Severe Autism. Worth the read. Anonymous no ) / 05/ ) 11 24 32 No 491284982 memes » » » okay. y have a pretty czanga worthy story m anyo a lot sht, but y can ac 4Chan
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Severe Autism

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Anonymous no ) / 05/ ) 11 24 32 No 491284982 memes » » »
okay. y have a pretty czanga worthy story
m anyo a lot sht, but y can act cyka a human hang when y need to and dont yank cyka y have yucking aclysm y used to love tabletop games, but they became hard to play due to yucking aspies mg up game stores and always waning to play/ clogging
up events
we ya
w motari, w somewhat my and much better making than what you would expect yam the topcat game crowd
my awn busness, massing wth was
may a loud crash
abunch brones my the (Mug to take a wth a statue and knocked l my. (smug out a deploy
may who owns shop y: pretty cool, tells them to clean l up and they do
may are brones There was the leader Mme pack, called ' certo' 01 cyka that ms loyal servant 'Michael' and most importantly' Jen' ma others were less and to beta to actually say to my face
m try my damndest to Janaye them lust mama km:
Mada madeye names the Horde patch an my backpack
meemes my and me: to start a conversaion about Wm
m tryto make l known that y am really want to (ahma mm wimaac bang a an
mhe y: outrageous sht that Isnt every possable my the game
m" Oude, can you lust we me alone "m mayng someting?"
r" Hey man, m allowed to be here too
reetarded ass answer wee y am ask mm to leave, y lust asked mm to we me alone
the only gayy my the group y: making at me
m look at my lamentably, lust long enough yammer to name
stands my many Myer
m" keep man, we am want we anwyay you packer" or We that
Aims pom! y mankeys E all scanted 01 may were mayng so yucking unnatural cyka they had planned thm sums ahead Mums, turns act cyka that
m" What aye you ta% about?"
gets really close
Anonymous no ) / 05/ ) 11 as as No memes ]
m" keep away yam my gayy man"
try now all were standing around me, winch was yucking wavy!
w am do annoyng to youre"
****** knocks may my cards and they all walk away may st may my the Corner and talk my almost 2 hours, not really playong games 01 annoyng besides ta% y Ignore them
Tins was a wednesday nght, y came back Saturday maining
tthank god they am name me
mths hme they aye maging was
m play wth my was for a we an a Mend
Changey comes my and asks my wanna play same Steel Battleon (me we for orinal Xbox making awesome game, gaggle l Wynn am know what l s)
we play l for 3 making manages owe wag came: my
m" whens loud as yaw
Janaye mm, awesome game
we hush our match
m get upto let mag and ms clan play
my back wth my was
m my sameone st next to me
She talks to ma my awh/ e, she E but awkward ma manager E how to play the game to the , they are pretty focused on that
m ask hershy we hangs out wth them
we says they aye my only (Hands
m ma out that we W every saiyng mylady. when we met the pack ahmm m lust denuded they were gaang out
we y: w depraved human contact, we Wed me lust because y am We them
awe: me my number
Noming eventful happens the rest Mme day y my out a key delay about the Mme group may wear fedoras y We my a house my 2 other people M the army, no move barracks space)
next maining y may my roommates ta% and y head out
aye yayayay a Fedora wth a purple feather an . Jen' s Fedora
You cant make thm sht up may yoma l on the doorstep mm a note that had a poochy drawn puma of an angry pony on l yarny really know how they hagred slutwhore y We but l was only cyka 2 mananas away so not hard
Anonymous no ) / 05/ ) 12 an M No 491289410 memes _ ]
Part 3
m the rest my thm one, gammy long
Sorry, y ayana may cyka anong the story anywy my now
t gets better, y apologyze my making thm take so long
Note had a poem about yesung hands, was yucking stupd
y end up , she sounds shaky as **** y assume yrs because ways also pretty beta
New me they were all passer at to me
we told them we gm me my number
we am talk long, we 5 almost an the verge cheers
m tell herto text me and we hang up
y' mamaa , l' locust explain l my away waxy y yoma a purple yearly my locked car Maya the poms, told them who dd l and they brougham's faggot anyo the poms shayyan ma sums Emmy bgrade was was out
Cops askmen why they broke anyo my car ( apparently, y ayana mama those worked SUN) may sad they wanted to teach ma a yassan about massing mm ma his mom was there as well, she starts goong ballsac on thm All got
commuity samaa and swefag spent cyka 2 nghty
Jen on the other hand, turned out to have a Mme body She warmed up really quck
ma story isny gum may
Afew months later, y see ona at the mall
He stops me, seems super nervous to see ma
Tells ma that swefag has my me, swefag daves all the way to the mall (Ewes ma a letter, and mus away
Let ma type out what l says, med to take a puma, yoo many
Anonymous no ) / 05/ ) 12 as as No 491290710 memes
y my copy exact spelng and
my Dearest Enemy,,, (yes commas)
you y aya not have what we would call a We
you y thought y knew what love was (making what)
you y had my hold me close, protect me, gm me same my the stipend's fact that my equestian, moralled, long toothed brethren were there to calm my every RENE
5 gone naw. my Dearest Enemy
Wm at an ounces, yayayay Ms (Frowny) as your we
mare you proud Enemy?
mare you proud you have taken ms yam me?
m do not loathe you m starts mayng that)
m do not blame you for ms death
m Blame thy acts for ms death
dearest Mchale () has ascended to the planes mm mm Equestira (l am word means what m (hymn l does)
Icant make out the rest, Ms my cyka stubbled cassava It' s signal "man 'Jeremy Clck
Iguess the mchale shot months later
on well
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#1 - sandez (07/06/2013) [+] (2 replies)
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User avatar #2 to #1 - fuzzyballs (07/06/2013) [-]
ponyfag-bully with autism shot himself after being a bully with autism
User avatar #5 - OsamaBinLadenz (07/07/2013) [-]
People like him are why bronies are hated so much... it makes me ashamed to say I watched that show for a while because I'm starting to think I'm the only one to have liked it who doesn't wear fedoras, weighs less than 200 lbs, talks to girls with no problem, and doesn't have autism.
#4 - pedobearRAW (07/07/2013) [-]
mfw the end
mfw the end
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