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You rage, you lose

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Cl Anonymous ( Tue) WEE ? " Replies: 2: -:': ? enemies emanate ::c, 644370 assesses emanate :=: } 1 #:5454213 #545451
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we female
aback in highschool
cdormt know if straight/ gay/ bi
shave male friend of mine whe has whe happens to be male
Ffriends friend flirts with me a bit evanthe course ma month
met a bit tipsy at his place ens night while his parents are out
I think I' m a lesbian but want to give guys I mere chance
sundress, haunt myself
Hell him to fuck me
ewe get busy
enext morning I regret it deeply
mes school counselor about it
we and say I was raped
calls police
gguy is arrested and charged
ea couple months pass, hearings, court, Etc
she' s convicted eirope
I guess I kinda feel bad about it, but at least glad in the end of all of it I realized whol really am. It was kinda his fault because I told him I was
a lesbian and he still made advances.
yyi) ; it' s net consent ifl have had alcahol
Well I' m not emotionally stable, and he did know that, or at least should have. I was on and off about flirting back or being disgusted by his
flirting. Pigs (men) should learn to take a hint, plus if yeu' re straight, don' t get with a cinfused girl j
Plus it' s not consent ifl have had alcahol
He did I year. Get the fuck ever it. That isn' t his whole life and then what? You do
your time and yeu' re dens. You men are so melodramatic. When you fuck up,
women don' t nearly get this guys ruin our lives every day emotionally-
Some scars never heal. It' s almost like you don' t treat us like people until you want
that one thing. This is exactly why I chess to go Ies- Women are much easier to
deal with.
Say what you want. I stood up fer myself and learned who I am. Sure it was mean but I guess we' re both at
If he manipulates we in any may I see it as rape in that case.
Don' t be an asshole. As I said it was his fault fer coming into me while I was drunk you
I' m no where. Ijust cheese not to be some boy' s object. Iowas in emotianal
distress. Isn' t that enough? Oh wait, no I should just lie down and deal with it. I
needed to do it to cope with the regret and we all cope in our own ways- Now I don' t
know whether or not to feel bad about it, but either way he was just some pig that
wanted one thing. If he manipulates you in any way I see it as rape in that case.
He took advantage of me so I say it' s rape. As eiether poster said, I can take consent away whenever I cheese.
Plus I was a little drunk so I maybe couldnt have stopped him. Plus the court and the test results hem the rape kit
agree. It' s not like anyone can give back his year, so I might as well just keep my mouth shut. What' s done is done
so hal
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User avatar #4 - deescalation
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(06/21/2013) [-]
When I was little I used to wonder why evil villains would want to destroy the world instead of taking it over. I know the answer now
#1 - mrshrapnel
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(06/21/2013) [-]
I raged, i lost.
For the love of god let there be a campaign directed at women defining rape.
#5 - anon id: 38835eb2
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(06/22/2013) [-]
Der god, who is she so I can go stab her in the throat?? It takes a lot to piss me off, but this did it really ****** fast.
User avatar #3 - amuzen
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(06/21/2013) [-]
couple of days ago I was flat out told that the whole girls regretting sex and saying they were raped thing was a complete lie and how I was an idiot to believe it.
felt like everyone on funny junk ended up agreeing with the idea that people we were never convicted falslely for rape because I had three people saying it didn't happen and how to many rapes went unpunished for us to risk making it harder for girls to report rape and no one agreeing with me in a anti feminism post.
#2 - zombiealah
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(06/21/2013) [-]
This is the most relevant thing I have as a reaction image. That bitch deserves to get used as an Elephant condom.