Title. Description. We 1357294497319 pew KB, 240x201, ) an Anonymous (ID / 04/ 14 57 No 448468523 W, 1 have a story appears a steped prank gradually grew unt/ m tags
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We 1357294497319 pew KB, 240x201, )
an Anonymous (ID / 04/ 14 57 No 448468523
W, 1 have a story
appears a steped prank gradually grew unt/ my dumb mes for make caused a person to go Insane, an attempted and nearly med a completely
Innocent, pregnant woman
l' tell ths story, and pertness emu Interested, put on , t' s a dandy
iwork at a Menard:
we a smoker myname sloth's a group Desever slackers
Vone ofthose stacker's named ken
cken 15 see ma cunt, snarky plays and rats people managers even though the managers dent gee a
ene ofthose slackers 15 named Deb
15 engaged because she got knocked up
ofthe smokers we hang get mph together get Into all sees
Vone get super hgh and watch the Amusement Bureau
shrine move for hours
come up wth a fun Idea
est we kept sneaking some message to somerandom person ?'
wwe discussed wt he hours Deming up wth dumb shound igblog We retards
enext day were to work
Vone comprends curves up wth the miss
r" Hey guys we should totally dothat messaging shatto Ken'
wwe all agree
mbet what message?
to be
Anonymous (ID ) M/ 04/ ) 05 21 39 No 440459476
We 1357294099527 m, 146x151, wet My
come up wth the message
SWW keep sneaking In kong Den Into L& e, fwe' each other around mm, attenion l and ene notices
pretend We es noting 11
bago that day
we' re by mm and tawny. somebody sneaks In some muck Mun er "so when are they kong Deb?" er sometihng stupd
vat net we keep when we do wt and ken en. my days es a part edwerd
wwe sneak l In to as as possable
process we sneak tunein as ken walks by
mbet stocking nght by "
vas seen as we sneak In the 'so when' s Den gettng murdered?' and asks whatthe fuck we sad
coworker tells other coworkers
resentfully everybody In 15 In on (hawks except tor ken and Den
veien the managers sneak l In whenua% nato "
mths gees on We clockwork tor a month
cken starts gettng weirded out, noices up but says noting
we day 1 maakte go use the bathroom
another department, 07012 store. ken nowhere In seht
Mew somebody say wean. and then emptyness pallet, weve gotta work onthe Den kong 1'
mthe whole store 15 In on ths
tthere are hundreds coworkers anthis store
casually sneak In the Deb murder was everywhere store
veien on days ken '
fuck ?
Anonymous (ID ) 01/ 04/ 13( ) M 27 32 No 440470247
We 1357295252174 ma KB, , god damn
mthe joke starts to grow beyond my control
seekcasual references to Deb' s baby spawn Mme dew
wwe need to km Deb heme the portal to hells completed
mths gees on
s pregnancy 15 show
we day 1 get a phone call at mnight
t recognize the phone number
wen who 15171157"
s Den from Menards Are you trends wen Ken?'
yen notreally why?'
cken called out about ner baby
cken deem came to work 107 a week
Into Menard: ene day
tthere a bullion conference room
has put up a note sawng" k/ It'
Mite fuck geing on?
ken comes back he' s noticably psycho's
Me' s , stutters, darts ms eyes everywhere, and keeps alitle notebook he keeps wen mm
Seep seam mm staring at Den Den mes plague
we day 1 we ms at
Monk around to make sure he' s not anywhere to be seen
Me' s been wronng down names unpeople sentences about Den, tryingto put story aboutthe baby
roh_ smt
gets worse
Anonymous (ID ) 01/ 04/ 13( ) 05 33 04 No 440471025
We 1357295504741 my KB, 200x224, on god jpg)
we day at work, 1' wth my coworkers and ken comes unto me
to slan a Den hoe, stop mm
need you, It' s important 11
gne makes me go allthe way to teleconference mom onthe other skis Dfma
basks me how well 1 know Den
Buttery well"
1 tink 901719 en Ether she' s In grave danger or she' s
rm, net even lauging, 1'
yeast Tuesday at seven you sald' the haw’: genna be the key to the portal/ dd you not?'
remembering exact date and tune because next
wen Aden' t tank 1 thd, ken 1'
m' Here,' he handed me a sheet from ms notebook
gne wrote down may date and tune he heard me say anytihng about Den or babes
rand some t# them not happen
we sasa' Decemberween, 3: 16, We have to empty Is blood or wt w/ l end offars”
dd not work that day and DEFINITELY never sad anytihng we that
the fuck happeing?
Anonymous (ID / 04/ 13( 30 24 No 440471664
We 1357295904709 , 720x540, um roh mg)
9. t' tell ken he should get some help
mhe muses and tells me 1 anyone
VI tell my coworkers and es
w. rm, seiously
Mahala whether er not 1 should tell Den
Meade againsts
ttry to stop as many people wmm continuing the wholefood
mt' s unstoppable
have no control anymore
sthejoke has grown Into ownege conspiracy
we day ken runnang around looking far ms notebook
gne connoting l anywhere
nght land out somebody hm, stole wt and sent an tuna/ wth wee # mcmahon ken wrote down
ppeople began to plan saywhat Ken' s prophet's would come true
resentfully somebody came to work In a black shroud and kept wacking around isles near ken
cken kept seeing 71101171 ms periphery
ken wrote abouts black shrouded were baby
cken gees home sack
Sht' s about to get real
Anonymous (ID ) / 13( 45 47 No 440472502
We KB, 264x191, suck on my swordmage jpg)
mbe thm week
cken has December 31st through January gnd on
We comes Inthe second
a few thigs
rhanks around eeriest andjust acts creepy
aask mmrhe' s okay says "We been batten" and wont say anytihng an intertnet
cleaves ten to close
tooday nether Den nor ken came to work
tthey were both supposed to
runs warm me
Dede, ken fuckig went crazy 1'
wwell, yeah, he had been crazy started
He med to km Den He ner house wen a tentang knee and wed to stab ner stomack but neocancer beat ms ass He slams wnats on than lawn He' slithy '
on fuck me
Den outand IS pressing charges and mg order, she and ner are mom ken IS no at Menards ands hung senate: felony charges Apparently he ddnt cut ms wnats too
deep ands a we , physcally
libel badly 1 and take some blame for ths, buthow? Whatthe even say?
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User avatar #4 - tengustark
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(05/29/2013) [-]
******* intense.
User avatar #13 - GnRNoD
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(05/30/2013) [-]
this has got to be one of the best things to have ever come out of 4chan, something inside me wants this to be real.
#17 - bemmo
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(05/30/2013) [-]
Dear God.
Dear God.
#16 - jadarrell
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(05/30/2013) [-]
Satan babies are just so cute though! Why would anyone want to kill one? Opening portals to hell and ****! God, just adorable!
User avatar #14 - celend
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(05/30/2013) [-]
10/10 why is this not famous?
#10 - houseofbrick
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(05/30/2013) [-]
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User avatar #18 to #10 - lightninghorse
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(05/30/2013) [-]
that is actually relevant
#7 - dosburritos
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(05/29/2013) [-]
how is what
User avatar #29 - LaBarata
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(05/30/2013) [-]


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