Poor Girl. Worth the Read. found on 4chan. as 25 ass pass yss Irwinn clean Shawn as to random sags school on mu day noschool w us random homeroom roll, wasn' t  Poor Girl Worth the Read found on 4chan as 25 ass pass yss Irwinn clean Shawn to random sags school mu day noschool w us homeroom roll wasn' t
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Poor Girl. Worth the Read

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Poor Girl. Worth the Read. found on 4chan. as 25 ass pass yss Irwinn clean Shawn as to random sags school on mu day noschool w us random homeroom roll, wasn' t

found on 4chan

as 25
ass pass yss Irwinn clean Shawn
as to random sags school on mu day noschool
w us random homeroom
roll, wasn' t call my name
asks WSW forgot anyone
Ryan has We an people us N. doesnt noice y wasn' t says
says y her We y always say
my mum the cute ya year olds us class
ass was super cute
a ssw skirt and blouse you could tell she was um
as alpha as fuck and ask her out to lunch
agree to meet us the lot
ddont really gs to school here so gs says around : rerolls around
an her up sucsess noschool
ttell her y got out aides: early
pstart chating mas. tell her um on the baseball team (mute sum not a letterman in mus football)
ask my sht hard
ass tell shes nervous
my her lunch yss her
ass (hymn Ms sweet
mu serum up a mu. laugh a Wye
ass k/ legs, can noice them better nowthat were mustang noschool
ease her back , gs on ahead was y need to hnd spot
ask serum the mamas at the end sums week
ass Muses and says yss
mu her cell phone number
mdona show up at school
ddont wanna get caught
ems thy: before
mdona meet us homeroom on a regular bass so no reason to have seen her at school
grades, tolerent classes, sue
Nexus ms "hey where you been? you sck?"
ttell her y ssw her us hallway and yelled her name but not must ms
ass tells ms to an her up an forthe mm
spyc related, N' s her My coninue
to her house
emu forthat um
ems shes st/ l gammy ready, wants use to come us
parents car us us giveway
Mot ready forthis
yhe strong and a s gameplan
w up and knock as door
may mam answers
my her yss here to suw goddaughter up
Monks at use
r' you us school mm hey?"
New use Insde, hasnt cracked s / e yet
Mash tell yr as to use as Just overly protecter
as aches muse door
may mom tells use to come We ktchen by s In
asks use saw old l am, whatevar l was
rle, say
ayes to ask use about my last name and what my parents do
aus saved bythe daughter as she comes and us go
mmom waves at use and says to muss her same try 9
r' you can count as me'
mu a the house mm the gm
reaally sauage what she' s Bessy's
ayes betterthan when l ssw
issu skipsy jeans and s Mme Mme top
mu but w/ l deal mm l
mu us car and dave to muses
yhave small chitchat as the way, saw shes Vyky's
ass s yearbook sum the school isms the year mime
knowledge teachers
we and say l was alpha danng PE class
wes oppressed
ems us gonna be easy
w see we same sunny
mu sassy at all syncs yrs urea:
Mary! get We R muses mm her
we gets scared danng muse‘ starts to get close to use
wave as around Mme
resentfully work s peck as two We I, asskiss sure to take l slow
as s gentleman alter all, em ‘y
Nest my hand as her knee Mme
ass tell she' s We l
mu eyes muse really
emu We use
Bottome us s joke anyways
get hard as s rock
my due (me good mend, us due (me
Bottome gets twee, yrs 8
wees to get her same try 9
We l matters, never seems her as her sues mom ssays
e oaks We we have same (me to k/ l, want to go by s dave
we says yes
ewe downtown mesh! about IO masques
shes be aring s serum
ems tell she seas nayer
may some skanky van songs to get W mun the mend
weas Adgang and the puns y make
only s IO masque anvw to a seam part
sum us set
asks Mme wants to watch use moonlight we awe part
she yanks s W phone
ems tell shes nervous about W mom
eeyy henna Want us W mom mad at me yss was gum to be seem a lot mes
we Ms sweet
y really We W
says "lets gol"
WW up awe part
rpm us some more mums and seems the seat s nyu
we can mums us my can plus Ms s We WHY outtie"
she wees
as Want us privacy and my contain sound
was s We more about school
es conversation to ex tyrz amass
says she dated someone mess ago (aka as grade) and he really bunks W seas
mm W
am really LDL' yryg us my sen syncs as grades cant we any other
W he' s new and we deserved noting Dunne best
any: abosolutely sweer: W
we beam mam out
stain sun W leg a We
wave / sues orleans
ems tell she' s nervous
w) , we s slow um not awhore"
essaye‘ as y abosolutely we that We
ttell new respect henna much to do anyting we than' twant
rams eases W
issu gum to town as W seek
ems gets W gum
ass tell she' s never gotten s seekay Defuse
we me s my mom MM kayy me"
mitm' t stop, we doesn' t stop me
thepro to yea W up outtie W says
ensues has his ' re We
she' s s
Mets moan
staryu W
sass Dacha
sun gently
down sages any urns
weas sew now
es mu
we stops me and wakes W sen
weeps me usfags
s masque orowo, go human wavy
suds sass down pants
pussy eyes
75 betterthan % down there
we moans slag) etly as y smug mes
as really getting mm s now
ass us use mes
shes anythng my sass now
essays suchen, W phone was
yrs my marm-
us car sags
as 9 us
Mate traning W same
do now
ttell Nevin Ignore s awry getting sass back down W pants
rims me no
we has to go now us W mom My kayy W
ttell W um a greatests mm W and Wave
Mean us
we muss menus Mew seconds {Jaime back
eay really needle guy my mom MM my me and we mam not let me back your
my may asses
aways everyting we saxe, go {tackle W
please yummyy We you and wantwant my mom to We you"
back down pants
we moans s We
to we us to my Dawes
pull Yyeess down all the way
New me no, that she' s not s slut anywase' t gum to me
ensues‘ that Isnt an upset
rpm! Aer, upset
m" whars ' re magma um not gum to "
ttell W we doesn' t understand
asks Mme‘: been mm a guy Defuse
we yanks nervous, can tell we hasn' t
New me shes to be spam
ttell guys get aroused, they have to muss l suns
we yanks concerned
eay never seas us seam-
ttell W we wouldn' iwantto my me, would she?
weas to reel genlty
950 y have to have you ofyou' ll be us paym-
zudysk us my way be us pas trams mes any s has
we us strong us (ms use
ttell W Ieyasu has to touch Mm s nyu and wyy lake W Hume
ems tell we
ewes Wye: awayfrom my:
es wimp out my rank
we stares at May Mew seconds, unsure Mann do
Wu ahead, swam -
my rank
eaves the worst may We eyes sag us my use my seconds
atolls me she' s to go same
weas getting mm l to gum me s We
aw: to puss me my
stain was W pants down past W knees
mu return my W
roams: are susking wet, y can tell we was s
me Atoms, y really We you and be "
t) helot* on)
we knows l cant be stopped
canteloupe' '
please notelet's"
thon' t seas
ttell W yrs alight
Shaw: us derpes
as ye es (ans: Ind sum
mmn issu us halt
me long Anyways Sn
we hunted mums
attell use y
Ind pull Taut
an es 715 red use puma
s use
es get as m 715 And she us the use m the e.
we pants es
taep bad Ruhr
es y 715 . ewe us 715 see but she as my use we hum: av‘
as as us 715 Runs:
mum ye human
ea.“ (wands my e. Ind ye muss us yell
may mus l was
as use past use mum And use the Runs:
uh we . we sums y dam use us hear
as autumn -ecig mum
we We my
rags why ms swam: e we
as nu
rags y us. use. eeis e we
attell mm analysand get as mucus: e.
was owns e. don! we s sauna ye
es use Anni halt . was mus mm halt handing Taut m the e.
ess. wyy pull mu beans: y dam was. my the any
pushes e.
NR us immune
we meta learn mus be "
es get humbled my beat up
attell ha y any us we
ems. any salad
muss may Ind mud: us BEAT‘
es whatley ye . es
we l mm: M. suw the Mavis: plate sum sues Ind l sag use us the myrrh:
thorught' ye seseme my If
es pulled win: Tww
yelled us the mm’:/ Wu we emu ye
Plowed t my muses.
es was teally see
as es es my use“ e the Wynne m my a.
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User avatar #1 - galaxyguy
Reply +35 123456789123345869
(06/09/2013) [-]
You know, I was really worried there might not be a twist at the end after all...
User avatar #4 - craftyatom
Reply +9 123456789123345869
(06/09/2013) [-]
pretty damn funny.

I actually read in in two parts, the beginning in one and the end in another, but actually, props to whoever this was xposted from.
#8 - aarbun
Reply +8 123456789123345869
(06/10/2013) [-]
Comment Picture
#10 - pedocommando
Reply +6 123456789123345869
(06/10/2013) [-]
First time iv'e been gotten in a while, 10/10 post OP
#16 - BraindeadBuddha
Reply +4 123456789123345869
(06/11/2013) [-]
****, I was like, "Well, **** me, rape confession? ****, what a creep." Then joke, thank god, got me good.
****, I was like, "Well, **** me, rape confession? ****, what a creep." Then joke, thank god, got me good.
User avatar #14 - ritzrules
Reply +3 123456789123345869
(06/10/2013) [-]
"tell her i got in one little fight"

**** YOU OP YOU GLORIOUS ************
User avatar #9 - temporalguardian
Reply +3 123456789123345869
(06/10/2013) [-]
The ending did not rustle at all as he finished the story well. Any earlier and i would've raged with the fury of a thousand suns.
User avatar #5 - OperationValkyrie
Reply +3 123456789123345869
(06/10/2013) [-]
#18 - henryjak
Reply +1 123456789123345869
(06/12/2013) [-]
Yes god yes
User avatar #7 - Nightelfbane
Reply +1 123456789123345869
(06/10/2013) [-]
i skipped to the end to make sure
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