the art of the troll. . tlel, meg Ile Talk to strangers, You re chatting wath a random stranger on male! to discuss: Did you know that microwaving your smartpho the art of troll tlel meg Ile Talk to strangers You re chatting wath a random stranger on male! discuss: Did you know that microwaving your smartpho
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the art of the troll

tlel, meg Ile Talk to strangers,
You* re chatting wath a random stranger on male!
to discuss:
Did you know that microwaving your
smartphone for 1 minute will fully charge
the battery?
Stranger: really accost: the trolls
You: Mhmm
Stranger: fully work begin
Stranger: like from o -100
You: Not fully
You: Depends on the battery
Stranger: what battery does a iphone ti have
You: Not sure, itried it with my iphone 4 though and it
worked tima
You: And I have an extended battery pack for my
Samsung Galaxy
You: Gets the Phone from I to 54%
You: and the othello 24%
Stranger: wow
You: It' s amazing
Stranger: ktl
Stranger: my phones on 3% battery
You: Try for yourself
Stranger: what %age should it get to
You: My guess is around Since it' s better than the
Phone 4
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: alright lemme go to the kitchen hold on
You: ID
You: Djay
Stranger: i have a sharp microwave will it work for that
You: t dunno much about microwaves o. o
You: I thought they all worked?
Stranger: its a pretty new one so i assume it would
You: Fair enough, give ita shot
Stranger: 3
You: It' s a cool party trick
You: My friends freaked out ID
You: They thought t was trying to break my phone
Stranger: ill put it in for like a minute and see ifthat
gets it chnaged
You: Don' t put it in longer than a minute though
Stranger: oh
Stranger: ill put it for like 30 seconds then just to be
You: Alright ID
Stranger: time starts
Stranger: Now
Stranger: what happens if u do it for more than a
minute tho
You: starts to melt the plastic
Stranger: o right
Stranger: thats about 10 seconds
Stranger: wtf
Stranger: there was a loud noise and the screen
turned off
Stranger: is that meant to happen
You: I dunno
You: t tamed mine off first
Stranger: thats like 30 seconds
Stranger: wtf
Stranger: it tamed itself off i think
Stranger: must have runlet of power while in there Iol
You: Shouldn' t have
Stranger: it s not taming on
Stranger: wtf
Stranger: what did you do u In
You: on
You: Nothing
You: Try putting it in recovery mode
Stranger: whats recovery mode
Stranger: is this normal
You: It' s nearer made a loud noise with me
Stranger: it wasnt like really loud
You: Hold the lock button for 10 seconds
Stranger: but itwas like a crackle
You: Then still holding medown, hold the home button
for 5
You: then after tii seconds let go of the lock button
You: and hold the home button
You: the "Connect to itunes" logo should appear
Stranger: no
Stranger: didnt happen
You: Try again
Stranger: mp
You: Nothing showing up at all?
Stranger: no
You: Weird
You: Cho
Stranger: wtf
You: Maybe you it
Stranger: ml
Stranger: thats not
Stranger: mats awful
Stranger: thi cost me so muh money
Stranger: omg
You: At least you' ll have a fun story to tell your friends
why your phone is broken
Stranger: wtf
Stranger: hi you man
You: I' m sorry about your phone
You: But that was totally worth it
You: Thanks top
Stranger: what
Stranger: no
Stranger: that wasnt worth it
Stranger: thats like
Stranger: not so
Stranger: no
Stranger: who is op
You: The person that asked the question
Stranger: i hatee
You: It
You: Trolololololo
Stranger: why would u do this o me
You: Because this is the internet my friend
You have disconnected.
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