Derp. .. I'm in a need of a dispencer at this cordinate!
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Submitted: 05/29/2013
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#13 - notapancake (05/30/2013) [-]
I'm in a need of a dispencer at this cordinate!
#7 - pineapplechunkss (05/29/2013) [+] (1 reply)
#21 - slashendrix (05/30/2013) [-]
That particular man of invisible disguise espionage does not appear to concur with our coloured group's teamwork morals
#5 - restfullwicked (05/29/2013) [+] (1 reply)
i actually have that pipe..... A WISE CHOICE SIR.
User avatar #2 - crazyolitis (05/29/2013) [-]
I'll just leave this here...
#18 - axtinguisher (05/30/2013) [+] (1 reply)
"Oh, my. Which one of you fellows have laid hands on my firearm?"
"Allrighty then."
#8 - unclemagic (05/29/2013) [-]
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User avatar #28 - fortunesnowman ONLINE (05/30/2013) [-]
I pity anyone who has yet to see "An encounter with the Entrepreneur of Sensory Shapeshifting with Purpose of Infiltrationary Actions"

Speaking of which
User avatar #26 - socialoutcast (05/30/2013) [-]
Does thou even hoist?
User avatar #11 - jcfjr (05/30/2013) [-]
A gentleman's sacticalnuke.
#9 - platapus (05/30/2013) [-]
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User avatar #1 - hankmccoy (05/29/2013) [-]
am i confused? why, yes...yes i am. Thank you for asking.
#17 - anonymous (05/30/2013) [-]
"My good medicine man, I am unsatisfied with my current state of existence. Would you be so kind as to swiftly end my life, so that i may be freed from this meaningless misery?"

"At a later point in time..."
User avatar #14 - rmoran ONLINE (05/30/2013) [-]
Protip: For much better text, use stroke, don't color the drop shadow or whatever you did.
#12 - gobnick (05/30/2013) [-]
still read it with a german accent, i'm off!
User avatar #10 - TRINDADE ONLINE (05/30/2013) [-]
if they shared the Meet the Medic sfm files you could just put these hats on and screencap
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