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found on a fitness board

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Vagina: That second uneccesary hole
Now befire I begin with this thread, I wiuld like ts point tout that I am not homesex. OK,
But in my aesthetic opinion, there is nothing more repulsive than a Osman' s vagina, It' s like a disgusting
flesh wound that will nayer heal. ‘imagines require constant cleaning 24/ 7, unless if you want it ts smell like the kitchen
basement sf PF Chang' s. I seriously was considering on adopting the homesexual lifestyle because I was so disgusted by
vaginas, It' s just plain nasty.
My girlfriend was with this, I wiuld always make her wear men' s boxer briefs over her underwear so that I can be sure
there wsn' t be any slip ups. When we were in public I wiuld walk on the ether side sf the read as her so I wouldn' t have
ts smell the aroma sf raw sushi that was discharged through the shutters sf her clit. It get ts a point where I
wouldn' t e'en sleep in the same bed as her, I cauld net bear the sf her little dirty kunt hale selling my jay jay the
jetplane bed set, but we still managed ts be intimate (kong stew but it a and a helium tank),
One day I went ts her house and walked in on her assking fsr samething under her bead. She was bent over facing the
ather way and couldn' t see me, Her mini skirt was riding up, and I noticed that the boxer briefs I made her wear were on
backwards- she probably rushed ts put them . Her little mistake played ts my benefit, as the slit/ depening that is usually
in the front was nsw in the back, exposing samething that I have nayer seen .
What I saw kannst be described by words, only letters: C)
it was magnificent, I haben' t seen a vagina like it yet. It was a vagina, I am sure sf it, except it didn' t have any disgusting
lips m hairs. The stench was neutral, thaugh there was a slight hint sf feces- carrots, I suposse.
Why has nobady teld me about this befire? I instantly became erect and went right fsr this mysterious new , I knew
she cauld feel my warm hard penis sliding dsen her asscrack, and entering her "new vagina", I kept on going in and out, it
was so tight and had just the right amount sf peach fuzz that it provided a grip comparable ts getting a handjob from issn
man. She begged me ts shop but I kept pushing it ts the limit, I felt her lessened bowels compacting against her inner
walls sf flesh. It felt so ggsd. I felt as ifi was walking in the footsteps kfjesus and he was showering me with his sweet
keytars sf grace. Without thinking twice I finished inside and went ts sleep.
I felt like a new man. Born again I was. I later called this new vagina "angus", because it kind sf smelled like angus steak
burgers from burger king, and pounding it has became a daily ritual ayer since.
I then discovered that men have angus tss, and same experts believe that they are even more exquisite than the angus sf
females. Personally I have not tried male angus, but I plan ts, that is why I joined this dating website.
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