Answering further questions. This person feels very strongly about the benevolence of feminism, and claims I know nothing about it. What do you think, FJ?. H El
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Answering further questions

This person feels very strongly about the benevolence of feminism, and claims I know nothing about it. What do you think, FJ?

**************** H
Elk, no. You have proven once again that you have literally no idea what feminism is.
This is like talking to a brick wall..
Please do some real research on what feminism means, like this is actually really sad the extent of which you' re completely blanking me
35 - Erwin
Really? Perhaps you should do some research. Feminism is a movement that started in the with the move of women into the workplace
during world war 2. After some success, a second movement began from a splinter group that was all about facist requirements for it' s members
and misandric hate speech. Eventually, the two groups merged and became what is known as gnd wave feminism, which gained considerable
power for it' s lobbying arm and heavily began influencing media in the United States. Shortly thereafter, Evelyn Reed began promoting the concept
of a directed patriarchy of oppression which quickly became the backbone of overall feminist theory. Afterwards, a great many changes were
made in laws regarding treatment at work, sexual harassment, rape, domestic violence, and family court, while simultaneously men went along
with all of it because to be honest, a lot Osgood points were made. Then began the saturation in media and overall culture, and simply looking at
the history of the presentation of sitcoms and movies you can see the steady change in mindset, where gradually every successful sitcom on TV
was about a brilliant, beautiful woman, her children, and the dumb **** that was lucky she found him. As this occured, splinter groups of hyper-
radical feminists began to form, organizations like SCUM for example, and while for the most part the majority of feminists treated these groups
with disdain, gradually some of their ideas would slip through the cracks into overall feminist theory. Now we are in what is known as rrd wave
feminism, where the simultaneous of women is generally so heavily accepted in media and legislation that only a few
condensations to it remain, and mostly those condensations are in the form of religious fundamentalists trying to stymie women' s rights to their own
bodies. Currently, feminism presents itself (and is defined as, fallaciously} as an equal rights movement, but the actions it takes show a very
different story, one of betterment for women at the expense of all others, and that is shown clearly in the legislation that, while perhaps good
intentioned by most who supported t is functionally legitimized gender bias by the system. This cultural infusion from feminism has swung the
scales too far in the direction of women, and away from men of all races (In affirmative action, tax incentives for hiring women are higher than tax
incentives for hiring people of any other group, and they cannot stack, so any company with enough employees to be bound by affirmative action
will almost always take women otter any other group, to the detriment of the people it was originally meant fora Again, I fully understand that most
feminists actually want equality and believe that that is what they are achieving or trying to achieve, but it will be impossible to actually achieve
equality when you act from the springboard of a broken baseline set of concepts.
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Submitted: 07/04/2013
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User avatar #2 - flemsdfer ONLINE (07/04/2013) [-]
All feminism is as of late is the we want more money for women movement and in it's extreme form a slaughter all men campaign.

Anyone that truly wants equality wants equality for everyone. Not just upping one side. Both sides have pros and cons and you can either work on them both equally, treat everyone the exact same with no exceptions, or shut the **** up and leave things be.

#1 - Womens Study Major (07/04/2013) [-]
Where did you find this information?
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