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#1 - Kalas (07/02/2013) [-]
But... but Hinawa is dead.
#24 to #1 - yologdog (07/02/2013) [-]
His name is Lucas you weaboo faggot and he's to badass to die.
User avatar #71 to #24 - chthulhu (07/02/2013) [-]
The guy said he's leaving his mother.

Since the kid looks like Lucas, he posted that pic and said "But Hinawa (Lucas's mom) is dead", since Hinawa was killed buy the mecha-drago.
#65 to #24 - Kalas (07/02/2013) [-]
Apparently you've never played the MOTHER series before, so instead of telling you how stupid you are for (I'm sure of this) thinking that Lucas or Ness are original characters from Smash Bros. I'm just gonna tell you to go and play them; Earthbound Zero (MOTHER) for NES, Earthbound (MOTHER 2) for SNES, and MOTHER 3 for GBA.
User avatar #91 to #65 - yologdog (07/02/2013) [-]
lol, nope.

The only original characters in ssb is the master hand (I think, I always thought he might have a connection to Glover.), the polygon characters, enemy's from brawl storyline, and taboo (I think he's an original character.)

I do like your assumptions though, so if it's any correlation I used to believe Ness was an original ssb character back when I was ten and playing the original ssb for the N64.
User avatar #30 to #24 - cyndaqwil (07/02/2013) [-]
...Hinawa's his mother.
User avatar #88 to #30 - yologdog (07/02/2013) [-]
Oh, sorry. I thought it was his japanland name.
#16 to #1 - anon (07/02/2013) [-]
Don't... ******* ... cry...
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