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#220 - pulluspardus
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(05/18/2013) [-]
So you guys never for once thought that everything this "Reality" show shows is probably heavily edited to add more drama? ..... like every other Reality show ever?

Maybe this whole buzz about this is to grab people to try this place , its a win for the show and a win for the restaurant, have you guys even seen the "Diners" ? they're obviously paid and its all staged, no one owns an ipod / computer/ phone and no one is wearing any brands, why is this? because they are to be appearing on a show to avoid copyright, their reactions are just not normal to begin with.
#328 to #220 - anon
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(05/18/2013) [-]
The waitress who was fired on that episode did one of those Reddit AMA and she said it wasn't edit and that things like that used to be really common on that restaurant.
#371 to #328 - pulluspardus
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(05/18/2013) [-]
well she wouldn't say "I was faking it and I don't really want a job" now would she?
#295 to #220 - tigersstripes
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(05/18/2013) [-]
This doesn't seem like it, i wouldn't want to go to the places on that show. Ramsay doesn't play them up at all, he tells them the ****, and even after he fixes them, they can go right back to being ****. The ones that he goes back to old places he has helped show this a few times.
#234 to #220 - zukabazuka
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(05/18/2013) [-]
You think a company is willing to sign up to Kitchen Nightmare US, have them look like the worst company ever. Telling straight out they fired more than 100 people in a year and they take the tip from waitress? Also they put in a million dollar in to it.

This really isn't the best way to get people to come to your restaurant especially when Gordon Ramsay walks out of this place and it doesn't change. Even Gordon said "this isn't a show, I'm here to help you"

The diners are most likely people they know but its still people eating the food.
#241 to #234 - pulluspardus
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(05/18/2013) [-]
Bad publicity is the best kind of publicity, how many people are talking about this ?
They are selling out the day they reopened.


How do you think Rebecca black got famous? or Justin Beiber? Or Twilight? Bad publicity is the best publicity ,and these two are going to be appearing way too much and make about $500,000 this year (or more)

Good publicity doesn't do you anything in the US , people love to hear and talk about the bad things, not the good things.
#398 to #241 - zukabazuka
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(05/18/2013) [-]
Justing Beiber, Twilight and Rebecca black are in the music business, so its different from a restaurant. Most of those fans are young girls and boys. Since you really don't need to go to a special place to enjoy what they are doing it doesn't hurt what ever bad publicity they get. The fans are still going to be there.

Now for this place, if you where to go out for dinner, You would at least good food. We learned the place had bad food and its not fresh. Then the wait time was also long due to a single person was making the food. All other restaurant I would know if I give tip it would go to the waitress, there it doesn't.
Its not that you have a big public to spare if some doesn't like the place but when half the town or more feel like not going there its going to hurt you. Because these are the people you want in that place.

There are bad publicity and BAD publicity, this kind is not good for you. Its not going to work for them, the damage is already done, Those people they hired most likely didn't get the news or are in desperate need of a job.