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#213 - rowdymatt (06/13/2013) [-]
I am prepared for your red thumbs, but they said they were committed to supporting the xbox 360 still even after the xbox one launch, so I don't see the problem.
#382 to #213 - bigmanblue (06/13/2013) [-]
yeah lets never mind that the 360 is already 7 year old teck
it doesnt matter that they are continuing the 360 hell the fact they are putting the same games on the xbone as on the 360 shows they will be limiting the size of the games to accomidate for the ancient teck
the point of a new generation of console is to get new teck (aka better graphics larger games better engines) and they fact they are essentialy saying if you dont have 24/7 internet you cant have this so your only option is the 360 is a massive MASSIVE **** you to anyone who wants new games
User avatar #288 to #213 - thewaronbeingcool (06/13/2013) [-]
Yeah, for like two more years, if that.

And the Xbone will be going on for probably another ten years afterwards.
#279 to #213 - anon (06/13/2013) [-]
Oh that's a bit of a relief for Xbox exclusive game fans.
User avatar #271 to #213 - Omegashenron (06/13/2013) [-]
I know right? It's not like he's insulting customers w/o constant internet. PLus not to mention the fact that the 360 is solid console with good apps/games and other features, people will mostly be upset over losing out on some exclusive releases and some better graphics.
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