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#37 - anon
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(07/16/2013) [-]
This is so relateable. One time our class was making a school play, and I was put at the manuscript group. We wasted 4 classes thinking about what the plot was going to be, and we made roughly 4-5 characters.
Then, our teacher helped us out, but we had to type lines and things like that on google docs.
Guess who wrote the entire ******* script all by himself? That's right, me. Not only did I write all of the lines, I also had to make 6 new characters, and I had to make every goddamn character have some sort of character-developement. I did all of this **** at home, two days before it was due. What did I get? Yes, a guy in the group said that** "[I] didn't let the others do anything,"** and that "the script is ******".