and all) and so when people try to get me to do stuff, I take EVERYTHING from them and typically surpass their previous energy levels =\
So... What's happening there? Introverts with enough stored energy trying to interact with me and then me sapping all that strength away for myself?
#362 to #328 - sapping (07/13/2013) [-]
You called?
#322 - airport (07/13/2013) [-]
I guess music is my way to recharge energy when alone
I guess music is my way to recharge energy when alone
User avatar #329 to #322 - cormy (07/13/2013) [-]
Do you actually keep it though? I listen to music as energy but it only last as long as there is music typically.
User avatar #318 - dbrak (07/13/2013) [-]
why are people so defensive about introversion? people act like they're victims of hate crimes or something. like people say extroverts are obnoxious, slutty, and asshats. But if you say an introvert is reclusive, the whole world comes spiraling to an end.
User avatar #331 to #318 - lolollo ONLINE (07/13/2013) [-]
It's because introverts are always given **** for being "antisocial" by almost all of society. We're deemed "the weird kids" and instead of people choosing to try and understand us, they pass us off to do their own **** (which sometimes involves making us the butt of their jokes).

So yes...we get a tad touchey......
#330 to #318 - dontknowmeatall (07/13/2013) [-]
An introvert doesn't make an extrovert feel uncomfortable very often, while the opposite is quite common. Besides, society has rejected introverts for a long time, calling them boring, nerds, anti-socials, arrogant... in this world, if you prefer to spend your Saturday night reading a book or watching TV instead of going to party hard, consume alcohol and drugs and **** any whole you find in your way, you're seen as a loser. This is just an attempt to balance things, to show people that introversion isn't a bad thing, it's not even so uncommon, it's just a different way to live your life.
User avatar #300 - bustercaller (07/13/2013) [-]
I find this to be true but I find it more accurate to replace energy with honor
#340 to #300 - anonymous (07/13/2013) [-]
I think you've chosen the wrong word. honor is something that you have that others can't take away from you by judging you. I'm trying to think of a more appropriate word but it's proving difficult.
User avatar #346 to #340 - bustercaller (07/13/2013) [-]
You can lose honor. Try thinking about it with the synonyms: recognition; distinction; dignity & respect in mind. It is a broad word
User avatar #303 to #300 - mayormilkman (07/13/2013) [-]
User avatar #319 to #303 - bustercaller (07/13/2013) [-]
That is how I see it. When I am in a group that I do not know or someone I am not comfortable with, I feel as if they are naturally judging me about how I interact, what I say, my body, my body language & my eye contact. I feel as it they paint a picture of me that is not accurate and negative therefore taking away my honor leaving me with shame due to there perceived judgement of me. Which they then pass that judgement onto others who then also place that negative judgement on me. So I feel I can only fight back by judging them negatively or I just walk away and not be around them therefore protecting myself against their judgement. To me it's a form of bullying. But then you can also argue that how I act is a form of cowardice. I don't hate them for it though, it is what it is
#317 to #303 - lulzforsandyhook has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #326 to #317 - bustercaller (07/13/2013) [-]
My point exactly
#342 to #326 - lulzforsandyhook has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #348 to #342 - bustercaller (07/13/2013) [-]
I realise this. It just seemed to me that you proved my point above
#297 - anonymous (07/13/2013) [-]
Alternative title: "How to make an excuse for being a lazy **** "
#316 to #297 - anonymous (07/13/2013) [-]
Lazy beats annoying.
#302 to #297 - thereclaimer **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #293 - noopis (07/13/2013) [-]
I just want to be treated like a human being. And I want extroverts to stop trying to convert me into one of them. For me it's not about this energy nonsense, just don't force me to jump on the dance floor and party with 100 strangers and we'll be cool.
#294 to #293 - anonymous (07/13/2013) [-]
Maybe if you did anything other than just sit on your ass on your computer all day, they wouldn't have to resort to such extreme activities.
User avatar #334 to #294 - therealdiscord (07/13/2013) [-]
Man you sure showed him, anonymous user spending his time insulting people he disagrees with on the internet.
Good thing you made sure nobody knew who you were, or you might look like a douche.
User avatar #333 to #294 - lolollo ONLINE (07/13/2013) [-]
Maybe if you took some time to sit in a classroom instead of drugging your body with poisons, you wouldn't be an unintelligent douchebag.
User avatar #298 to #294 - noopis (07/13/2013) [-]
Maybe if you weren't such a ****** you wouldn't have to go anon.
#292 - danruaul (07/13/2013) [-]
I like this a lot. I don't know about introverts giving off energy, though. But maybe I'm just considering a special case.
#290 - anonymous (07/13/2013) [-]
Remember kids, you have to treat introverts extra special because they're not like regular people.
#289 - anonymous (07/13/2013) [-]
Lol @ all the losers flocking to this like it's some savior excuse for them being hopelessly alone.
#286 - tittylovin has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #280 - Bravechampion (07/13/2013) [-]
What does it mean if I don't like being around people, but I also have no personal space...?
User avatar #295 to #280 - NachosNToast (07/13/2013) [-]
You really like to ********** ?
#272 - anonymous (07/13/2013) [-]
**** , it's like being on Tumblr.

"this is how you interact with an introvert"

"This is how you interact with someone who has an anxiety disorder"

Hell, I even saw one once that was entitled "how to be friends with a writer"

I'm so ******* tired of these ******* advice, holy **** . If you need a guide on how to interact with people maybe you shouldn't ******* try any more. You want my advice? Just ******* be yourself and see what ******* happens.
User avatar #271 - zuflux ONLINE (07/13/2013) [-]
Can very much relate to all of this.
User avatar #270 - chiefrunnyjeans (07/13/2013) [-]
this is pretty accurate. for me, I'm somewhere in between extrovert and introvert.
#266 - anonymous (07/13/2013) [-]
This post supprisingly accurate ...I wish more people I know would read come across it on their own....
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