Greatest Yahoo Answer Fail. The greatest yahoo answer fail.. a My wife thinks I am gay (huge misunderstanding)? the While posting on an "adult" message board fo Yahoo answer fail Greastest best
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Greatest Yahoo Answer Fail

Greatest Yahoo Answer Fail. The greatest yahoo answer fail.. a My wife thinks I am gay (huge misunderstanding)? the While posting on an "adult" message board fo

The greatest yahoo answer fail.

a My wife thinks I am gay (huge misunderstanding)?
the While posting on an "adult" message board for erotic tolm enthusiasts I brought up how
turned on I used to be as a kid about the prospect of seeing naked women in playboys
and liens like Parky' s and how watching pom today can be a joyless almost numbing
We all agreed that the most fun we ever had watching porn was during sleepovers at
friends. one of our friends would bring out the tape and we' d see the hot chick on the
box cover covering herself with a pillow and I' d ham to stamp my feet as fast as I could
on the carpet and chew on my vain to keep from screaming lousy- The First time the
woman would get naked we all cerldnt believe it and we pause the movie and we' d
have to cover our boners with our pillows and than go use the bathroom so we could
jerk or,
Looking back on those sleepovers I don' t think Ne error been happier in my entire life.
and it has been impossible to recapture that sense of naive joy and erotic wonder.
even my first time having sea: with a woman was a letdown by comparison.
We all agreed this was true and I came up with the idea of holding "sleepovers" and
pretending we' re 11 years old again. and several posters who lived in my area weed
this was a great idea.
A few dozen posts later we were able to work out some ground miss. the big mle is
that we all had to be at least in years old (most of us are 35 and older). Each member
has to try to hold at least one gathering every 3 months {there are 12 of us] and we
have to stay in character at ALL times so " to not beak the spell. (kind of like the
action role playing}
The host of the patty has to preside the material, usually old playboy tapes,
Penthouse Magazines. and hardcore porn {Wurst be from 1992 or before. preferably
Mrs “golden age" porn.
We all have to wear pajamas and bring chips and pop. We tend to play old nintendo
genres for an hour till the hosts "parents" go to bed then the host goes "look what I
got guyse" then takes out the porn and we all jump around and high the and then wait
with giddy expectation. During the movie we turn to each other and grin and talk about
new homy we are and comment on the "action'". Like if a women with huge breasts
for a shower we have to pause the movie and go “' we like to suck
on those'' "Imagine ifyou touched her boobs with your penis!“ "I heard that girls will
put their mouth on your penis and lick it!“ etc. There used to be a no masturbation rule
hat that was quickie noted, the whole purpose of the gatherings is to feed " each
others erotic energy the pent up erotic energy is too much to resist- we tend to all
whip down our pajamas at the same time and masturbate l we try to keep a silly nails
quality though and jokingly point at each others members and try to shout out different
things when we m "That sure beats Super Mario Elroy. l" is my ejaculation
Since starting these gatherings I have never felt more alive and my sex life with my
wife couldn' t be better. that is until one gathering where she caught an saw aight
home for the purpose of "surprising" me and ended up walking in on a dozen men
masturbating in her living room- I will never forget the shocked look on her face and
she immediately left and stayed at her sisters house.
i managed to talk to her and explain what she witnessed but she isn' t really buying my
story. she keeps going on about how I am having "gay sear orgies" behind her back
we never touch each othello!} and that I am living a lie, She has even started to
indicate that she wants a divorce!
is there any way I can get her to understand what I have been doing? I love my wife
and ironically have never been more attracted to her than I am now. I realize I had
been childish and new realize that I have a gorgeous voluptuous woman
that my 11 year old self would have sold his Super Nintendo and Bike just to be stile
to touch her naked breasts and I could lose her. Please help me get her back.?
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Dear sir,
You are so the very, very gay. Your are in fact so gay that the gay people call you
Flameroy tloy.
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