Don't mess with the ocean. . W No One Should Mess With The Ocean 1. First of all, the ocean is deep as . THE MARIANA TRENCH bit) Ihis is the ' s ever And THIS V
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Don't mess with the ocean

W No One Should Mess With The Ocean
1. First of all, the ocean is deep as **** .
Ihis is the ' s ever
And THIS VS the bottom ofthe
New maybe (moo)
So deep, we' re actually not sure how deep it is, which is
terrifying to think about
Its probably better that its dark down there because THIS
is the kind ****** you' d see:
Fangtooth Fish Giant Squid 13991593 Hatch?‘ Fish
It' s a mix awhell and outer space.
ll mean, there are the size of your HEAD.
ll heard they eat souls.
And SEA SPIDERS you' d need a bed sheet to squish!
Which proves there' s nowhere to hide from MWE
The worst part is we' only explored less than 5% of the ocean
We have better maps of Mars than of the ocean 'myea'
For the complete post go:
Stay awake at funsubstance ram
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Submitted: 06/15/2013
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User avatar #3 - whycanticaps (06/16/2013) [-]
We are going to the deepest, darkest, most metal place on the planet


#6 to #3 - nauthizsangster (06/16/2013) [-]
Magnus Hammersmith from the latest series
#9 - alphanet (06/16/2013) [-]
Hey here is a morbid thougth!
So heres teh deal: You are immortal ( the real immortal aka: get shot, cut in half, set on fire and nuked in outer space left there for thausends of years and you survive,regenerate and dont age at all)
So you commited a crime and your punishment is death by suffocation. And just cause they can they do this Fancy (you are the 1 000 000th criminal or something) So they tie, weld, glue a strong chain to your leg and the other end to a giant and heavy cannon and throw you in the mariana trench, but they are kind enough to throw in (glue to you) a bunch of Glowsticks just so you can see your demise!

So waht would you do?
Ps: sorry for any grammar mistakes i made!
User avatar #10 to #9 - icefried (06/16/2013) [-]
Turn on the lights and bite my wrists so that i'd start bleeding heavily. try to look as apetizing as possible and get eaten. Renerate inside of the creature that ate me and slowly make my way out of the ocean.
If nothing eats me whole, make woulds on my legs and wait until they get eaten, regenerate and make my way up.
#4 - bitchplzzz (06/16/2013) [-]
User avatar #1 - psychadelicace ONLINE (06/15/2013) [-]
this was on the front page no less then 10 hours ago
User avatar #2 - afriasdelrio (06/15/2013) [-]
#11 - Rascal (06/16/2013) [-]
If anyone wants the full post: [url deleted]
#8 - alphanet has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #5 - gavinchase (06/16/2013) [-]
Pfft, I already have a fear of the ocean. Which is ironic considering I've lived close to the beach my whole life...
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