Sokrates, Anti-Feminist before it was... cool. BY all means marry; IF You get a good wire, You' ll be happy. IF You get a bad One. You' ll become a. Socrates
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actually americans write socrates, other write sokrates
#5 to #4 - anon (06/24/2013) [-]
no C in greek alphabet you stupid uncultured fail grammar nazi swine.

I hate grammar nazis who have to comment even when THE SPELLING ERROR DOES NOT PREVENT YOU FORM UNDERSTANDING THE MESSAGE.

LIKE CAN U NOT READ? REMEMBER IN GRADE 1 THEY TAUGHT U HOW TO "SOUND IT OUT"?? I swear if u tried just reading it I'm sure the words sound the same. So are you so stupid you cant put the pieces together?

Sorry for rant but I HATE unnecessary grammar nazis.... and i love greek history SO EAT **** ASSHOLE
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Do we write in ancient Greek? Fair enough, it is understandable, but things are spelled a certain way for a reason, I myself am a lover of philosophy and Socrates Is one of my all time favourites. For that reason I'd prefer if people spelled his name correctly, but if you want to get genuinely technically correct it would of been spelled "Σωκράτης". Eat a dick.
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Don;t you mean.. Σωcράτης*
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That was actually a good joke, but you ****** up the logic a little bit
#8 to #6 - anon (06/24/2013) [-]
You seem to have missed the point in that the spelling error MAKES NO DIFFERENCE TO THE MESSAGE.

Does the k confuse u? Is the difference between the C and K sound so different that you would mix up this great philosopher? Is Sokrates not the same thing as Socrates? Is the C in his name necessary for wat makes him a philosopher, and sokrates is none other than a dirty butt plugger from the ancient greek period?

You want to talk about english pick up a literal translation of The Iliad. You know Troy's Achilleus? Actually spelt AKhilleus. As for Hector? You guessed it its HeKtor. and they are written in.. u guessed it...ENGLISH! but please, I was not saying that you misspelled his name when u decided to epitomize your grammar douchziness by including his full greek name. I was saying ur " *socrates " was as necessary as an asshole on ur elbow. You almost completely missed my point. But ur probably slightly stupid so i dont mind

Study moar logic, less grammar. nd eat ****
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The english name is written Socrates because in England they use to read it in latin. So, Sokrates is still a mistake. Unless you consider the history of the english language a mustache.
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Seems like you are forgetting that its not an English name. Also English has A LOT of words that are spelled differently that what it sounds like.
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woah hahaha jesus
get it aall off your chest

alsow bay thet lawjik enywan kin spal fings huw vey wunt bcawz evenchully the massije gets akross.

plus mate it's a name
names are different
names have one spelling
so simmer the **** down
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People write Julius Ceaser, not Iulias Ceaser. It doesn't matter what it was then, in English it's still Socrates.
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People spell it like that? Where? You didn't spell a single name right. Julius Caesar = Iulius Caesar.
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Am i the only one that noticed he spellt from rong
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you just act like most FJ'ers only that you are an anon-pussy as well.
And you lack the ability to phrase insults in short, effective sentences and rant like a 12 year old.
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Just like how the Japanese language doesn't have an "L" but we can translate it from Japanese to English.
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ITT everybody is arguing like a c/kunt
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Why would that be anti-feminist?
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That's not what anti-feminist means.
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I know...This is actually very embarrassing
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I bet his judges were fat.
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Thats the most beatiful way to say "Do excersise you fat miserable ***** " I have seen
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Ms. Socrates just got her ass handled to her
Ms. Socrates just got her ass handled to her
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This isn't antifeminism. In fact, if anything this is traditionalism mixed with a bit of sassy humor.
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Socrates was one awesome dude.
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this film sucked
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You mean Socrates?
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Lo and behold, everyone in the comment section is suddenly a philosopher!
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All that i know, is that i know nothing about Socrates.
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Jack Black?
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