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#9 - blizzeh (07/06/2013) [-]
Humans love babies. Except their own kind
User avatar #32 to #9 - brettyoke (07/06/2013) [-]
Except their own kind? Are you implying that humans don't like human babies?...
User avatar #50 to #32 - subaqueousreach (07/06/2013) [-]
Actually he's got a point.

Typically, the baby of anything is found to be adorable, but because we are exposed to human babies on a near daily basis (seeing mothers with strollers, working at hospitals, etc.) we tend to form opinions on what we consider to be cute among babies and can find some to be ugly or unpleasant. In the very least, not cute.

The distinction is harder with animals, since to us they generally all look alike. Even if they do have obvious deformities, we tend to find them cuter as opposed to ugly.
User avatar #36 to #32 - mutzaki (07/06/2013) [-]
Ask any edgy teenager on FJ, and they will express how they hate kids and how babies are ugly, and that only puppies are cute.
User avatar #37 to #36 - brettyoke (07/06/2013) [-]
That's because everyone on FJ goes against the mainstream opinion because they know they'll get thumbed up by their fellow edgy internet faggots. It annoys the **** out of me, but most people do love human babies.
User avatar #39 to #37 - mutzaki (07/06/2013) [-]
They're usually adorable, but to be fair, they're mostly annoying when they're on a lengthy bus ride with you, screaming.
User avatar #40 to #39 - brettyoke (07/06/2013) [-]
I like babies I hate the creations that come out of their holes.
User avatar #41 to #40 - mutzaki (07/06/2013) [-]
That's a good way of putting it.
#25 to #9 - coolioplasm (07/06/2013) [-]
That is so 			*******		 cute.
That is so ******* cute.
#13 to #9 - galkawhm (07/06/2013) [-]
Those little gators are so cute!
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