if you ever ... . aiy, if year ever think that yeu’ made a big mistake, just remember that in 1788 the Austrian army attacked itself and lost 10, 000 men
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They also declared war on the local Emu population and went to town on the ******* with machine guns.
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Austrian, not Australian.
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> It is impossible to verify due to the available historical sources being written long after the battle, and its historical accuracy is in doubt.
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Explanation. Some Cavalry got sent ahead to scout, and they ended up buying booze from some Gypsies. When the rest of the troops got there, it was night. Some Infantry wanted some booze, but the Cavalry wouldn't share. They started fighting, not with guns, but a brawl. Eventually, one of them started shouting about the Turks and running away. This caused people to start panicking, and the troops sleeping in tents woke up thinking they were under attack. Now, the Austrian troops were of mixed ethnicities, and a lot of them didn't understand German, so when their German commanders started shouting at them to halt, they misunderstood, as from what I've heard what they were shouting kinda sounded like Allah. Thinking they were being overrun by Turks, the troops started shooting anything that moves, in this case themselves. This eventually led to a full scale retreat. When the Turks arrived a few days later, they found 100,000 dead troops and they 'captured' the city.
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100.000 participated in battle, 10.000 died..
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I am austrian and never heard of that, seems to be ********
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It is legit. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Kar%C3%A1nsebes. My country was part of the empire at the time and it was part of the problem. We speak different languages so your "halt" sounded a bit like "Allah"
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anyone else feel like an ignorant ******* because even after seeing this post twice before and catching my mistake both times, I still read Austrian as Australian.
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Don't forget how australia lost a war against emus(the birds).
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Yeah, but their national anthem in 1876 was through the roof epic.
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So the Austrian Army in 1788 was an autoimmune disease?

I'll go hide in the corner o' shame now
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k thx
k thx
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Hey I know what this guy's talking about!
In class a good month-month 1/2 ago we were talking the Battle of Kraansebesabuot (I think I spelled that right)
Appearently, this was a total accident, as a campt nearby as some Ottomans were attacking started fireing at shadows far away with cannons, but infact were firing at fellow Austrians.
Someone correct if I got something wrong
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That's what they get for giving the world Hitler
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wtf, this was on front page literally last week
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