Freedom of religion. Just a thought. uh man, that dude is an atheist. Well i guess it' s fine.. Yciy cram! Racist!!! This is nut religion. A person with an X over a religious symbol isn't an Athiest, they're an Anti-thiest. Religion freedom of
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#36 - necroshiz **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#82 to #36 - anon (07/10/2013) [-]
A ******* racist, that's what!
#120 to #36 - anon (07/10/2013) [-]
probably a giant nerd
User avatar #100 to #36 - veiledtruth (07/10/2013) [-]
#223 to #36 - anon (07/10/2013) [-]
Black supremesist
#130 to #36 - asimplepotato (07/10/2013) [-]
God damn it you ghost racist!
User avatar #42 to #36 - koobzacc (07/10/2013) [-]
They wouldn't call you, they'd call the ghostbusters
#68 to #42 - wizardfist (07/10/2013) [-]
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#225 to #42 - pootington ONLINE (07/10/2013) [-]
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User avatar #260 to #225 - tragono **User deleted account** (07/10/2013) [-]
He's about the place the trophy in front of the hammer but then the hammer suddenly switches layers
#274 to #260 - anon (07/10/2013) [-]
Such an observation is made every time the image is posted.

Don't worry, I'm not going to thumb you down for it.
User avatar #275 to #274 - tragono **User deleted account** (07/10/2013) [-]
I'm aware.
#256 to #42 - anon (07/10/2013) [-]
You deserve every single one of those thumbs.

Every damn one of them.
#332 to #42 - taniman (07/10/2013) [-]
This is gold
This is gold
#158 - willindor ONLINE (07/10/2013) [-]
MFW atheists and theists are bashing each other for being "wrong".
#27 - jadedtrout (07/10/2013) [-]
He's obviously just a fan of Bad Religion
#65 to #27 - anon (07/10/2013) [-]
That'd be me.
User avatar #311 to #27 - fyaq (07/10/2013) [-]
or bad music.

User avatar #138 to #27 - kaj (07/10/2013) [-]
the amount of times i've been given dirty looks for wearing my crossbuster tshirt in town....
User avatar #343 to #138 - jadedtrout (07/11/2013) [-]
Life's rough, keep representing though!
User avatar #162 to #27 - rapsuskiller (07/10/2013) [-]
Bad Religion is a ******* awesome band, and their new album kicks ass!
User avatar #319 to #27 - iliekcereal (07/10/2013) [-]
*sigh* beat me too it. Oh well, still thumbed for awesome music taste.
#326 to #27 - sweetmike (07/10/2013) [-]
favorite album?
User avatar #342 to #326 - jadedtrout (07/11/2013) [-]
That's tough... Top 3 are definitely No Control, Recipe for Hate and Grey Race
User avatar #353 to #342 - sweetmike (07/11/2013) [-]
finally someone else who likes recipe for hate, everyone i've talked to before say that's the weakest one, my top three has to be empire strikes back, recipe for hate, and process of belief. although have you heard true north yet? it's a solid album
User avatar #354 to #353 - jadedtrout (07/12/2013) [-]
Yes! Greg Graffin is an absolute genius. I don't see how Recipe for Hate could be considered weak, I mean Portrait of Authority? All Good Soldiers? Don't Pray on Me, all fantastic songs. Bad Religion can do no wrong
User avatar #355 to #354 - sweetmike (07/12/2013) [-]
haha have you heard that one album tho? called into the unknown, oh god, it was awful
User avatar #356 to #355 - jadedtrout (07/12/2013) [-]
Definitely super 80's haha it wasn't their style... It's not their best work but hey it was one of their first albums and they made up for it eventually
User avatar #357 to #356 - sweetmike (07/12/2013) [-]
that's true, I don't think i've ever heard a weak punk album from them other than the gray race, which i think is "eh".
User avatar #358 to #357 - jadedtrout (07/12/2013) [-]
Really? I actually really enjoyed Gray Race. I think maybe because it was one of the first albums I heard from them
User avatar #359 to #358 - sweetmike (07/12/2013) [-]
could be, I just wasn't that blown away but it was still good I just can't think of any great songs from it
User avatar #360 to #359 - jadedtrout (07/13/2013) [-]
Punk Rock Song and Streets of America are pretty great
User avatar #361 to #360 - sweetmike (07/13/2013) [-]
ah **** , I forgot about punk rock song, alright, the gray race is pretty awesome just for that song haha
User avatar #363 to #361 - jadedtrout (07/14/2013) [-]
Damn right it is!
User avatar #330 to #27 - lawerancearm (07/10/2013) [-]
I wore my Bad Religion shirt to school and got quite a few death threats, mainly from ******* or butthurt Christians.
#37 to #27 - kommandantvideo ONLINE (07/10/2013) [-]
You think so? I've always been a fan of True Religion, myself.
#344 to #37 - jadedtrout (07/11/2013) [-]
You know they just never quite "fit" me
#262 to #78 - anon (07/10/2013) [-]
+1 for Parkway Drive
User avatar #89 to #27 - irishpunker (07/10/2013) [-]
Yeah, and there's nothing wrong with that!
#21 - trollins (07/10/2013) [-]
A person with an X over a religious symbol isn't an Athiest, they're an Anti-thiest.
#57 to #21 - anon (07/10/2013) [-]
Athiest doesn't stand for Anti-thiest, it stands for A-thiest

The a is like the a in asexual, it just means not
#84 to #21 - anon (07/10/2013) [-]
Not necessarily. The distinction between the two is slim. An atheist simply doesn't believe in a divinity whereas an anti-theist doesn't believe and doesn't want it even if it were true.
#217 to #21 - anon (07/10/2013) [-]
he is an anti-(faggot-zombie-believer)
#60 to #21 - anon (07/10/2013) [-]
And that person is therefore a dick.
User avatar #133 to #21 - uzbekistan (07/10/2013) [-]
******* thank you no one seems to know what an anti-theist is nowadays.
User avatar #47 - darman (07/10/2013) [-]
Atheism isn't the same as being anti-Christian or anti-Islamic or anti-anything. Atheism is just not believing in a god. No malice is inherent in that belief.
User avatar #50 to #47 - calawesome (07/10/2013) [-]
but there are many atheists that claim that believing in a God is moronic, and that they are superior to believer because of it, despite science showing the possibility of a creator being very likely.
User avatar #51 to #50 - darman (07/10/2013) [-]
First there are plenty of religious people that believe that not believing in a higher power is moronic and they are superior because they follow this creator. Secondly, science is far from doing any sort of reasonable supporting for either atheists or Christians.
User avatar #53 to #51 - calawesome (07/10/2013) [-]
I'm not arguing that there aren't believers who assume they're superior. I'm just saying that many Atheists have decided that every Atheist is smarter, and therefore better than believers.

And if you look into science, the creation of the universe,the universe itself, and how it works, the possibility that God exists is far greater than most assume.
User avatar #58 to #53 - darman (07/10/2013) [-]
I wasn't trying to argue anything. I was just pointing out the fact that atheism isn't inherently malicious. Your statement about atheists deciding every atheist is smarter can easily be mirrored in the idea that many religious persons believe that religious people are all morally superior to non-religious persons and persons of different faiths. Further, if you look into those aspects of science you discussed, you will have done nothing but wasted your time. The sheer volume of knowledge is impossible to garner in a life time and the there is no real support for either side. What one calls randomness the other calls design. What one calls order the other calls design.
User avatar #59 to #58 - calawesome (07/10/2013) [-]
that's true, but the point I'm trying to make is that many Atheists are turning Atheism into a movement in the same veins as the Anti-Christian or Anti-Islamic people do. To you, Atheism is just the disbelief in God, but to many, especially these days, Atheism is a movement for those who are against organised religion and belief in general.
User avatar #106 to #50 - srapture (07/10/2013) [-]
I'm not saying you're wrong, but you don't have science. It's been well established that creationism does not coincide with science at all. It's possible that we were intelligently designed, but there is not scientific evidence for it.
#131 to #47 - swagloon has deleted their comment [-]
#80 to #47 - anon (07/10/2013) [-]
And yet there are some people (on both sides) who haven't figured that out yet.
#48 to #39 - satnaam (07/10/2013) [-]
**satnaam rolls 979**

"Alex where'd you get that shirt?"

"spencers, you like it."

"...ya actually. edgy"
#83 to #39 - anon (07/10/2013) [-]
How would you ever think that would be funny?
#70 to #39 - gertoja (07/10/2013) [-]
Buddhist, eh?
User avatar #117 to #70 - dagreatmax (07/10/2013) [-]
Nope, it's still tilted.
#104 - downtoabsolutezero **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #291 to #104 - krazykorn (07/10/2013) [-]
I cried
#113 to #104 - wafflelord (07/10/2013) [-]
That made me laugh more than it should have
That made me laugh more than it should have
User avatar #116 to #104 - dagreatmax (07/10/2013) [-]
You forgot to add some ponies
#170 to #116 - levchenko (07/10/2013) [-]
This image has expired
Have this one!
User avatar #202 to #170 - dagreatmax (07/10/2013) [-]
You probably didn't understand.
#281 to #202 - anon (07/10/2013) [-]
You're expecting a pony retard to understand that he is being mocked
#201 - nucularwar (07/10/2013) [-]
Maybe he's not atheist, maybe he just has awesome taste in music
Maybe he's not atheist, maybe he just has awesome taste in music
User avatar #231 to #201 - the fuzzball (07/10/2013) [-]
see thats what I said, but people didnt like the way I worded mine apparently
#98 to #92 - nietzschis (07/10/2013) [-]
I actually have a bad religion t-shirt, that looks like that
#125 - prettyflyforaderp (07/10/2013) [-]
This image has expired
i dont need to look in the comments to know whats goin on
User avatar #18 - biomedic (07/10/2013) [-]
Does it really piss anyone else off that it's called racist to be against a religion when a religion is NOT A RACE it's a ******* ideology, you are not born with any religious beliefs. I'm not against any religions but I ******* hate people that pull the race card when we're talking about ideologies, it is a basic right to be allowed to be against them.
#35 to #18 - necroshiz **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #176 to #35 - biomedic (07/10/2013) [-]
Insulting someone because they are born of Jewish parents is different to questioning their individual belief in Judaism. There's heritage and a lifestyle behind an ancient ideology but it's still not a race.
User avatar #164 to #35 - thewaronbeingcool (07/10/2013) [-]
Judaism is like the one time that's true. The whole "That's racist" thing usually pops up when people say they hate Muslims.
#86 to #18 - anon (07/10/2013) [-]
What you're saying is true but many religious people are indoctrinated from birth to believe and are severely pressured by their peers.
User avatar #226 to #86 - biomedic (07/10/2013) [-]
I know, it's a complex issue, but it removes people's freedoms of though and maybe the governments should be doing more to protect people from that.
#296 - EllieMuffin (07/10/2013) [-]
But... Being an atheist doesn't mean anti-Christianity. I mean, that's how people often interpret it, but that's not what it is. It just means you don't follow any particular religion.
#300 to #296 - anon (07/10/2013) [-]
^^ If I remembered my password to log in I would post Morgan Freeman pointing at this with the "hes right you know"
User avatar #318 to #300 - schizoidfreak (07/10/2013) [-]
Got u anon
#324 to #318 - anon (07/10/2013) [-]
^^ I just need the puppy and the "You are awesome " pic now
#338 to #324 - schizoidfreak (07/10/2013) [-]
#67 - princessren has deleted their comment [-]
#150 to #67 - randomserb (07/10/2013) [-]
A hundred times this.
User avatar #155 to #67 - certifiedidiot (07/10/2013) [-]
Atheists are mostly a thing on the rise in the west, and the main religious power in the west is the christians

I myself am an anti-theist and are just generally against the concept of religion
#220 to #67 - anon (07/10/2013) [-]
when the pope rapes the butt of your child..... god is a faggot
User avatar #77 to #67 - HeartOfTheDL (07/10/2013) [-]
Probably because it's one of the bigger religion out there thus they need to assert their dominance over the dirty christian peasants.
#81 to #77 - darthtorn has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #91 to #81 - Hreidmar (07/10/2013) [-]
Bit of a mass-accepted misconception there... the greatest leaps in learning were made by Church organizations in the so called 'Dark' ages. The Church promoted literacy, mathematics, and even some branches of philosophy. I'm not saying that the church hasn't repressed some forms of knowledge throughout history, but the dark ages are a very bad example of that.
#95 to #91 - darthtorn has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #181 to #95 - NinjaHermit (07/10/2013) [-]
No, the supposed "Dark Ages", also known as the Early Middle Ages, was a tumultuous period following the collapse of the Roman Empire. In the ensuing power vacuum came waves of Huns, Goths, Vandals, Franks, etc. invading (and later settled) Western Europe.
#308 - lorkhan (07/10/2013) [-]
Everyones face when religion.
#243 - swagbot ONLINE (07/10/2013) [-]

These comments.
> Massive misuse of the word 'Liberal'.
> Arguing for the sake of arguing.
> Islam hate from people who've never met a single Muslim.
> No discussion of the Root of Problems.
> No discussion of Solutions.

We are truly a Lost People
#16 - nightstar (07/10/2013) [-]
I thought this was going somewhere else before I read the text.
#292 - elmarcocfc (07/10/2013) [-]
I'm not one to care much for religion, but if I seen someone with a shirt like the one in the first panel, I'd think they were a twat and laugh at them.
I'm not one to care much for religion, but if I seen someone with a shirt like the one in the first panel, I'd think they were a twat and laugh at them.
User avatar #6 - solarisofcelestia (07/09/2013) [-]
We'd say they same thing if he had a shirt with the "Star of David" under a crossed circle. Just saying.
#32 to #6 - anon (07/10/2013) [-]
Judaism is not a race. It's a religion.
#71 to #32 - anon (07/10/2013) [-]
In the u.s.a being jewish(either by conversion to judaism or by heritiage) is considered to be a race legally. This is because antisemites view them as a race and so any negative actions agaisnt them are considered racist actions and are prosicuted as such.
#9 to #6 - nietzschis (07/09/2013) [-]
Yea I also thought about adding the david star instead : )
#328 to #9 - anon (07/10/2013) [-]
The juden are such an interesting creature. Delicious nonetheless.
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