Sounds like a great movie. imdb . com / title / tt2908228 / parentalguide ? ref=ttstry_pg more here. sounds like a must see for bronys and haters alike.. i... P

Sounds like a great movie

imdb . com / title / tt2908228 / parentalguide ? ref=ttstry_pg
more here. sounds like a must see for bronys and haters alike.

i... Parents Guide for
ii.., My Little Pony: Equestria Girls (2( ) "
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Sex at now as History
Spike and Twilight have sex on multiple occasions, breaking bestiality laws. And
foryou mothers out there, let' sjust clarify that Twilight sparkle loses
36 minutes into the movie. Twilight has sex with Fluttershy' s dead body. Brad and Twilight
have gratuitous sex foursomes in each scene they are together, sometimes having
threesomes with Spike. Twilight takes a **** on Rainbow Dash halfway through the film, for
the rest ofthe film Rainbow Dash doesnt wash hamface, and the **** stains her mouth. In the
intro sequence, it shows Pinkie Pie rolling overhue screen, filled with cum. Her stomach
inflated by the sheer amounts of cum inserted into her. There are many scenes that involve
lesbian or homosexual relationships, often going into graphic detail. There are graphic
scenes copied overflow infamous artists such as Braeburned and Tiarawhy. cance Twilight
enters the human world, she begins by starring in a mildly pornographic rap video, that
begins with your usual girls dancing, but quickly escalates into a massive orgy,
with several bukkake cumshots and extreme and drug usage. Twilight viciously
rapes her brother. In the credits, moaning is constantly heard. About -19 minutes into the film
when Twilight has become human, she finds out she has genitalia, and goes to a ac, -'__:baek
gynecologists to find out what it is. The camera angles censor everything, including a scene
from the perspective as the doctor is sticking his tools inside her. Upon leaving, she trips, and we can see up her skirt, only to find she
has forgotten her panties. We see a bare full view offer unmentionables, and this becomes a throughout the film, afterwars, the doctor
and Twilight have violent sex, leading to Twilight bleeding. Rarity, Fluttershy, and Rarity go to a bar, drunked the point how much they
can fit in . Fluttershy says Th.. I cant fit much otherthan the stallions member..." Applejack says "That am nuthin' l I can fit a whole hoof
up mine!" Rarity laughs and slides down the barstool, fitting the whole thing inside her in a graphic section and begins to bleed.
each fer , mes
when bundled
Violence El Gore (/
Twilight constantly tries to kill everyone and eventually kills Fluttershy, dismembering her. Afterwars, she has sex with the body. Twilight
also commits acts against the school with homestate explosives, she goes into explicit detail on how to make them and
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