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Paint Skill.
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**satnaam rolls 373**
"I'm an Athiest And that makes me smarter than everyone else because i only believe in what i see cuz herr derr and facts i found on wikipedia."

give it a rest ya.
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MFW people say easter is based on pagan calendars or the spring equinox.

Christ was crucified on either the Jewish Passover or the Day of Preparation for the Passover. He was raised 3 days later, which would be Easter Sunday. This is based on lunar calendars that the Jews established and had established for thousands of years.
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Wow are you edgy.
1. The connections to Horus are way overblown. Firstly because there is no canonical version of Horus's story, secondly because Horus was nailed to a coffin (not a cross), brought back to be a sperm donor for a day, died again, and then was risen from the underworld by another god. Not a resurrection, nor did Horus claim to be the God of Gods. Oh, and no virgin birth mentioned.
2. The original Christians had nothing to gain by being Christians. There was no mind control factor and no power to gain. Everyone except the Jews were polytheistic. What does that mean? The Jews tortured and killed Christians for saying there God is a trinity (which they called a heretical polytheistic doctrine of their monotheism) while the Romans also tortured and killed Christians for being monotheistic and not claiming allegiance to the empire because they said their God is God of Gods and thus God over any Roman god or emperor. By the time the Byzantine empire had begun the first few generations of Christians had their eyes plucked out, backs whipped til they were maimed, and hands broken. They were either stupid liars or victims after telling the truth.
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why is there a big dot at the top? did his pen stop working so he drew on a blank space to start it up again and then forgot its not actually pen and paper but a computer?
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I can't be the only one that read it as choco latte, could I?
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This is from completelyseriouscomics.com/
It´s has some of the best internet comics I´ve read
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Nice crop OP.
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>Goku still better than Jesus
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He is not my son
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