Youtube. Source: Imgur.. im fine with ads im fine with buffer but when ads buffer, i suffer
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Source: Imgur

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Submitted: 07/11/2013
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#144 - batwill **User deleted account** (07/12/2013) [-]
#141 - fabelousnagger (07/12/2013) [-]
a very overated side as the quality there is quite low

***** adds (adblocker we know)
medicore quality even in "hd"
videos love to stopp buffering from time to time
monitored and censorship what ever they feel

sadly it is the one "everyone" know about so it is here they upload stuff if you want people to find you're videos this is the place you need to go
#137 - fabelousnagger has deleted their comment [-]
#133 - ludislavonac (07/12/2013) [-]
Sooo, apparently nobody uses adblock here
#148 to #133 - curses (07/12/2013) [-]
The point is that the Ads play perfectly fine no matter how poorly your internet is. A video though which struggles at the resolution of 240p or something is questionable. Sometimes it takes bloody ages for it to load. IF it even begins to load.
#111 - qqqqqqqqq (07/12/2013) [-]
meanwhile at the valve server bank....
#110 - fukyeahraptorr (07/12/2013) [-]
looks about right
looks about right
#109 - anonymous (07/12/2013) [-]
The second picture is EA for everything.
#106 - nortledrones (07/12/2013) [-]
This image has expired
When an ad pops up on youtube that I can't skip, I mute the video and then go to a random tab.

I refuse to give them my senses.
User avatar #101 - hawaiianhappysauce ONLINE (07/12/2013) [-]
That's why you download Adblock / Adblock plus
#98 - gogoxrt (07/12/2013) [-]
when i see an ad
when i see an ad
#103 to #98 - anonymous (07/12/2013) [-]
Holy cow, never thought I would see my favourite comic book characters appear on this site...
#123 to #96 - funnyjernk (07/12/2013) [-]
this is what i got should i do it?
#128 to #123 - anonymous (07/12/2013) [-]
Everyone gets that and yes it dosen't effect anything
User avatar #124 to #123 - scorponok (07/12/2013) [-]
I havent seen an ad on youtube for months, so yes.
#126 to #124 - funnyjernk (07/12/2013) [-]
k i did it
#90 - phantasmalcat (07/12/2013) [-]
Guys, try out the Smart Video extension for chrome, it'll fix stuff like loading while a video is paused, just tweak it in the options.
Guys, try out the Smart Video extension for chrome, it'll fix stuff like loading while a video is paused, just tweak it in the options.
User avatar #88 - wisdombranch (07/12/2013) [-]
That CPU was the awesome PENTIUM. The 166 in the green display states that it was processing at 166MHz. It had a nifty button just above the power button(lowest button) that allowed for TURBO mode where the processor would often double its speed.

As you can see from the depressed button, TURBO MODE HAS BEEN ACTIVATED; STAND BY FOR ASTOUNDING SPEED.

Modern single-core processors go 16x faster
#87 - cactusphalus (07/12/2013) [-]
What are these "ads" you keep talking about?
User avatar #69 - improbable (07/12/2013) [-]
because that crappy old pc would even hold one 100 hour music video
#51 - skiskate (07/12/2013) [-]
MFW i have a stable internet connection with 54 mb/s and i can't watch a video in 144p without it buffering every 5 seconds. Is there something wrong with youtube right now? Because this is happening to a lot of other people too
#127 to #51 - sniffythebird (07/12/2013) [-]
Yes, all my ******* rage...

Our internets has 4x as much bandwith (at least in download speed) as we used to have a few years back. Back then, I'd buffer 720p and 1080p no problem, and I could skip around the timeline in the video without it restarting the buffering. Now I can barely BARELY watch 360p without having it stop to buffer if I'm lucky. Not to mention, even if you wait and let the WHOLE ******* THING BUFFER and if you skip ahead in the video, it ******* LOSES WHAT YOU ALREADY BUFFERED AND HAS TO START OVER.

What the **** , youtube?! All they do is "update" the interface and layouts, while video performance (quality and buffer speed) gets worse and worse every few months. And do I have to mention all these ******* bugs that cause **** that worked before to not work anymore? For instance, clicking on the thing that makes the video bigger. Half of the time it doesn't ******* work. Changing video quality? Nothing happens unless you restart the video (unlike before where it immediately changed). Fullscreen? Half of the time the video gets all glitched with only sound playing.

I probably haven't even listed half of the problems youtube have gotten in the past few years.
User avatar #116 to #51 - guiguito (07/12/2013) [-]
with 2mb you can stream 720p with no load or whatsoever
maybe steam is updating something, utorrent is sucking your bandwidth
just go to to see if you have at least 2mb
#112 to #51 - tehtrollface (07/12/2013) [-]
My computer runs youtube 1080p like a boss. no lag, just perfect hd youtube.
#84 to #51 - anonymous (07/12/2013) [-]
Exact ******* same problem with me, the rest of the internet runs fine, but when I try to load a youtube video, there's like a 20 second delay sometimes before the video starts and then it loads like **** . I'm on a laptop, wireless, with century link, wtf is going on, I get so pissed off cause I can't fix it.
User avatar #76 to #51 - europe (07/12/2013) [-]
My internet connection isn't exactly great but I have no problems watching videos at 720p
User avatar #73 to #51 - niggastolemyname (07/12/2013) [-]
1080p master race
#64 to #51 - alexanderh (07/12/2013) [-]
I've got roughly the same download speed, and I don't have any problems playing online, downloading games on steam, and watching 720/1080p youtube videos all at the same time, with 3 other people doing the same stuff at the same time. Oh, I'm also on TS with some friends as well.

Your connection either isn't stable, or you're not getting the speed you've been promised. Try taking a speedtest.
#125 to #64 - anonymous (07/12/2013) [-]
i have more than 100mb/s connection and i can't watch HD youtube videos without buffering... it's not because my net is slow, it's because youtube limit's speed on some videos
#129 to #125 - alexanderh (07/12/2013) [-]
Or because you're really unlucky, and have to go through a lot of nodes to get to the nearest youtube server.
#131 to #129 - anonymous (07/12/2013) [-]
maybe. it's still annoying
User avatar #62 to #51 - smokekusheveryday ONLINE (07/12/2013) [-]
I have a 300 mb Connection what are you peasants squabbling about
User avatar #67 to #65 - smokekusheveryday ONLINE (07/12/2013) [-]
Then again grandma in that link only uses it for reading newspaper and that.......
that really rustles my jhonathons
User avatar #66 to #65 - smokekusheveryday ONLINE (07/12/2013) [-]
Then if you have one i salute you sir or madam with the utmost highest respectabiggle
User avatar #57 to #51 - kookiefrankus (07/12/2013) [-]
Constantly trying to change YouTube to a new format or layout so who knows if they'll even bother to fix anything ever. Told them of fails and YouTube... YouTube never changes
User avatar #53 to #51 - wafflekings (07/12/2013) [-]
Ok, I thought I was the only one having this problem, I rebooted my laptop and still I cant watch a 30 second video.
User avatar #48 - tonkkax (07/12/2013) [-]
At first i misread the top one as "For aids".
#47 - anonymous (07/12/2013) [-]
ohh, i forgot that youtube even had ads, maybe you whiners should add "AddBlock" extension to ur browser. -.-
User avatar #42 - kneehumper ONLINE (07/12/2013) [-]
Is it just me or has youtube been acting really weird lately? The videos just stops loading in the middle before it changes the resolution to 144p, annoying as ****
User avatar #99 to #42 - alltimetens (07/12/2013) [-]
Something similar happens to me. I try to get 720p or 1080p, and sometimes the video quality won't change, so the only option is for the video to downgrade the video quality to the next available quality, which in my case is usually 480p.
User avatar #50 to #42 - redneckhokage (07/12/2013) [-]
been happening a lot to me too
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