long but worth the read. not mine, saw this in imgur, im not a gamer but after reading this, i believed everyone should be aware of what they are doing, its jus xbox one big brother Control
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long but worth the read

long but worth the read. not mine, saw this in imgur, im not a gamer but after reading this, i believed everyone should be aware of what they are doing, its jus

not mine, saw this in imgur, im not a gamer but after reading this, i believed everyone should be aware of what they are doing, its just doesn't sound right, hope you find it useful, and pass it around i guess.

ehehee L: ') ies E Still? glt ml
Alright, if yde' re a consumer and yde' re considering peeking up the new rated):
One console, then please, take a moment to listen to me. Befire we .
he. I am not a fanney or a hater. I have he console Bias. I have a PSS. rated):
SSE]. Wir, and a Gaming PC. Each pros and cons pet now ente
DO NOT BUY AN XBOX ONE. Why'? See the reasons :
rated): Requires an internet connection. Here' s hew it worke: Every 24 hours
your rated): will try to connect to Microsoft' s servers tor verification. If it is
unable to connect, to m you. ‘mete elderad frem playing even single
player games until it can connect.
Do you like renting games, lending them to a mend, or even ferreting them
frem a friend? No Zenger possible. Every rated): One game you get must m
registered to your rated): live account to m played. After that point it will only
idrk tor you. No ene else can use it unless they pay a fee. Essentially it
worke like this. You pm up a used rated): One game frem somewhere or
someone, pop it inte your console. The system verifies its e'en registered to
your account. , it ien' t! In eider to play it, you have to pay Microsoft a
tee, when is currently elated to m fell retail price. L) oesn' t matter hew
scratched up it is or hew cheap we got it at gamestop or frem a friend. You
aren' t jest beying the physical copies anymore. ‘mete paying Microsoft tor a
LICENSE to m allowed to play that game.
It is werth mentioning Microsoft is exploring ways tor you to trade in and resell
your used games- This is refered to mean that we can sell your digital
license to play the game (registration) dam to microsoft, likely tor microsoft
points. You can then trade in the game at gamespot tor some cash if we
like. Either way, as it currently stands, the new einer weild still have to pay a
tee on top the price actually beying the physical copy.
ls it werth mentioning that Microsoft if matting Indie Developers as well'?
Where as on Playstation Netwerk or (whatever the Wii has) Indie Developers
can self peeling their content easily. Playstation even this.
Microsoft however forces these Indie Deva to enter demolishing deals with
them to m allowed to market their content. You den' t go threeoh them, we
den' t get to sell what we developed-
Source: htt / articles/ 2013/ 05/ 22/ - stylish-
I' m not quite dene yet! New. I' m sure we heard a let addet "TV TV TV TV
SPORTS TV TV SPORTS SPORTS TEL" Yes, the Mite): is elated to he aela to
stream live he live sports, em. Se let me aek we this. You already
have something like earle or Directv. Do we really want to shell out
hundrede declare more and pay a monthly subscription tee to have anither
television provider"? Yes, I said hundrede declare. and I den' t mean the cost
the console. Te view live TV frem the rated): we are required to purchase
ANOTHER separate device tor it to werk. Why weild we even shneider
shelling out more money tor something we already have anyway? Even if
we didn' t. Directv is cheaper. Ofyou meld even we
and wotm live er on your computer. FOR MUCH CHEAPER- You essentially
have to eey anither earle ed): if we den' t have ene- And if we ... what dd
we need the rated): One fer?
Se tar we' dissevered that the rated): One is not really a gaming console, at
least... not a consumer friendly gaming console. " eeing marketed as an
heme entertainment system. Something to replace all the other
decieve in your house. But there are drawbacks even to that. Put on your tin
fell hats tor this part falke. Take frem it what you will, all I' ll say is...
possibilities.. .
The rated): Cine' e features will not Venetian unless the is plugged in and
active. This is not an optional piece anymore.
with %
Se imagine your piece dream? Tough leek. he more rated): tor we- But
we knew ats weree?
Pay attention. this is important. The is always warming-
Always listening. Even when the system is om
Yes. One the ways to turn the system on is to audibly my: Step): On" while
the system is om The . whim is always on, hears we and turns it en-
New this might eehm like a cool feature, tout did we knew Microsoft patented
a feature that weild aller the Kinect' s Tamera (Its he Zenger jeet a meneer.
pet a camera) to spy on we tor the MPAA (Motion Picture Association
America?) While they may not actually dd this, it is actually possible tor them
to Cathie now. It has a camera, and a microphone. The is always en- It
is ALWAYS listening, ALWAYS warming.
An idea has e'en tosser around that toy using the feature, it will allowe game
developers and movie produces to set a limited ammend hew many meme
can m allowed to view the entertainment. Se as a hypothetical example, we
and three menos are warming a movie. whim inthe maximum allowed- A
fourth friend entero the mem and the Kinect' s meneer registers the fourth
individual. The movie stops and we a prompted to pay a tee ed that the
extra individual may also view the film. Again, that is NOT currently the case,
pet these are the ideaa currently eeing tosser around with the system' s
current .
atend- Destoy - -on-
New. jeet two more thinge and I' ll m dene here!
This ien' t really a geed or dad thing, tout its annoying. It also explains hew
they can prevent you frem playing a used game didn' t pay their fee.
rated): ene he Zenger plays gamee eff the diiee. we HAVE to install them to
the in play them. I believe PSS also has we Cathie (on a
neveer gamee pet not always it seems), except that PSS ien' t trying to
Nickle and Dime we at every corner. It also meme according to the article
there is something related to the Online portion at the beginning ofthis post
The option is there tor Developers to require the rated): to always m inline to
play their particular game. Well, it meme PC gamers and console gamers
have enything in common now... DRM.
At least pirates on PC can eyriee DRM easily. Not an option tor Consoles)
See I e: / energ e. mm{ Stie SEEKS 1 / ixion Erhard - rive-
And last pet not least, anither annoyance... rated): One will not m compatible
with any and all current headsets. Nope, companies will either have to make
new headsets altogether specifically tor the rated): One, and they have to
adhere to what Microsoft wane. Leek forward to price gouging.
Source: htt nihm/ articles/ 2013/ 05/ 22/ -
Oh, ene more thing... have an rated): See. den' t get rid it. Why'? Well
if we want to keep playing your did SSE] gamee we' ll need t The rated): One
ien' t backwards compatible. At all. Not only that, tout President Microsoft' s
rated): Division Don invente the very notion backwards .
He calls it: "Backwards thinking."
tsa C WWY rd sac om [JEN till l
See rm insult: http:{ . onion/ 201 3/ 5/ 2 2/ 4355984/ ixion e-
That is all I have to say currently falke. and I hope we tdwk the time to read
this far. I' ll conclude with the ... please... PLEASE tie not eey this
console. Paying tor the supports greedy and tipsiness
practices. Speak with your wallet, and pass up the rated): Cine. No matter what
gamee it might have that we want. even if they are exclusive. Bethe right
thing and make a statement. Returnto m nickle and damed like this. Recuse
to m men as a mindless consumer who will eey anything tosser to them.
We ddn' t knew much else intil after ES. tout as it stands now, the PSA or a
damnt gaming PC is the met way to go.
If we are willing to dd so, please spread the post around. Liking is not even
remotely necessary, tout dd please share it if we agree with and
acknowledge what we' read here. The more people knew. the fewer
them waste their maney-
Thank you, kindly.
C) wlan Jordan
Originally meted on toy ene my frienda. He prime up many
valid points. Mind you, I haven' t men a tan dereted): in a long time and I will
most likely get a PSM. But this confirms farther tor me that I ddn' t m getting
an rated): ene any time in the tuturu)
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