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Then I came back as a demon and had fun with your intestines.
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Church's FW
Church's FW
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**lfunnymanl rolled a random image posted in comment #2744376 at Friendly ** anewhope
**lfunnymanl rolled a random image posted in comment #2744376 at Friendly ** anewhope
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This could come in handy in the future
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Would this come in handy too?
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whhaat duuude?
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church' fw
church' fw
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church's fw
church's fw
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It's actually : If a man lays with another he should be put to death.

It doesn't specify stoning in that quote. So you know, get informed.
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I hate you
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there are many different translations of the bible.
But earlier it says that homosexuality is an abomination and the penalty of abomination is stoning so either way it says that gay people should be stoned.
So you know, get informed.
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Adulterers should be put to death too. According to the bible.
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fukin saved
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This image has expired
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i thought the church was accepting homosexuality... then i realised
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>Vandalizing a church sign for lulz is whatever
>douchebags who are clearly tools posing in front of a sign to get credit is no good
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How do you know the S didnt just fell off on it's own?
How do you know the S didnt just fell off on it's own?
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Honestly, what the bible says are guidlines on how believers should live their lives. Everything that was written in the Old Testament (Pretty much the laws that say you should be stoned for being gay, eating red meat, getting a round haircut, cutting the edge of your beard, and MUCH more.) were overridden by Jesus's coming in the New Testament (For CHRISTIANS, not sure what views on homosexuality there are in Islam or Judaism.) Ever since the New Testament, the laws of the bible have involved loving your neighbor, be they followers or sinners, and pray for their salvation (PRAY, not bash ridicule, oppress, exile, etc.) The only ignorant ones in this discussion are the gay-bashing "christians" (homophobes basically), and the anti-religion gays that would label you as a mindless sheep that would respond with a grunt to any order by someone expressing their divinity.
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We need more posts like this.
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On a side note, homosexual marriage should be legal, but up to the church. Dont get me wrong, I believe any couple that loves eachother enough should have the same rights as a married couple, but the gaining of these rights shouldnt ONLY be through marriage, marriage ORIGINALLY began as a communion between a man and a woman under God, that basically means that the CHURCH BEGAN MARRIAGE. You cant help but sympathize the church when this thought comes across. Maybe if the social portion of the government would get off their asses and make these rights (Healthcare, adoption, etc.) available to couples without the need for marriage, things would work out better. God knows (hehe, see what I did there? xD) atheists would be happy for this too. Marriage has only been perverted throughout the years by being turned into a political tactic to completely erasable "conviction." Homosexual marriage wouldnt the worse thing to ever happen (or will happen >.>) to marriage, but theres no need to perverse it any more, after all, its THEIR custom in the first place.
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you do have a point
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Damn it's great to be Lutheran where people are actually accepting of others
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true that
true that
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Alright this is completely off topic but I just kind of feel the need to say it. I hate guages. I honestly just think they're disgusting. Like I can understand a small earring on a guy, I wouldn't get one myself, but I have no bias against those who do. But when you go and get this big ass piece of plastic in your ear, you're just the equivalent of a girl with daddy issues getting a bunch of piercings and tattoos. You're just looking for attention and a reason for adults to look at you and say, "Wow, that guy sure is edgy!" I'll get off my soapbox now.
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Disclaimer: I realize the guy has a plug. Same rant
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Another reason why gauges are gross, most of them smell like ass when you take em out. My friend has tiny gauges and they smell gross when she takes em out.
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Homosexuality exists in nature, like animals and stuff, as well as humans. If God is real, and God created all the animals, I'd have to believe that God wouldn't have a problem with homosexuality.
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Comparing logical sentient beings to illogical primitive creatures and saying just because they do it, there's no problem with us doing it as well. As an example, dogs eat **** does that mean we should too? Or saying animals kill people, and since God created them it's okay for us to do it as well. But in the bible it says if a man lays with another man he should be stone.
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