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You rage, you lose

Cl Anonymous ( Tue) WEE ? " Replies: 2: -:': ? enemies emanate ::c, 644370 assesses emanate :=: } 1 #:5454213 #545451
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we female
aback in highschool
cdormt know if straight/ gay/ bi
shave male friend of mine whe has whe happens to be male
Ffriends friend flirts with me a bit evanthe course ma month
met a bit tipsy at his place ens night while his parents are out
I think I' m a lesbian but want to give guys I mere chance
sundress, haunt myself
Hell him to fuck me
ewe get busy
enext morning I regret it deeply
mes school counselor about it
we and say I was raped
calls police
gguy is arrested and charged
ea couple months pass, hearings, court, Etc
she' s convicted eirope
I guess I kinda feel bad about it, but at least glad in the end of all of it I realized whol really am. It was kinda his fault because I told him I was
a lesbian and he still made advances.
yyi) ; it' s net consent ifl have had alcahol
Well I' m not emotionally stable, and he did know that, or at least should have. I was on and off about flirting back or being disgusted by his
flirting. Pigs (men) should learn to take a hint, plus if yeu' re straight, don' t get with a cinfused girl j
Plus it' s not consent ifl have had alcahol
He did I year. Get the fuck ever it. That isn' t his whole life and then what? You do
your time and yeu' re dens. You men are so melodramatic. When you fuck up,
women don' t nearly get this guys ruin our lives every day emotionally-
Some scars never heal. It' s almost like you don' t treat us like people until you want
that one thing. This is exactly why I chess to go Ies- Women are much easier to
deal with.
Say what you want. I stood up fer myself and learned who I am. Sure it was mean but I guess we' re both at
If he manipulates we in any may I see it as rape in that case.
Don' t be an asshole. As I said it was his fault fer coming into me while I was drunk you
I' m no where. Ijust cheese not to be some boy' s object. Iowas in emotianal
distress. Isn' t that enough? Oh wait, no I should just lie down and deal with it. I
needed to do it to cope with the regret and we all cope in our own ways- Now I don' t
know whether or not to feel bad about it, but either way he was just some pig that
wanted one thing. If he manipulates you in any way I see it as rape in that case.
He took advantage of me so I say it' s rape. As eiether poster said, I can take consent away whenever I cheese.
Plus I was a little drunk so I maybe couldnt have stopped him. Plus the court and the test results hem the rape kit
agree. It' s not like anyone can give back his year, so I might as well just keep my mouth shut. What' s done is done
so hal
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