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#7 - anon (06/14/2013) [-]
Interesting fact. XBO is sold out on preorders, where as PS4 isn't.
Who cares though, people will bandwagon jump on the PS4 and see a huge lack of exclusives and hidden text that they weren't properly informed about, bitch and rage, and then think that the XBO isn't so bad after all.
User avatar #31 to #7 - xtwinblade ONLINE (06/14/2013) [-]
thats because xbox can only afford making XBO's for the small number that preordered because it was such a small number.
this is a ******* joke, please get it
User avatar #20 to #7 - nevrit (06/14/2013) [-]
The thing you don't mention however is that the ps4 and x1 will have different preorder caps depending on your retailer. My local gamestop had 8 spots for the xbox and a few more for ps4, so naturally if people come in at the same frequency for both systems in preorders the xbox will become filled first. Honestly if you looked at the Microsoft exclusives in comparison to the Sony exclusives, Sony would come out on top. If you want the xbox, go for it. Just because some people prefer the direction of Sony doesn't make them a fanboy or a person who is jumping on the bandwagon.
#18 to #7 - anon (06/14/2013) [-]
I see the thought police have gotten to you. How was room 101, bro?
#8 to #7 - anon (06/14/2013) [-]
They'll also continue to look down on the Wii U and Nintendo as a whole even though they have a solid line-up of exclusives and don't have any of this annoying crap.
User avatar #11 to #8 - settlwlvs (06/14/2013) [-]
If Nintendo went back to semi-normal controllers, they would pwn the market.
User avatar #70 to #11 - rainbowrush ONLINE (06/14/2013) [-]
The GameCube controller is better than what Sony and Microsoft has managed, imo.
User avatar #389 to #70 - settlwlvs (06/14/2013) [-]
The Sony controller is definitely my favorite so far. I was playing GTA IV on my friend's 360 last night, and noticed it was a very awkward hand position to try and press L1 and up on the left stick at the same time. As far as Gamecube goes, I never had one so I wouldn't know. I went from a 64 to a PS2.
User avatar #390 to #389 - rainbowrush ONLINE (06/14/2013) [-]
I prefer Sony's over Xbox', but I still have to say Gamecube got the most comfortable one
User avatar #391 to #390 - settlwlvs (06/14/2013) [-]
It's just not... symmetrical enough for me. I'm very OCD about that.
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