Human's Fuck Yeah. Worth the read. I remember the war with humanity. It was our birst and last mistake, the last war of the Gavin, the war that destroyed us. I  Human's Fuck Yeah Worth the read I remember war with humanity It was our birst and last mistake of Gavin that destroyed us
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Human's Fuck Yeah

I remember the war with humanity. It was our birst and last mistake, the last war of the Gavin, the war that destroyed us.
I was barely a hatchling at the time the war started, barely old enough to understand what the politicians were saying never, mind understandable intricacies of galactic politics or jingoistic fevers.
Some dispute about colonisation rights. Something trivial and unimportant. But something we foolishly thought destroying a human vessel was worth it.
I remember the first -few days of the war-. The propaganda on the or screens- The pictures from the front lines of our. glorious armies, winning victory after victory. They compared the primitive human
weapons to our advanced technology. The showed us the bedraggled human prisoners alter they surrendered- Made them read out statements of aggression and war. guilt for the galactic news feeds-
Ofcourse the reds never told us for every human we killed they killed ten offs.
Cl Anonymous (/ 10( Sat) 09: 53 No. 8562129
We took the worlds we wanted, then got greedy and took some more. The humans were professional, but we had numbers. City alter city feel beneath our guns, enslaved human populations churned
out guns to use on their own people. But even as we broke their Met at K' nasai, sent it tumbling into that dying star, leaking fire and atmosphere, we realised we were losing.
Every world we took, they made us pay for tenfold- They sent soldiers behind our lines to sabotage our factories, assassinate our leaders. Women and children blew themselves up to kill just a few
reservists in logistic convoys. Every weapon we made the humans copied, every stratagem they countered. We had stretched ourselves too thin against an enemy who was too determined not to
As the humans began to take back the worlds we' d taken from them, we grew desperate. We stopped taking prisoners, executing humans by the hundred. As we left a world we gassed the major
population centres to deny the humans a propaganda victory. We fought tooth and claw and mandible as slowly they pushed us from their space. World by world we inflicted horror upon horror on
them, as world by world the Grey Ships of Earth reclaimed their homes.
We fell back until there was nowhere left to go. And the only worlds left were ours. I watched as the humans scattered our Mets in the upper atmosphere, the burning husks of our ships filling the
skies. I smelt the ozone of an orbital lance as it burned away a military base ten kilometres away out of existence. The look of pure shame as the transmitted our full and utter
And I remember too, the first sight of a human, tall and upright, a giant of muscle and bone, the searching eyes of a predator born. I remember him gesturing me over to him and the certainty of my
death filling my mind. I was a child but I was prepared to die for the Gwen. A sacrifice to allow the humans to take their fully justified revenge upon us.
And I remember my first taste of the chocolate bar he gave me.
Cl Anonymous (/ 1 3/ 1 ()(Sat) 09: 54 No. 8562150
The humans revenge was total. From the ruins they built schools and roads. Hospitals and sanitation plants. The human engineer brought running water free of parasites to my livestock for the first
time. The inoculations against worker diseases the committees had never bother to cure. They wrought revenge with words we' d never heard. Democracy, Freedom, Brotherhood. They wrought it in
the form of Human rights, and most powerfully of .. -forgiveness-
And their revenge was total- In just 10 years human children and Gwen were playing together on the fields outside the school. In 30 years they were fighting beside another against the .
loo years from the days the humans landed on our worlds and the Gwen no longer exist. Admitted to humanity, nominated by Terrans and approved by a unanimous decision of the Human parliament,
the tath species to gain such an honour. The Gwen no longer exist, but humanity just grew stronger.
Yes I remember the war with humanity. Our last and best mistake.
President David X' Listal of the Gwen, as part ofthe official ceremonies celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Gwen' s admittance to Humanity.
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