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Is Judgment worth getting? I Loved Gears 3 but heard mixed reviews about the new one.
User avatar #41 to #20 - raamageddon ONLINE (06/21/2013) [-]
Gears of War is the game that brought me to the 360. I've played them all, got all the DLC ('Cept for the weapon skins in three, that was crap.) and played them pretty much religiously.

So believe me when I tell you that Judgment is not worth it.

Did you like the story of one through three? Judgment basically throws all character interaction out the window in favor of a narrative viewpoint. The characters are lackluster at best, and downright boring at worst. Baird might as well just be a stereotypical action hero rather than his usual sarcastic asshole, Cole's complete enthusiasm is so far gone that you forget he's even in the game, and the other two characters occasionally have a funny quip, but apart from that, you'll forget their names by the end of the game. Top that with the fact that the game plays more like an Arcade game than it does Gears with the "declassified missions" in play, and you'll forget it ever happened. Don't even get me started on the lame villain. The "Aftermath" campaign, a bonus mission, contains more story than the actual Campaign.

Did you like the multiplayer of one through three? Down but not out, Human versus Locust, a fair amount of tactic being necessary to figure out where your enemy was and destroy them? The Locust have been removed, DBNO is gone, and with such gems as starting with any grenade you want, including "Spotter" or "Stim" grenades, the multiplayer is so incredibly bad that it's not even worth playing. It's just another Red versus Blue game.

Horde's gone too, in favor of Overrun, which is another 5v5 where one team plays as CoG and the other as Locust classes, the CoG defending an E-Hole and Locust trying to open it for three waves, and Survival, which is basically the same thing, but ten waves and you only play as the CoG.

I could go on all day about why Judgment is a bad game, but just know this. Myself and all my friends were die-hard Gears fans, and not one of us played it for more than two weeks.
#71 to #41 - practicalproblems (06/21/2013) [-]
Amen, brother. Every Gears fan was completely betrayed by that crap game.
#61 to #41 - sloot (06/21/2013) [-]
It has gotten much better but it is too little too late... I don't know WTF they were thinking shipping that game. It was sad when I played one game of TDM and realized "wow this is a terrible abortion of halo, Fag of Duty, and Ghost recon sprinkled with a bit of gears on top... I only still have it bc I was stupid and bought the season pass but I promise it is soooo much better now. They fixed the two piece, BS spawning grenades, more maps, and execution has DBNO... My main problem with the game is how broken the gnasher is. They are times where you will blast someone in the face point blank several times and they just eat like I have never seen before. That is why I just bounce and keep my distance now because it is a lottery decided who should earn the gib....
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well **** , thanks.
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No, not at all. i sold Halo 4 to get Judgement on launch night. That game was ****** . It's like COD wrapped in gears of wars name. Almost like the new Need for Speed Most Wanted that is actually just Burnout Paradise inside. ****** hate game companies that do that **** .
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No don't The lag in multiplayer was unforgiving
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Me 'n my mates hired it, played through it. Was good fun, we enjoyed it. Don't see why there'd be mixed reviews about it.
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I heard the multiplayer went to ****
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Honestly, my friends and I have never really bothered with Gears multiplayer so that could be true. Everything else was fine, however.
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I'll rent it and see for myself.
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