WE DON'T HAVE BATTLETOADS!!!. Don't look at the tags. File: ks, woven, ) Amy' s Baking Company 7366 E Shea Blvd Ste 112 Scottsdale, AZ 85260 480) c- on ii E er  Samy and Amy


Don't look at the tags

Tags: Samy | and | Amy
File: ks, woven, )
Amy' s Baking Company
7366 E Shea Blvd
Ste 112
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
c- on ii E er It L E I Chillpill o. I
is this Amy' s Baking Company?
oh: Yeah, what the **** do you want?
with. I wasjust wanting to make a reservation.
eh: Yeah? Is this another one ofyou haters trying to make me look like a crazy fool? You think I' m going to fall foryour stupid gamess?
me? I think you have me mistaken for someone else. I' been out ofthe country forthe last 2 weeks and I got in tonight. My friends recommended your restaurant, so I thought I' d make a reservation.
Hit: (Oh, , I thought you were those other internet punks trying to ruin my business.
solo. I tryto avoid the Internet. I nevermid like tit. Too many innocent, hard working people suffering as a result fatrolls. I internet should be banned and those trolls sent to Africa.
so: Oh my god, I' been saying the exact same thing!
how about that reservation?
Hit: (Oh, yeah, right! Ofcourse! We are currently closed for remodelling, but we will be having a grand reopening on the 21st May, and the soonest reservation available would be on the 22nd.
ll be perfect, gives me time to catch up on sleep and my wife should fly back into town that morning.
eh: Great! So what name can I book you under?
Irustled, Jimmies Rushed- For around, say Tom?
Hit: (OK, Jimmy Russel, that' ll be fine I' got you booked in for c,
h wait!!! One last thing!
silo you serve battletoads? I haven' t experienced that since I was a kid and,
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Submitted: 05/18/2013
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#30 - holler (05/18/2013) [+] (11 replies)
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#41 - AirborneAlpha (05/18/2013) [+] (10 replies)
I bet the Battletoads are frozen too.
I bet the Battletoads are frozen too.
#11 - brisineo (05/18/2013) [+] (8 replies)
"Russel. Jimmy Russel"
User avatar #61 - Shenanigins (05/18/2013) [+] (4 replies)
Answers the phone, "yeah what the **** do you want?"

Do they ******* expect to get business like that?
#92 - TheCynic (05/19/2013) [+] (3 replies)
"Go mop up the kitchen"
"Okay, where's the mop?"
" **** you, you're fired!"
#1 - godofdickcheese (05/18/2013) [+] (19 replies)
User avatar #52 - Silver Quantum (05/18/2013) [+] (1 reply)
she should have caught on that he was a troll the moment he said that someone recommended him the restaurant
#16 - woodywoodlinson (05/18/2013) [+] (17 replies)
What's Amy's Baking Company and why does everyone hate it?
#18 to #16 - hopslayer (05/18/2013) [-]
A resturaunt from Ramseys kitchen nightmares. The only one he gave up on because the owner (amy) is a ******* physcopath
#274 - Falkor (05/19/2013) [+] (1 reply)
i can only imagine this is how she will look for a long while after all this
i can only imagine this is how she will look for a long while after all this
#33 - flixoe (05/18/2013) [+] (7 replies)
/b/ thread
#112 - ragged (05/19/2013) [-]
"Yeah, what the **** do you want?"

Now that's how a professional greets her customers. Let'em know you won't take their ******** from the start.
#2 - godofdickcheese (05/18/2013) [+] (2 replies)
Not sure if I should laugh or pity them, they are clearly not well.
#75 - awesomenessdefined (05/18/2013) [-]
That would have been hilarious if it happened.
#86 - setofreakinkaiba (05/19/2013) [+] (1 reply)
I lost it at Jimmies Rustled.
#37 - felixjarl ONLINE (05/18/2013) [-]
#10 - gobnick (05/18/2013) [+] (1 reply)
love this so far
love this so far
#331 - bitey (05/19/2013) [-]
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User avatar #25 - lusir ONLINE (05/18/2013) [+] (13 replies)
I do not know why but I have a feeling that Amy was a pornstar before "she was blessed with cooking skills"....she definitely has the looks for.....you know....
User avatar #27 to #26 - lusir ONLINE (05/18/2013) [-]
implying that pornstars are all pretty women
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