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#199 - thecommittee
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(06/16/2013) [-]
I got bullied allot in elementary school, I never did a thing and later, when i got out of elementary school, I went to a different middle school than all of them. There where a few of them in my new middle school and I tried to hold a grudge for a bit before realizing it was silly, they had all gotten over there hate for me and so did I. These days none bullies exept on rare occasions, when it dose happen I make such a huge disruptive deal out of it without getting physical that they have to do something. The one time this hasn't worked was when the one asshole stole my amazing super badass safari hat in the last weeks of school this year, I went full detective on his ass and proved unequivocally that he stole it but the school never managed to get him to give it back, just didn't care enough. sad thing is the hat was quite old and given to me by an elderly friend of my dads so i won't be able to get another one just like it.

Pic related, my hat looked a bit like this.