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What does Batman like to put in his drinks?

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Batman invited Superman over to the Batcave for dinner one night. Superman put his napkin in his lap and began cutting up the delicious meal Alfred made for them, while Batman calmly and politely pulled his cowl back and then slammed his face down onto the plate, sucking up the food noisily.
Superman, appalled, watched for some time before swearing loudly. "God, Batman, didn't your parents teach you any manners?"
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Why...Superman's parents did?
Why...Superman's parents did?
#29 - anon (05/29/2013) [-]
did he just spent that time to get out of the building, dress up, go to the roof to end the sentence?
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"Wonder Woman"
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Other way around
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If you're a criminal in Gotham why not jsut do stuff in the day so they can't shine the bat signal in the sky
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Gotham's criminals are a superstitiously cowardly lot, Captain Picard. They rather use the night to do their crimes cause there are more witnesses and security during the day.
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if you read the comics you'd know that they do for a while
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Its too easy in the day time.
Its too easy in the day time.
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MFW When she asked 'Happiness'
MFW When she asked 'Happiness'
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>MFW When
>My face when when

wat r u doin
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To this day until now.

i always though MFW was mother ******* win...
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Yo what the **** ***** ?

You signed up this year,

i was here 2 years before you were even a junkie faggot ******* uselss bag of amy's bakery ******* twat **** .
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i didn't even notice the second when
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******** Batman we know where you keep the ******* kryptonite when that day comes
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hey i keep a special gun for my best friend, if the day comes. he does the same for me. it's a mutual agreement
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Batman trusts the League so much that in his files he put down as his detainment contingency as, The Justice League.
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That is how batman trust people...
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That last bit always gets me
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I cry openly when Batman's Parents get shot in any of the movies, It's that I've been reading Batman for awhile and I feel connected to him as a father figure   
so when I see anything bad happen to him, I cry cause he's like a second father to me
I cry openly when Batman's Parents get shot in any of the movies, It's that I've been reading Batman for awhile and I feel connected to him as a father figure
so when I see anything bad happen to him, I cry cause he's like a second father to me
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Everybody's grandparents die sometime.
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I know no one cares, but it's one of those nights.
I feel lost. I have lost all my friends and all I have had my mind on lately is having my next drink, seeing my gf or at my very VERY worst, killing myself. I am only 19. I am only a ******* adolscent child. But I feel terrible. I seriously do. I would never kill myself, don't get me wrong. I will lead my life until it's end, but my thoughts have lead to horrible conclusions, and my dreams have turned to nightmares.
I've not been happy. I'll admit this. And tonight I have learned my brother is a racist (similar to my father) and my family was a very sole type of hope I had in humanity.
I miss those who I push away with my awkward jokes
I miss those who I have lost.
I miss enjoying my own life.
I apologise. Have a beautiful night FunnyJunk.
Signed AnonCJ
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Okay, as odd as it may sound, if I'm ever feeling bad, or just want to feel like I'm making a difference, I work with a local group of special needs kids. They are the absolute most accepting group of people you may ever meet, and they have the sweetest hearts. Maybe what you need is something that inspires you. I don't know what it would be, but something that you can wake up in the morning and say "I feel good about this, and I want to strive to xyz about it." I don't know. I'm personally super driven my making a difference to other people. The way their faces light up after you do something for them is the best feeling in the world. I'd say find a muse and work with it. I like what the other people are saying about finding a hobby or making a change in direction- I agree 1000%. Best of luck to ya, man.
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come on bitch do it you know what give the gun i'll do it
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Im just going to say something. It may be of no help and it may be actually the opposite of what you really need, but what I think you need is change. You need to get rid of all that you hold on to and find a new direction. Maybe do something incredible, like bike cross crountry, living off the kindness of strangers. There is always help out there when you need it. I may be completely wrong and this may be a terrible idea, but who really knows? Maybe its at least worth some thought. At least it lets you know you always have a choice. You could leave and bike across the country, leave everything behind, maybe return one day, or you can stay and continue to face the life you currently have if you feel it is best. There is always a choice. Good luck. I hope life treats you well.
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Sounds exactly like me. Friends leaving, feeling awkward and unloveable, inherited depression, racist, homphobic family. Now on top of that, add a girlfriend cheating after a year and a half. Yeah. Add that ingredient to the **** pie.

If I can make it, you can too. You'll be alright, buddy. I hope you read this.
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