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#11 - anon (06/26/2013) [-]
So tits is art but cocks are not? Sexist.
User avatar #39 to #11 - gibroner (06/26/2013) [-]
they can be if they're drawn as well as those tits
User avatar #23 to #11 - jackspadess (06/26/2013) [-]
No, you are wrong. And it is not just the subject that makes art. Its the quality and craftsmanship of the art that makes it art. Tits that have been drawn with time and effort are art, however, cocks that have been drawn with no time or effort are not. Its not sexist, and stop looking for things to turn into sexism.
#14 to #11 - mementomorit has deleted their comment [-]
#13 to #11 - anon (06/26/2013) [-]
Pff please, it's the quality that's off not what the picture is of. There's no shading, it doesn't... pop. That's hardly a real looking cock.
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