Inception Rises. Old, but still makes me laugh... This guy wasnt in inception left out leo
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It's already been explained multiple times, every time this post is ever posted it's explained: Leo was offered a part in the trilogy but he declined the offer.

We can stop feeling sorry for him now.
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what part is that known?
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"no superpower? you are not qualified enough," says Colonel Fury.
inb4 batmanfagsbutthurt.jpg
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I like DC based movies more than Marvelmovies!
But thats unfair because the Batman trilogy was directed by one of the best directors of our time: Nolan!
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You realize that Batman is DC and Nick Fury is Marvel right?

psst, Tony Stark is the Marvel Batman equivalent.
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Tony Stark really isn't, look up Moonknight.
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in terms of origins and characteristics, iron man and batman are more similar than moon knight and batman. iron man and batman are both billionaires who use their money to fight crime. moon knight is a schizophrenic crazy guy who isn't even close to being batman, except the fact that they both have no powers
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Bruce was a child who lost his parents at a young age, traumatizing him to the point that he dedicated his life to ridding Gotham of what took his parents.

Tony was billionare playboy who was unfortunately captured by enemy forces and made to see the horrors of war, leading him to develop a non-lethal way to combat war.

The only similarities between Bruce and Tony is the actual Billionare status.

I say Moonknight is the Marvel Batman because of their way of fighting. Moonknight (while crazy) believes in justice, he fights with moon paraphernalia, much like Batman's Bat themed arsenal. They both are highly skilled relying on their fighting ability and gadgets. While yes, they are not perfect matches, I'd say that Moonknight and Batman have more in common than Tony and Bruce.
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Oh well, at least he's got an oscar to feel good about.
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This guy wasnt in inception
This guy wasnt in inception
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He was in Spawn.
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Can we just not talk about that...please.
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I thought Spawn was a pretty good movie
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It was an ok movie, but a terrible adaption of the comic.
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But Michael Jai White is sexy as ****
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As is Jennifer Garner, but the Elektra was still pretty bad.
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I don't really know very much about spawn, and I haven't seen the movie. But here's a neat gif I have.
I don't really know very much about spawn, and I haven't seen the movie. But here's a neat gif I have.
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Leo was offered a part in TDKR but he turned it down. and im glad that he did. It would be way too distracting if the whole ******* inception cast was in batman
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Heath ledger's performance as the joker is the only thing I've ever seen that even comes close to anthony hopkins as hannibal lector.
#60 to #24 - iloverapingmen (06/29/2013) [-]
Or Meryl Streep in Sophie's Choice?
Or Meryl Streep in Sophie's Choice?
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Personally, I love Leonardo DiCaprio and I hate how he was kept out of the trilogy. As much as I enjoyed Christopher Nolan's adaptation of the Batman franchise, I feel he should have had, in the very least, a minor role. I think all three movies were casted almost perfectly, and I would like to congratulate Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Cillian Murphy, Aaron Eckhart, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Joesph Gordon-Levitt, and Heath Ledger on their outstanding performances. I loved all these performers, and as much as I love Leo, I can't see him doing a better job than any one of them. Also, if Nolan had decided to put the Riddler in the series, I think DiCaprio would have been phenomenal.
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yeah, exept Annie sucks
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As much as I agree with you, I don't think DiCaprio could be a good Riddler, I think someone like Guy Pierce could pull it off pretty well, or someone like that.
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Ellen Page was also leftout...
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Mfw i haven't seen the newest or previous batman movies.
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why i hated dark knight rises
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