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i don't understand this, shrodingers cat. ready for red thumbs
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to elaborate on what vilememory was saying before his allergies meds kicked in, the experiment involved placing a cat inside of a sealed box with a vial of deadly poison, now due to the fact you cannot see or hear what was going on inside the box, the cat would be considered both dead and alive until the box was opened to see if it had broken the vial
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Actually, the theory stated that you place a cat in a box with a geiger-counter that had a hammer attached to it and a vial of poison. Now, the quantum theory states that photons(?) are both decayed and healthy at the same time. If one decays it lets out a small burst of radiation, setting off the geiger-counter, turning the hammer, smashing the vial, and killing the cat. But, since photons are both at the same time, the cat is both alive and dead at the same time, a conclusion on the cat's health not being made until the box is opened again.

If I made any mistakes, FJ, help me to revise.
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i knew there was radiation involved somewhere, figured that it was an altered version of the theory
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It is a thought experiment, basically a cat in a box with some poison. You don't know if the cat is dead or alive until you open the box. Which does something, I'm hopped up on allergy medication but that is a good start. Seek knowledge and broaden your horizon, I'm going to pass out. My kittens will probably eat me while I sleep, or try I tend to roll around a lot when I sleep.
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Just pretend the caption says "we'll start from the soft parts"
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To elaborate on what Halor said, It was a thought experiment to point out how absurd quantum theory is. There is the cat there, and the cat knows whether or not s/he is alive. Furthermore, some theories about extra temporal dimensions suggest that there are alternate realities, some of which the cat is dead, others in which the cat is alive. The higher percentage of realities contain a dead cat, the more "Likely" it is for the cat to be dead.
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Did somebody call me?
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No. Get that weaboo **** out of here.
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Yes and no.
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You get your annoying nazi vampire catboy ass back in alucard's soul repository where you belong
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Just that, won't do.
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what anime is that?
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Hellsing Ultimate OVA.
It's basically a 1:1 conversion of the Hellsing manga.
10 Episodes 45-70 min long, animated and voiced over a time period of 6 years.
It's a work of art.
I suggest downloading it from a high quality source (720p or 1080p).
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Or even better: If its available for purchase in your country, support the creators and buy it.
I bought the volumes seperately when they came out.
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I know im crazy, but i prefer the horribly animated original series for some reason.
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hellsing ultimate
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...can someone please tell me.
1) Why Integra shoots Seras in the head?
2) Why/when Seras turns into a neko?
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Since these guys suck at explaining, I'll do it. That's not Seras. That's one of the nazis' experiments, called Schrödinger. Basically, he's Schrödingers' cat, which is why he has some catlike features. Since, according to the theory, Schrödingers' cat is dead, alive, here, there, on the south pole and in your house, having sex with your mother, all at the same time, Schrödinger is already both dead and alive, so he can't really be killed. It's quantum physics, I can't explain it any better. The fact that they look alike is mere coincidence.

Also, since he can't die, characters tend to shoot him in the face every time they see his sorry ass. It's fun to watch.
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That's because he's everywhere at the same time. That involves various planes of existance and paralel universes.
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Thats Oberstammführer (Warrant Officer) Schrödinger.
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That's not Seras.
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Dam it's Schrödinger.

God Damn you Japan and your androgynous men/women/men/things makin' me doubt my sexual orientations >:|
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That's Schrodinger, one of the Major's henchman. He's a Hitler Youth that is basically unkillable and can teleport or something. I haven't read far enough to see if they fully explain his powers.
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Well hey, there was a 50% chance it was going to be alive so its nothing big really    
Random gif
Well hey, there was a 50% chance it was going to be alive so its nothing big really
Random gif
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sauce on pic pls
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thank you good sir.
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I dont think that pussy is in a position to tell anyone to "suck it"
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erwin schrödinger actually made his famous thought experiment as a strawman, in an attempt to mock the theory of quantum physics.
surely such a large object, like a cat, can not hold both the state of dead and alive at the same time.
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You're right, the cat can't be both alive and dead.

Schrodinger made the though experiment to show how quantum physics does not relate well to the real world. In the experiment, it is the radioactive particles which are in a superposition of both decayed and not decayed. However, the cat cannot be alive and dead at the same time. The cat is just like any other cat that has ever existed -- either dead or alive.
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It was an actual legitimate thought experiment to explain quantum physics (as I've read in a book containing mini biographies of all the big names of quantum physics), rather Wheeler's Cat was made to mock Schrödinger's Cat because according to Wheeler, Schrödinger's Cat could have died of many things, such as starvation, where his thought experiment (which involved his cat, who liked going to Einstein's house, being in a superstate of being at his house or Einstein's house when they weren't looking for him), was a much better representation of "superstates".
I might be wrong on a couple things, as I am not an expert on their backgrounds, but I'm pretty sure that's how it goes.
Sauce: Entanglement by Amir D. Aczel page 83 through 94.
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Is it bad that I'm glad that the mirror didn't in at all crack?
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I humbly apologize for the watermark
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more like shredinger eh, eh?
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................................ The Schrodinger's cat paradox is way more complex than just "OH ITS A CAT IN A BOX AND IT MIGHT BE DED". This picture is so stupid. All the 15 year olds thinking "lolz science i'mz such a geek XD" from this would enjoy the show Big Bang Theory.
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Shrodinger was kind of an idiot. I can get trying to use a simple metaphor to explain quantum mechanics, but it doesn't work that way. The physics of a cat in a box are normal sized, so quantum doesn't apply. Not to mention the metaphor doesn't even WORK in relation to what he was trying to explain.

Did he even ever kill cats or was this all just a theory?
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the basic idea is that electrons aren't what you think they are, they dissappear and come back at very high rate. This is the most common mistake people think about that theory. It is very very very very unlikely that all of the electrons at your body dissappear and reappear at the same time.
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Is it me or does that cat look CGI?
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I probably don't understand the experiment, but if I'm correct the expirement would still have succeeded if the cat lived...
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oh science LOL
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