One of the worst things ever. Seriously have you ever lost a frisbee? I have .. This was the first content I ever saw on funnyjunk roughly...two years ago. frisbee
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This was the first content I ever saw on funnyjunk roughly...two years ago.
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it was one of my first shops that got me thumbs, i edited it so it said "come at be bro 1v1 me irl"
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My favorite Guild Wars 2 wallpaper
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i'll just stay on topic then.

i'm that elementalist that took ranger as secondary class just for a pet. ^^
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There were no other reasons for taking a ranger secondary.
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bunny thumpers were annoying as hell though in pvp.
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I would love to relive even my worst match in RA nowadays, its impossible to find a match due to lack of players.
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i never liked pvp alot. only the 12 vs 12 battles whom i forgot the name of. AB ? forgot...i was more of the silent one in the guild that had a build ready for every ocasion.
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What in the hell is that thing?
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Order of the white mantle. ( gw 1 )
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also the white mantle from gw 1
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sorry other one is bad resolution
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what is this from? looks awesome
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its a concept art for guild wars 2
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Man, why was Guild Wars 2 so bad?
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Because it fixed everything that was wrong with WoW, which you are a die hard fanboy of?
#29 to #20 - RageGuyyourmom (06/25/2013) [-]
Fixed everything that was WoW maybe but it no longer felt like guildwars and thats where I feel it failed, It became a Wow type game whilst the reason why people loved it was abandoned.
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I played both and I am not sure what you mean.. the fact that there are more races, or?
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I'm playing it right now have been since near launch and played 1 for 7 years. The problems it has Anet does nothing to fix, i'd like to blame Ncsoft because they're basically the EA of MMO companies but some things Anet really messed up on. Honestly if I hadn't become so involved in my guild I really can't see myself logging on for any reason other than doing my dailies, a few dungeon runs, and then finishing the MICRO-content in under an hour. It is by no means a bad game it's wonderful and it has so much ******* potential that isn't being realized. Boss battles are a joke, they haven't bothered to work on PvP, wvw is fun for about an hour but zerg vs zerg gets old fast. If you aren't a social person there's no real reason to be in a guild anymore other than a few perks, since there's no guildhalls or gvg. It lacks elements that guild wars and even WoW have. Nothings there to keep you invested, there's nothing to work towards other than that ******** grind for legendaries which people just run CoF p1 a thousand times for, you can't work towards better gear or weapons which would be nice. The temporary micro-content they put out is a joke, and the korean-style mmo RNG gambling boxes to get new weapon-skins are a slap in the face to players.
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investment? you have to know, you don't pay monthly, surely, at your stage, you have played the game longer than 300 hours. what does that translate to 49.99?
Besides, What you have said really is the problem with most MMOs, there is only so much you can fit into it. if all you care about is achievements and ******** like that then you aren't really enjoying yourself and you shouldn't be playing.
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It's not the increased choices in races that bothered me its the lack of choice in skills, like guildwars1 had strategy and so much more potential you could make any combination you wanted regardless (generally) of the weapons you held, and the removal of that in guildwars 2 made me feel like there's no real choices once you actually start the game.
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Guild Wars was good
Guild Wars 2 wasn't
They removed a ton of things from GW --> GW2
It's a boring grindfest, there's no fun once you're max level, there's no raids, so all you can do, is stand aound waiting for an epic mob to spawn, or grind the same boring dungeon, until you have enough badges for your gear
Also, the storyline sucked ass, since you were nothing more, than a side character in it
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It wasn't bad. It just has such a limited end game that it gets kind of boring.
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A GW2 post on FJ? Never thought i'd see the day.
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i've seen this one here once.
(refers to the jumping puzzles)
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"Those red thumbs will teach him a lesson!" - No one ever
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This is actually the first time I've seen "dying of first", and it made me chuckle a little
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Oh, look a GW2 post on FJ.
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Horrible game.
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This is the first picture I saved off of FJ. Love it
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I'm keeping it this time!
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Does anybody have a wallpaper version of this?
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