Philosophy at it's best. Read the whole thing go sit in the corner and think about your life! Not oc. we were en yeer way heme when yee wee. It wes e car esenke mind blown grow more Life knowledge
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Philosophy at it's best

Philosophy at it's best. Read the whole thing go sit in the corner and think about your life! Not oc. we were en yeer way heme when yee wee. It wes e car esenke

Read the whole ******* thing go sit in the corner and think about your life! Not oc

we were en yeer way heme when yee wee.
It wes e car esenkent Nating paticularly
remarkable, but Fatal nonetheless, we new neine e
Me and twe ch/ dren It wes e peaness death. The
EMT: med than best to save yee, but to no even.
Your body wes so utterly shattered yee were
better eff, trust me.
And that' s when yee met me
when. whet happened?" we asked. "Where em
You wee," 1 sand, No pent n
There wes a. e truck and e wes . Jr
wen. But don' t feen bad about e. Everyone mes," I
we beetee around. There wes newfagness Just
yee ene me. "What e the place?" we asked w
Mare er less." 1 see
Are yee god?" we asked.
My wes. my Me," yee sand.
What about them?"
wnn they be all rent?"
That' s whet I we to see," I see "You Just we
and yeer men concern e fer yeer feeny That' s
good stuff nant there."
we beetee at me wen Te we, benen' t
look we God. [just beetee we same men or
possably e wemen Same vague anthoney Faure,
maybe Mare or e grammar school teacher than the
Dont wavy,” 1 see "They' ll be hne. Your Lads Mn
remember yee es perfect n every way. They anent
have we to grew contempt fer yee. Your Me Mn
cry en the outside, but wnn be secretly renewed Te
be fen yeer manage wes fennec apart. t' s any
consolation, shell feen very genty fer feeing
oh," yee sad we whet happens new? Do I go to
heaven er hell er something?"
Neather," 1 sand. "Youll be _"
Ah," you sand. we the knees were raght,"
All Jennine's ere nght n than own way," 1 sand.
Wank wen me."
we tennesee along es we streek through the me.
where ere we gene?"
Nowhere n partiular," fsmd “It' s Just nee to
went whne we tent "
we what’: the pent, then?" we asked "when I
get reborn, 1' Just be e blank slate, new A baby.
So all my and the
we went matter,"
Not sen" 1 see "You have wehn yee all the
ene or all yeer past was
we Just don' t remember them nght new."
I stopped waitng and took yee by the sheerness
veer soul e mere , , ene
ungentle than yee can possably . A heman
mne can only Lenten e tny freetown or whet yee
ere. ' sante stwong yeer hager n e glass or water
to see f m’: hot er cold we put e any part or
mm the hessen, ene when yee nang e back
eet, yee' gamed all the e had
we' been n a heman fer the nest 45 years, so
yee haven' t stretched out yet ene fent the rest or
yeer senselessness. we hung out here
fer long enougn, you' d start rememberin
everythng But there' s no pent to dang that
between each we."
How many mes have I been , then?"
Oh nets Lats and nets An n to nets
wes "dsand." Th's we around, youll be e cheese
peasent en n we AD."
Want, whet?" we stammerer "we' re seneng me
back n me?"
wen, I guess techncally Tune, es yee know e,
only Emits n yeer universe Thngs ere differernt
where I came nern."
Where yee came from?" we sand.
on sure,’ 1 mm somewhere.
somewhere else. And there ere ethers we me. 1
know youll went to know whet t' s we there, but
honestly yee wouldnt understand."
on," yee sand, e Mme net dawn. "But wee 1 get
to ether places n me, I could have
Interacted wen myself at same pent."
were Happens enn the we And wen both was
only aware or than awn westen yee don' t even
mew t' s happening."
we what’: the pent of e all?"
Seiously?" lacked ' we' re eatng me
fer the meanng or we? Isn' t that e Mme
Well t' s e question," yee perrette
I beetee yee n the eye. "The meanng w we, the
reasen I made the whene universe, e fer yee to
mature FF
we mean mentle? we went es to mature?"
No, Just yee [made the whene universe fer yee
wen each new we yee grew and mature and
became e larger ene greater Intellect."
Just me? What about everyone ewe?"
There e no ene ewe," 1 sand. "In the universe,
there' s Just yee and me "
we stared at me. "But enn the people en
earth. (
All yee idfferent or yee FF
Want. I' m everyone?"
Now we' re gettng e," , wen e
slap en the new
I' m every human bang whe ever wee?"
or whe Mn ever We, yes."
I' m Abraham tnngnn?"
I' m new?" we sand, appalled,
And we' re the moons he annee FF
Mn Jesus?"
And we' re everyone whe tennesee mm."
we fen sent.
Every we yee someone," 1 send, "you
were . Every eet or oneness
we' done, we' done to Every happy
ene sad moment ever by any heman
wes, er Mn be, by yee."
we theeing fer e long Urns
Why?" we asked me. "Why do all the?"
Because someday, yee Mn became we me.
Because that' s whet yee ere. we' re ene or my
me. we' re my chm FF
Whoa," yee sand, Incredulous wee mean I' m e
we Not yet. we' re e fetus. we' re M grelng.
Once yee' Wed every heman we all
me, yee Mn have drewn enougn to be born FF
we the whene universe," yee sad, "ms Just. Jr
An egg." 1 answerer. "Now It' s Urns fer yee to
move en to yeer next we."
And I sent yee en yeer way.
yeess n feeny e evenn ene or my all Urns
went to the met nght here
I wes really Intrigued by the
Holy feet, the got me rrenny tnngnn
Holy she HOLY serr. HOLY. serr.
Well, then
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