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User avatar #51 - rhiaanor ONLINE (06/27/2013) [-]
You know, I mean aside from the fact that it is psychologically addicting, and expensive, I don't smoke weed and never have because I don't see the appeal. I mean I like being smart, I enjoy it, it's part of the reason I don't drink often, I just don't see the appeal in spending money on something to make you temporarily dumb. Doesn't it make you hungry and **** as well? What the **** is the point?

Also, just saying, there hasn't been a big enough non biased/agenda based research on marijuana to truly know the effects of it, sure people say it has redeeming qualities to it, but what the **** does some hippy know. I'd feel much less hostile towards weed in general if I actually knew what the **** it did, besides random ******** researchs saying that it causing your brain to deteriorate or whatever and hippies who think they know science. Not calling people who smoke weed hippies but im just saying as an example since hippies pretty much do nothing but smoke weed.
#196 to #51 - anon (06/27/2013) [-]
Being stoned making you a dumbass for a couple of hours is a TV stoner stereotype that is massively exaggerated just for comic effect. I smoke weed pretty often, and I don't say "dude" every sentence and say stupid **** that I think is philosophical when I'm baked. Smoking is just a relaxing, fun pastime. Sure, you can do some stupid (and funny) things when you're smoking but that's just how it is and that is the appeal. Just because you don't enjoy cutting loose in that way doesn't mean other people don't, so don't bother being uppity with "what's the point" when that IS the point.
It does make you hungry, or at least it increases the appeal of food because of how great it tastes when high. It might sound stupid with such a plain explanation, but people don't have to justify it to you.

Oh and... not expensive, not psychologically addictive for everybody. I've smoked since 14 and not experienced any form of addiction. I can go as long as I want without even thinking about it.
User avatar #173 to #51 - jrondeau **User deleted account** (06/27/2013) [-]
Sure it's expensive, but not if done in moderation. Consider this (assuming you're a console gamer here): A weed high lasts for up to 6 hours if you smoke a good amount of good stuff, which would cost you abut $20. A typical game (barring such things as Skyrim and Final Fantasy) will usually last for around 10 hours at the cost of $40-$60. Both activities serve to kill boredom and relieve stress by numbing your mind for a bit. One of the only key differences I can see between the activities is that one uses chemicals and the other a gaming console. I'd say that when done responsibly i.e. only once in a while, weed can be damn fun and a good way to blow off steam by getting away from it all for a few hours.

Also you can get rid of the whole "psychologically addictive" thing if you're not a hardcore smoker. The only people that I've ever seen that are legitimately addicted to the stuff are those idiots who have been smoking heavy for years and need it just to function socially. Not trying to push you towards trying it, but just doing it one time isn't going to make you addicted in any fashion.

And yeah, it makes you hungry as hell when you see food, but it also makes said food taste better than anything you'll eat whilst sober.
User avatar #182 to #173 - rhiaanor ONLINE (06/27/2013) [-]
I know, but anything that gives you any kind of a high is addicting, including something like games. Personally I don't like the "get away from it all" approach to stress relief, but that is just me. I also don't think the mindnumbedness would be very enjoyable, I just don't see it. Also, I suppose I should have added this to the first post, I find even the concept of soking disgusting, i mean, you are inhaling smoke for christ sake. I'm also a PC gamer and I tend to get a lot out of games one way or another. I also try to look at my spending by quality of it, I just see, interacting with a world that I can change and shooting things to be a lot more quality then sitting there pondering the meaning of the universe. But then again, I would be lying if i said i havent sat around looking at my steam list before playing anything.
User avatar #190 to #182 - jrondeau **User deleted account** (06/27/2013) [-]
Totally fair point of view to have in regard to you interests and stress relief.

Realistically though, you won't get addicted from smoking it once. If anyone's told you otherwise they're full of it. And to the smoking aspect, there's always other means of intake.
User avatar #175 to #173 - konradkurze (06/27/2013) [-]
yes but weed only lasts till the bag is empty and you have to go buy more
a console game lasts as many years as you have electricity
so in effect a console is a better investment
User avatar #184 to #175 - jrondeau **User deleted account** (06/27/2013) [-]
That's why I use the term 'moderation.' Realistically, the replay rate of most gamers' game isn't too high. It's unlikely that you or most others play all the games you own multiple times each year. Even if you own the disc forever, what good is it if you don't use it? Combine this with the idea that your old console is basically out of use (relative to how much it was used before the new generation) after the next generation comes out and it becomes obvious that gaming is a really expensive.

So what if you spend $20, or even just $10 once in a while on some dope then? If you can afford such an expensive habit as gaming, it shouldn't be a problem for you. Besides, both activities are equally pointless in the grand scheme of things.

I'm not trying to push the idea of trying it on you, but it really shouldn't be seen as harmful when you can use it responsibly.
User avatar #187 to #184 - konradkurze (06/27/2013) [-]
well thats just it, you can use a game for as long as it interests you, and yes you may have periods you dont play it BUT its always there to be reused later

smoking weed uses it up there and then and it cant be used again,

i spent $20 on an old pc game 10 years ago, and ive played it on and off in the last decade and cant play for another decade.....thats an investment
how much would potsmokers have spent in the last 10 years, how much would they spend in the next?
User avatar #198 to #187 - jrondeau **User deleted account** (06/27/2013) [-]
Depends on the smoker. How much will you and each other gamer out there spend in the next 10 years on gaming? There's $400-$500 for the consoles coming out this year, $150 on completing a set of controllers, $70 per game with typically around 3-5 games per year, $60 payment for using online each year, plus wifi costs.

That's a lot of money compared to someone who spends maybe $20/per month on pot, plus a one-time cost of roughly $30 for a piece to smoke it out of if that's your thing. You could also factor in about $5/month on cost of food consumed whilst high as well I suppose.

I guess at the end of the day it's all about how much enjoyment you get out of either activity though.
User avatar #201 to #198 - konradkurze (06/27/2013) [-]
play console:
get enjoyment from variety of games

smoke weed:
get enjoyment from staring at random objects
User avatar #207 to #201 - jrondeau **User deleted account** (06/27/2013) [-]
It's all about what you enjoy (so long as it isn't overly harmful). It could just as much look like this to people with different tastes:

Play console: Sit in room by yourself all day controlling objects on a television.

Smoke weed: Chill out, have fun, meet people, eat some really good food whilst experiencing life.
User avatar #216 to #207 - konradkurze (06/27/2013) [-]
alot of console games are social activities.....have you never multiplayed.......or gamed online?

smoking weed is only social with other stoners,
plus anything tastes good to potheads

when i used to go clubbing, after a few drinks id go out and buy some potato wedges with garlic sauce...and swear they tasted so ******* good.....
difference being, is that in my case, its because the alcohol cleaned out my mouth thus the taste of food is more intense.....with stoners, its because their brains treat everything as positive stimulation
User avatar #219 to #216 - jrondeau **User deleted account** (06/27/2013) [-]
And gaming online is only good with other gamers?

Again, to each his own. Both experiences have different effects on the mind and some enjoy different social settings. I was just giving you an example of how others may see gaming as opposed to getting high.

And just because you know why it feels good to do something doesn't take away from it. If that were so then a lot of things would be different in society.
User avatar #226 to #219 - konradkurze (06/27/2013) [-]
well the main issue with stoners is that most of them dont know or care about moderation
i work law enforcement and i dont really care if people smoke a bit in their own private homes, its all the stupid ******* who smoke it hardcore with all the windows open so half the neighborhood can smell it, or stoners who think any given public space is a perfectly acceptable place

plus all the kids who are into the synthetic **** , smoking that **** all over the place
User avatar #231 to #226 - jrondeau **User deleted account** (06/27/2013) [-]
Hence the term 'moderation.'

And yeah, believe me, synthetic will **** you up pretty bad if you take too much. But it's almost gone now from what I know due it being illegal to sell in a smokeshop (which was where everyone bought it from), or at least the stuff with chemicals in it is.
User avatar #238 to #231 - konradkurze (06/27/2013) [-]
well in my area, every time a bunch of synthetic **** gets banned the makers crank out a range of new **** with more chemicals to sidestep the law

the government is just banning each variety by name, theres mention of the government banning them all outright in a couple months, but i doubt it, its proven stores make up to $15 grand a month on selling synthetic **** , i dont see them banning all syn's given theyre making a nice profit on the syn sale tax
User avatar #240 to #238 - jrondeau **User deleted account** (06/27/2013) [-]
I guess it varies by area then. As far as I know though all that's left are those herbal blends that haven't been treated with chemicals like Bizarro, but I could be wrong.
#96 to #51 - anon (06/27/2013) [-]
Expensive?? We have kush at $4 a gram out here in Cali.
User avatar #75 to #51 - Necrophelia (06/27/2013) [-]
Just because someone smokes weed it doesn't mean that they magically turn stupid, I know a lot of people who smoke weed (including myself) who actually do pretty good in school. I do it for two reasons, to chill after an exhausting day and to workout.
User avatar #76 to #75 - rhiaanor ONLINE (06/27/2013) [-]
Well I did say temporarily if you read it properly... That's just all I've ever noticed and how people generally describe it if they even do.
User avatar #78 to #76 - Necrophelia (06/27/2013) [-]
I read it, weed affects everyone differently. While you have seen that it makes people "dumb" for myself I tend think straighter and become a little more active. Don't generalize that all pot smokers become dumb wants they take a hit.
User avatar #65 to #51 - laelaps (06/27/2013) [-]
While you have a well thought out comment, I'm afraid your opinion is based off of false pretenses. Marijuana doesn't make you dumb or less smart. More likely it is just dumb people who like to smoke marijuana, in any case the effects or marijuana differ in experience from person to person. In a lot of instances it can make you a lot less stressed and more focused, this in turn helps people study or accomplish tasks.

I don't smoke, but my good friend in high school indulged in it frequently, he would make it a point to be high during any important tests because it helped him think more clearly. He would be stoned before every AP test and would score a 4 if not a 5.
#54 to #51 - slumberdonkey (06/27/2013) [-]
Smart is a very relative term. Some people are very scientific, some people are very artistic. For example, i have a lot of trouble with right brain thinking. I can do equations and critical thinking all day, but i'm not very creative. Marijuana opens up the right side of the brain. Or rather, "dumb's down" the left brain long enough to allow the right brain to think.   
I learned that from this guy.
Smart is a very relative term. Some people are very scientific, some people are very artistic. For example, i have a lot of trouble with right brain thinking. I can do equations and critical thinking all day, but i'm not very creative. Marijuana opens up the right side of the brain. Or rather, "dumb's down" the left brain long enough to allow the right brain to think.

I learned that from this guy.
User avatar #53 to #51 - BerryLicious ONLINE (06/27/2013) [-]
People say it has pain-killing properties, but that's the only positive thing I've heard about it. When you ask a stoner what's good about weed, their response is usually "it's not as bad as alcohol" or "No one's ever died from doing it"(which is wrong, by the way, people have died under the influence of weed, same as booze) and they don't actually answer the question. Weed has far more harmful effects than benefits. But hey, I don't smoke weed, but I'm not going to tell someone not to. Not my right.
#265 to #53 - moosepaw (06/27/2013) [-]
Actually Indica strains (~ medicinal type) provide an uplift in energy and allow for concentration. Makes great for studying. Best of all if you vaporize it, you're cutting many of the cannabinoids that would interact with a flame, making the majority of the inhalation mainly CBD and THC.

I would implore you to not cite 'stoners' as your references for facts (not the best sources). Marijuana can be an invaluable tool to learn new things and think where your sober brain may not have had the energy or concentration for. But the amount of people who ACTUALLY do this is close to none.
#189 to #53 - anon (06/27/2013) [-]
It helps with nausea so much. Anti emetic properties are wonderful too when you are really sick. If you can't eat because of you are sick it can help a lot with that also. It works better than any OTC or prescription drug that I have tried when I have a cold or the flu.
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