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Lamebook compilation

Peter vine‘ .
I 'minutesago -we ...
Jessi I
ugh. I hate “what Debut: say" Fuck the police".
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Take the puree nut an e couple new to we Mame: Dr: mu
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Text Message
Nov 20, 2011 10: 20 AM
I just wanted to say may
for throwing up last night
and if u don' t want to talk
that' s and I understand.
But I did enjoy kissing you.
New w, 2011 10: 37 AM
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about a manute we T use . aee.
Dear Santa.
we yum new new menu anymore, can I we the us even we naughty gum
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we Cumment Shit: worm:
Laura - DOES ANYONE we THE EAGLE on an Haunt
lemme an HER CHEST?
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new Album Meme Uploads
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If you liked it please, dont
hesitate to spare a..
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