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User avatar #20 - XXBIOHAZARDXX (06/20/2013) [-]
Who wears a watch on their right hand?

I am aware that the same result will occur to the old man, but... seriously, why is it there?
#35 to #20 - youxbarstard (06/20/2013) [-]
Most people usually wear their watch on their off hand, and maybe he's left handed...idk
User avatar #56 to #35 - AresX (06/20/2013) [-]
I'm left handed and wear it on my left
#70 to #56 - youxbarstard (06/20/2013) [-]
And on the rare occasions I wear a watch It is usually on my right hand.
I'm right handed.
User avatar #71 to #70 - AresX (06/20/2013) [-]
I never have, it feels weird for me.
#72 to #71 - youxbarstard (06/21/2013) [-]
Ah well in any case it doesn't matter to me because I use my phone to check the time.
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