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#19 - bobthedilder
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(06/23/2013) [-]
So nobody else wanted a console with better hardware with new IPs and continuations of the series we've all come to love but with improved technology such as physics engines being implemented? I'm alone in that aspect? I guess nobody else wanted the freedom of choice when it came to the use of the games that THEY PAID FOR either?

So what I've gathered from this is that people wanted to pay an extra $100 for a piece of tech (if you can even regard the Kinect as "technology") that they don't want to use. Also to be restricted to a system in which they have "permission" to use their game, and have a check in online which relies on both your own internet connection and Microsoft's servers working or else the console bricks. Oh and since it was mentioned in this post, it would seem that people want a less RAM efficient operating system and lower spec'd hardware than its competitor.

Said competitor, has NONE of the features I mentioned in the second paragraph by the way.

In summation, **** off you stupid X-Bots. Not referring to the people who own an Xbox for such a ludicrous purpose as playing videogames and having fun of course.