God of Pokemon. . mart. I WILL RIDE A BICYCLE MADE OF NIGHTMARES INTO YOUR ASS! Assuming Oak says it's the time to use that, of course......
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Assuming Oak says it's the time to use that, of course......
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And saved, thank you.
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I don't care what anyone says, rude words will always be funny.
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this is gold
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This could potentially be useful.
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Here you go, FJ.
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No, this is the God of Pokemon

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The mythos of legendary Bidoof:

Another starting trainer had his pokemon beat up on bidoof. Nearly fainting, bidoof waited for a pokeball to be thrown. He waited to be caught so he could be trained to battle strongly as well, like all the trainers' pokemon who beat him. But no pokeball was thrown. No pokeball was ever thrown. No one, not a single trainer, wished to catch bidoof.
Bruised, battered, and defeated bidoof limped to a ledge at the end of the woods and tried to find rest in seclusion. Then, he saw bright flashes of brilliant yellows, reds, and oranges. Warmth spilled over bidoof and he found his wounds were beginning to be healed. He heard of such phenomena happening, but dare he believe it? Dare bidoof believe his presence was graced by Ho-Oh?
All of his strength centered on the belief that Ho-Oh was near, Bidoof sprinted towards the light at the top of the hill. And there he stood perched, watching on. Ho-Oh was before Bidoof, and his eyes burned over Bidoof's downcast body.
"I have seen your struggles," boomed Ho-Oh, "and have come to deliver you a gift. Your spirit is noble, but your body is weak. Your weakness has allowed you to be crushed and oppressed by others. So I shall grant you one wish. What shall it be?"
Bidoof was overjoyed. He could wish to be a different pokemon, maybe even a starter! Or he could wish to have a trainer, to finally be trained and grow strong in battle! But bidoof saw the laughing faces of all the trainers that passed him by and his heart grew bitter, yet burned with life.
"I don't want to be any other pokemon. I do not even want to have a trainer. I want to damn trainers--to be the bane of their existence! They will wish to catch me, but they cannot. Not even a masterball will contain my glory. They will pay for walking by me! Ho-Oh, I wish to be the most legendary pokemon of all: Legendary Bidoof!"
Ho-Oh heard his cry and granted his terrible wish. This is the story of the Legendary Bidoof, the Destroyer of Pokemon.
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I request that you crop the panel of Kratosichu yelling, for no real reason other than a humorous reaction pic.
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here you are
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**bloodspider rolls 96**
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At least your not that guy
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can someone explain to me why this man has -64 thumbs on his comment, but 2 hours later someone replies to his comment with the same ******* picture and gets +79...
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Because bonnie's use of the picture didn't make sense, so it wasn't very useful in response to the content, but it is a useful picture in response to someone misusing the picture.

If that makes any sense
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omg genius. Thank you.
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Oh god... It's happening again...
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