25 odd Jobs That Make Good Money. . Odd Jobs WWW Good Mone Bsae GIRL She is the one who prepares test lube sized shots of tequila and . They are paid 25 cents p 25 odd Jobs That Make Good Money Odd WWW Mone Bsae GIRL She is the one who prepares test lube sized shots of tequila and They are paid cents p
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25 odd Jobs That Make Good Money

Odd Jobs
Good Mone
She is the one who prepares test lube
sized shots of tequila and . They are paid
25 cents per shot that may sea plus the tips.
This translates arty where between
and per night:
An average pearl diver in Australia earns
about per it is and
above in America it is a risky proposition
side selling airplanes tar a change. Plane costs
urn in millions or dollars and % commission
means a lot , to retune of 10, 000
to , 000 per plane. reselling just one
plane can help you set aside xfortune for lite.
For just 5 minutes of dubbing audio for
cartoons and commercials you could earn
5325. Even a novice can make up to
000 newyear.
This is an odd job which
requires dressing up as a cartoon or an idol and
appearing in promotional events or theme
parks. Human statues make about to
00 per hour.
amalia' maam"
This is we an survey participant.
Beinga parrot such groups will pay you
to an hour and you will be required to
give your opinion on predicts, ideas or services.
Anonymous shoppers and service
evaluators are employed by companies and
auditors to ages their merchandise, quality.
cleanliness and behavior of employees at
workplace. You could easily make per
week doing at single assignment
This isthe latest rage in high end
stores They employ people to parade down
with a dress ofyour choice. It you like model-
ing then you could earn about an hour
doing this job.
Fishing for crabs could make you richer
by more than , 000 within Mew
mums These are frequently mien up by
students to clear their education loans
Another one which has not many mien
is the job of a beachbody sanitizer. Average
salaries range horn , 000 upwards per
Sm : Hea
Watching to provide viewer ratings
or write subtitles is a profession mat is catch-
mg up last You could aim asserting salary of
With asakara of , 000 and
above, who would not mink of fixing elevators
and escalators, especially when it requires no
ax: Drar CREATOR
M F Tyou are achild at heart and have not
had your til with tws, then here is a job where
you can relive your childhood torettes. Starting
with , 000, my creators can make loads
of money based on their creativity.
working as a senior submarine cook in
000 per
year. Ifyou have about 6 years of experience
as at cook on the sea then this job is tor you.
It diving is your passion men you can
combine upwith someodd job like inspecting
oil rigs, laying pipes and welding under the
waters. You could easily earn , 000 per
This one is really an odd job to be
doing. Bounty hunters help in getting a crime-
lolwho has skipped out on ball back to jail.
Theron em anywhere between to no we
of the bait amount Higher me risk higher the
money you make.
l Bumsex READER ' '
This lady will read the tip prints of
women in high teas and parties and earn any-
therefrom to parcour. The
reader tells about the personality and future
prospects of the person.
This is an odd job tar the rural dwellers.
Wu get paid to SIS an assisting
your friendly neighborhod farmer.
O on Ella .
L Tyou and in good health
then this is an easy way to earn your second
income. White men earn only a maximum of
can demand up
becomingly movie or TV
cannot only give you quick money out also a
chance to feature with your favorite star. A
weekend on the sets can get you up to
lace in logos or etching
muons on your skin are the best ways to
become live ads for companies. You could
earn to
based on the size and impedance of the
Biases : if
Not everyone wants to do this job and
also the reason why it is ihigh job.
sharingan , 000, you could and up
earning 6 tgive salaries in no time.
Taking care of luxury houses while its
owners are on a vacation is a cushy job to
have. You get paid for in a pala-
tial house with food and other amenities tor
tree and a per week allowance. Great
fyou need a paid quicktime in luxury.
This involves slides in
theme parks and luxury pools for quality,
salary, speed etc. A professional waterslide
tester not only gets a great salary but also the
experience or travelling to exciting _
A garbage collectors job may be looked
down up on but not any more know
chater earns him , 000 or more per
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