Hades vs Anonymous. multiple cums. multiple. I Hades ( Wed) 01 3 43 new ean 1 1251517 who you are shes outta water Harrell's, " . Lnrr wne , hang around , butho multiple cums
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Hades vs Anonymous

Hades vs Anonymous. multiple cums. multiple. I Hades ( Wed) 01 3 43 new ean 1 1251517 who you are shes outta water Harrell's, " . Lnrr wne , hang around , butho

multiple cums. multiple

I Hades ( Wed) 01 3 43 new
ean 1 1251517
who you are shes outta water
Harrell's, " . Lnrr wne , hang around , buthoe, ? The desperados around here hangs a Cerberus": breath Tuesday How
So here' s the deal we get to bong ene a you / thesheet) package, new bone, blood, all that mortal stue No ene has a problem wth her, t' s as 175112": always been there we knows who she . but she doesnt know
The ance? heavy, agree, and yours/ to wee w a week 7 new 11' s you never even knew Katawa ween emoted sen of we chll see w dreams, out wne corner weer eyes, all that stur, but It' ll never be real Youll be
aware that there' s youve forgotten, but youll never ever remember Ever we emme ether er see people's% about l because as seen as . yeu' nave to do else
But hey, ths should be no Casanovas, nght? Gettng amok: must be second got a week, you get a week Bade boom, bade mug
So say?
I Anonymous ( Wed) 01 3
What do you mean by woo? be mareed a week er do 1 nave to do the deed seven days?
I Hades ( Wed) 01 ' new
t Let' s say nea base Consensual
I Anonymous ( Wed) 01 no _
509 KB, , 1362213314142 my G I
pple" 41
Well, that ease that' s not even where was wth any wne a
we can' t expect me to work Masterof
Romance . ean you?
I Hades ( Wed) 01 43 no 3 24
A Well, failtou wanna be Mends, what' sthe print? You want 112 we gotta
that' s a kass
She' s gotta % intot, Many Mud ofsubstances , and we has want to do l en w own
I Anonymous ( Wed) 01 43 no _
Hades, Hades, let' s w marine we panthera
l) Do we get any say when ths week starts, asm, would we get any pregame?
schould we speak? Japanese only means no deal, ofcourse
31 How w along would ths weenee nave to em Take heroux en a date? Become a couple? Have sew
we can to exist
we be see danng that week? No surprise death 5 seconds were we popeye quesion er anyting?
I Hades ( Wed) 01 47 no 3 1 new
we ' KB. 320x240, wees ) G I
yay yay. ' s ene every group
l) we pops Amine merkone alterior agree to the pact To be a master of romance yeu. be puck en
and the head
wll' 1111' s the you as retreat
31/ many answerer Date? What' s what l takes But a date wth no kss? we
4) That the deal
5151123 we unless you shove w er
1: 9 KB, 165x223, coutner nan and W Mpg) G I
What do you get out oaths, Hades?
Are you out wne doneness weer heart?
I Hades ( Wed) 01 49 no 3
1 gotta get my keeks semen's Don' sworry about me,
worry about the contract
40 KB, 406x364, Mpg) G I
1 agree
I Hades ( Wed) 01 52 no 3 131 new
The deals done, pan Better be rearrested Don Juan, "cause you do Hum
I Anonymous ( Wed) 01 3
wees. you almost had me
tang we does shes 111 yen reem
flfv/ we anee seme seme
flfv/ nea tang wen 'Nant to dos get / to leather alight t
mand / / dont erest
Have charm a kss? There' s no whoesthat'
Step l up, man
What' s the matter, my man? Don' t nave the commence to make . THE ONE. fall head ever heels Wynn seven measly days? Come en. you ean work out
a couple maner
Andalou een' 1. 11' s not the ene wne world, nght? ' s would mime sameone to suede er noting
I Anonymous ( Wed) 01 52 no 3 new . _
we 13122 -( 62 KB, 200x200, G I
So Ilold wne underworld to a battle w/ ls, and needed w helped Wm
we was all ears
letto another, yams yadda, , tender, sultry kass
was en gang 30% w w the remaining 10% to ensure we wanted l too, but we wound up
the an
So, that' s eene wth
ls we the part where you reveal the catch? ' s a catch
I Hades ( Wed) 02 no 3 1 new
212211 :11: e( KB, , hercules_ rainey_ 14 my G I
No, notreally
Atleast, But It' ll be ermine backrooms
I Anonymous ( Wed) 02 09 no "O new
What would you say 111 wanted to make
thigs mere Interesting?
we seem crellow always upfor a fun
Well you thdn' new thd you?
Ican see l new. you up en . " Hey guys, mizune' s real
and we' re gang steady"
But then no you, guy who asks, "Who' s Shaung? Your ow
I Anonymous ( Wed) 02 15 no 3 . . a new
we 13125321 (1 43 MB, 5000x5000. ) G I
were dung a we m around my quesion, Mr
Lord wne Underworld
Are you mere awe ewe thewhat 1 rom
you mew
I Hades ( Wed) 02: 21 no 3 1 49 new
Alighty, lay l en me we' already eraser your comrades' memeries weer new "broren
mess up, be my guest
Which goto mod?
I Anonymous ( Wed) 02 25 no 3 ' ewes
All you nave to do answer a sample quesion w me ?
Wynn answer correctly 1' 11 my / unto the ene
me A lot
What do you say?
I Hades ( Wed) 02 29 no 3 14 new
we ' 21 /291 KB. 712x582. Hades_ 11 my G I
Lord wne Dead, mando
That wouldnt be ?
we couldn't electro back out wne you a quesion you e'en' 1 know ments Force's we
the answerer
Some ems don' t nave an enire and be
I Hades ( Wed) 02 35 no 3
we 1: ATV , 369x552, hades( G I
171/ nu wanna we inaner to
Wynn answer Incorrectly mien to answerers beebee mortal control weer pewees Keep mod, anee you , you' ll be
Now, new. buddy, 1 apprecate the urort, butyou' re gonna nave to wne me the quesion anyting How am 1 supposed to know " someting wars even answerable? we' re gonna nave to get up pulling ever en the
l' all my bases here, t' s whathe' slmroh How do 1 know youre ask me “What' s ?" or" How many stars are were the unverse?'
a straightforward yes er no
I Anonymous ( Wed) 02 39 no 3 ' ewes .
J,' I be you would assume 1 would do someting
t A likethat
Even 111 were to, aren' t you a deny"! Shouldnt seen knowledge be trong ortaya to
someonelsee you?
I Hades ( : 41 no 21111
Wellthen w en. The
Lord wne Dead accepts
I Anonymous ( Wed) 02 45 no 4:: new
1 knew you would Mm
Are you ready? / ?
Alirght, here we am
you were a you baconing your enemy tbr the cums
we youre gonna nave to repeat that
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User avatar #4 - impaledsandwich (06/26/2013) [-]
To quote the god of the dead, you... you're gonna have to repeat that.
User avatar #3 - markertemp (06/26/2013) [-]
What the **** did I just read?

Something hilarious, that's what.
User avatar #8 - atrumaliger (06/26/2013) [-]
This was glorious.
#21 - IamtheKing (06/27/2013) [-]
HFW 			******		 waifu
HFW ****** waifu
#14 - ninjabadger ONLINE (06/27/2013) [-]
Oh he's ******
#26 - unclebourbon (06/29/2013) [-]
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#25 - manbears (06/28/2013) [-]
Funniest thing I've seen in a while
Funniest thing I've seen in a while
User avatar #9 - xxDestinyxx (06/26/2013) [+] (6 replies)
Dear lord that was ******* hysterical. I nearly died at the end.

On a semi-related note: I had just recently gone through the story once. From what I make out from the rest of the internet, it seems I got Emi's good ending. I'm incredibly happy with the story. Incredibly. I love it, but I have one grievance - I never thought I'd get Emi, I thought it'd either be Hanako or Lilly. I kinda want to go back through it again to see the different stories, but I'm so pleased with the way it came out the first time that I'm afraid of ruining it.
#23 - luciuseternal (06/27/2013) [-]
This is some good content.
This is some good content.
User avatar #13 - rainiar (06/26/2013) [-]
What if my Waifu is hades himself?
User avatar #7 - xxfalconxx (06/26/2013) [-]
oh god i finished reading 4 minutes ago and I'm still laughing
#6 - alderus has deleted their comment [-]
#5 - Crimsonfox (06/26/2013) [-]
I haven't laughed so ******* hard in ages. Thumb for you.
User avatar #2 - azumeow (06/26/2013) [-]
That ending.
#1 - anonymous (06/26/2013) [-]
I don't understand the last part
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