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#80 - ohnotwoone (06/14/2013) [-]
Ok seriously can you shut the **** up about feminism. You've proven that you have no understanding of women or feminists at all.

Someone who comes here to laugh not tear my hear out.
#105 to #80 - whippersnapper (06/14/2013) [-]
All feminism is wrong feminism.
User avatar #114 to #105 - mysticana (06/14/2013) [-]
How the hell can you put that statement forward?
#116 to #114 - whippersnapper (06/14/2013) [-]
The genders are not equal. Ultimately equality is not desirable, productive or possible.
User avatar #118 to #116 - mysticana (06/14/2013) [-]
Is this a girl or guy I'm talking to? Because I don't understand how equality COULDN'T be a good thing to strive towards. That's like saying black equality shouldn't have happened, as it is discriminating against a person because of the way they are. Also, the 'productiveness' I don't see a point in, as I'm pretty certain a woman can work just as hard as a man. And if you're talking about the biological differences between men and women causing this rift in equality as females are meant to be caring etc. you're ignoring the fact those qualities are from being brought up that way, and have changed dramatically since the past.
User avatar #128 to #118 - phtholognyrrh (06/14/2013) [-]
i agree with you, so long as we dont try to go back and fix every past inequality on our way to the future.
#124 to #118 - whippersnapper (06/14/2013) [-]
It is not at all like talking about the equality between races.

Women are superior at the the unconscious act of gestating children and at lactation to feed those children, in every other field of endeavor males are superior in capability and potential. Nothing can change this and no one should want to change it. There may be cases where talented females may equal mid level males or a extremely rare genius female can sit down on the bottom rung of the elite but in general and overall males are designed to be the dominant and active sex. The only equality that is real is potential lovability and healthy reproductive necessity.

In order for women to have the illusion of equality men must carry them and or handicap themselves. Women are designed to be helpers and mother and to make the world a sweeter, cuter more comfortable place, anything beyond this is just the pursuit of vanity and inefficient for society.

As for equal rights, as things are today in America women are given superior consideration under law. Even though there must always be different consideration given to women under law, the situation today is skewed toward injustice as part of social destabilization agenda. True legal equality would not be desirable to most western women, but it would be somewhat more fair to men.

In my eyes if woman tells me she is equal, I take it to mean she wants to be given an advantage, because if she was actually to be treated as a really little man and judged in the same light, very few women, especially women dumb enough to claim equality, would enjoy the result at all. Consider having the same expectations upon you as even a small man your size would have, and consider how you would be seen based purely upon your personality with no extra sugar given because of the girlish features. Consider also losing many of the legal advantages, in fact just think of yourself as a little man, if you insulted a guy and he whupped you, in the male world character not courts count
User avatar #135 to #124 - mysticana (06/14/2013) [-]
As for women being there to make the world a 'sweeter, cuter place' I can't even try to comprehend an argument for you, because I now know it will be ignored.

And total equality is what many people want, I personally don't want to be paid a pound more than a man doing the same job with the same qualifications, with the same attitude towards the work. Also, if I've pissed off a girl or guy enough for them to want to physically assault me, I shouldn't and wouldn't hide behind the 'woman beater' excuse.
#141 to #135 - whippersnapper (06/14/2013) [-]
Well, if you are willing to play fair and to earn your position in life then you are within your rights, but remember, men aren't even equal to each other, you don't just show up and get a trophy for participating, and you dont get to throw a hissy fit until people give in like some chicks try to do, if you want to be equal, really equal, not just told that you are to shut you up, you have to earn it. Some women are bigger and stronger and smarter than other women, that doesn't mean that the whole gender is equal to men, it just means that certain women are exceptional.

But I promise that nature doesn't care about what fads people get into or your ideas of 'equality', it only cares about what is efficient and needed, and nature, through your instincts (which are not and never will be 'obsolete'), will not let you feel totally satisfied until you do in fact become a helper, mother, sweetener and cutener (natural woman).

At least you didn't call me names, most quickly prove their inferiority by so doing. You take care.
User avatar #146 to #141 - mysticana (06/14/2013) [-]
I agree with some of the points in your argument, but there are weak men as well as women. You name the stronger woman an 'exception' whilst a stronger man would be the norm, which does link back to survival, but in modern society I don't believe that pure strength is the most important factor in employment especially.

I personally have been indoctrinated enough to want to be a mother and a helper, but I know quite a few women who have absolutely no desire to aid others, or have any children.

I refrained from doing so, have a nice day.
#151 to #146 - whippersnapper (06/14/2013) [-]
Yes todays work force is not entirely about physical strength. The part about you wanting to be a mother and helper is not the indoctrination part, that is the nature part, the indoctrination part is the part that says otherwise and if you look closely at biology and history you will see it has always been that way. Those women who do not desire to follow their instincts are generally either underdeveloped so the instincts have not kicked in or they are just confident that if and when they want to take that road it will always be waiting there for them, which is a mistake many older modern women lament having made.

Have a nice day too.
User avatar #127 to #124 - phtholognyrrh (06/14/2013) [-]
holy **** whipper snapper calm your damn tits for a second and get over being dumped by your ex and yelled at by your mom for a moment and just calm the **** down!
and just an fyi, female boxers can punch with more pounds of force than males per square unit of are (not sure what system they use where youre from) and if youre talking about design, most every creature on the planet is designed for the female to be bigger and stronger. human women may not be "stronger" but matriarchal societies tend to have longer living citizens, less wars, and more societal advances.
#136 to #127 - whippersnapper (06/14/2013) [-]
That is an assortment of lies. Female boxers cannot punch with even as much force as a man the same weight and height. Most mammals are patriarchal and the males are larger. Matriarchal societies are rare and weak and generally very primitive. Patriarchal societies have accounted for the survival of the human race and have produces the greatest achievements have the greatest longevity. Women, when unrestrained by the modesty which is their natural substitute for discretion, are the most violent selfish creatures on earth, fortunately they are too ineffectual to run their full course or else American women would have long ago destroyed the world.

As for my many ex girlfriends, I did most of the dumping, and my mother, she and I get along and chat online daily, and my wife and our girlfriend all get along just fine. Just because someone tells you something your indoctrination didnt want you to acknowledge doesnt mean that I am somehow dysfunctional.

People are taught to make fun of those who tell certain unpopular truths, when it comes to feminism, the reaction is generally to tell someone that they are either unattractive and or that something is wrong with their genitals.
#88 to #80 - anon (06/14/2013) [-]
There are many types of feminist, this is the loudest, and most rage educing type so people are going to talk about it. I have more or less 3 categories i apply to feminist. Man-haters (Depicted above) self explanatory. The Double Negative, or the type that Likes chivalry or men treating them like they are delicate flowers and pays for **** , but who then turns around and complains when they get paid less for the same reasons they are treated better earlier. Then their are the Logical Feminist, they believe that humans as a general rule should be equal whenever possible, they pay for their half of dates, open doors if they arrive first and do not act demure but try to show themselves as rational thinking individuals. The first should be shot, but in return i offer any woman to be allowed to reciprocate should an equally chauvinistic male pop up. The second I've seen be both adorable and annoying in various degrees, they seem most common. The last can be annoying or frankly cool as ****
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