Cool Read. . Tomorrow' s World What' s going to happen in 2013? In ten year' s time? 50 years? 100? We look ahead to see what the future holds according to pred who cares

Cool Read

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Tomorrow' s World
What' s going to happen in 2013? In ten year' s time? 50 years? 100?
We look ahead to see what the future holds according to predictions from
thinkers, scientists and pundits - and the odds on them happening
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Aec, we CNN, Dummy News. the Guardian. IBM Week The ma Scientific. Lang Bats, Review Report NASA,
Popular h% charas, The singularity is Near. Twm mains, , united Maims . Odds provided by
is Beautiful studio
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User avatar #1 - lolollo (07/01/2013) [-]
When I saw the "wealthy people selecting traits in their baby" point all I could think about was Demetri Martin
#2 - tyranious (07/01/2013) [-]
"Tax has been abolished in the USA" my little Anarcho-Capitalistic heart is beating happier than ever!
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