Facebook. Some of these a probably fake but whatever, still funny. haw at my hourse saturday! Don' t come if ! , A and 5 when like its not n 9006162410 have a p
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Facebook. Some of these a probably fake but whatever, still funny. haw at my hourse saturday! Don' t come if ! , A and 5 when like its not n 9006162410 have a p

Some of these a probably fake but whatever, still funny

haw at my hourse saturday! Don' t come if ! ,
A and 5 when like
its not n 9006162410 have a party at your
Home N you won be there
about a '1: mitt we Like
aata, , WWI: no! we then w
snout a we we
Carmen - went from being
engaged" to "ts complicated."
Randy -
its not complicated. you got caught
******* numerous men
1 hour ago . Like
Last name ever
First name greatest
Like . Comment
Middle name mistake?
i when your 6: nan ems you derpage . you become a slut.
Ewewew! Why do ugly people like me? , Iknow I' m
not like HOT, but Fm adorably cute. So that obviously puts me
OUT of your league. Nice try, NEXT!
ugly ass guys come to me... whv cant the the ugly guys go with the
ugly we and the me hot talented guys go with the pretty girls. ' J
just wish rewas thatsfive, kg
36 N was ago Like
because you' re one of the ugly we
as minutes we -we as
j, eese, , that simple
go -like
auo, as, we, net,, ,, ahaha i agree mth ethr.. all than
and Verizon so 12: 47 PM
You must be wearing ',
space pants on your
l ass is out of this world o l
we don' t eat, we nut In CNS sense a need. i? me do not have sex. we
may feel in dying, butte do not
is We
Howdo you knew nobody ever may
i no Lwe
Because Your: SW awe.
e mm ' ggb We A 14 people
so the mercury of the female population is the one’, Good news for rwy chucks
Reply "Uke' Post "Fr at a
Good new for You 9
it would be much easer to do tacks f my an weren' t mung me
n the lace,
Res ths,
1 an know you were only 3 n(
I ll lawn
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User avatar #1 - namdelliks (05/16/2013) [-]
Then that random ass Iphone text.
#22 to #1 - torchictoucher has deleted their comment [-]
#4 - smokedmeatlog (05/17/2013) [-]
Your title says facebook..when did they change their interface?
#5 - aconfuseddonut (05/17/2013) [-]
I actually tried using this IRL in the 6th ******* grade, what a ****** that turned out to be...
User avatar #98 to #5 - iFail (05/17/2013) [-]
That sounds hilarious. What happened after you said it?
#101 to #5 - zenpablo (05/17/2013) [-]
Tell me what happened afterwards.
User avatar #8 to #5 - HardyUndertook (05/17/2013) [-]
so what....yesterday?
#16 to #8 - gmarrox ONLINE (05/17/2013) [-]
#18 to #8 - anon (05/17/2013) [-]
Nice try.
#10 - wildfireryo (05/17/2013) [-]
For the superficial women for most of the content.  This is for you.
For the superficial women for most of the content. This is for you.
#46 to #10 - slashendrix (05/17/2013) [-]
I love me some pussy on pussy action.
#12 to #10 - shaokahnspammer (05/17/2013) [-]
puss gettin' puss
#41 to #10 - anon (05/17/2013) [-]
Would this be considered pussy on pussy?
#32 to #10 - godlamp (05/17/2013) [-]
he was very disappoint
#34 - thewaronbeingcool (05/17/2013) [-]
These people.

I'm glad the stupidest that people get on my FB is just sharing those 'Share to win a Macbook' posts.
#37 to #34 - DremoraValkynaz (05/17/2013) [-]
I sure hope that's a nice cup of health bonus and not tea.
User avatar #38 to #37 - thewaronbeingcool (05/17/2013) [-]
I'm English. They are one and the same over here.
#40 to #38 - DremoraValkynaz (05/17/2013) [-]
Very well.   
I shall be on my way now
Very well.

I shall be on my way now
User avatar #76 to #34 - niggernazi (05/17/2013) [-]
i got some kind of dumbass neonazi/douchbag friend on facebook.
#45 - slashendrix (05/17/2013) [-]
If that last guy was only 3 inches tall, a 3 inch dick is pretty impressive.
User avatar #70 to #45 - yunoknow (05/17/2013) [-]
yeah, should have said his face was five feet long
User avatar #94 to #45 - dirtymoe (05/17/2013) [-]
FALSE! he doesn't need 3" dick only about 1,5-2" because of legs.
#39 - goonmcnasty (05/17/2013) [-]
Comment Picture
#3 - tigasingy (05/17/2013) [-]
Kinda related to #3
#25 to #3 - anon (05/17/2013) [-]
can someone put christopher walken's face on mr.handy-drake, and replace the word 'walking' with "Walken", please
#113 to #25 - bagofshit (05/17/2013) [-]
**** you, Anon

in4 ermahgerd thembneil
#118 to #113 - bagofshit (05/17/2013) [-]
**** you twice, Anon
User avatar #14 - zorororonoa (05/17/2013) [-]
I really wish Facebook had an anon options. Oh the things I would say to my dumbass FB friends.
User avatar #28 to #14 - kolmar (05/17/2013) [-]
Say it like a man, not like a cowardly anon!
#80 to #14 - pehtran (05/17/2013) [-]
most bitches have ask.fm you can post as anon there
#15 to #14 - fordun (05/17/2013) [-]
Same. I think last year this person bitched about "all guys sucked" This small conversation basically told her that her taste in men is horrible and she deserves all of this.

Well since i am no longer in school and don't have to see any of these stuck up bitches again i am free to say whatever i want.
User avatar #72 to #14 - Fgner (05/17/2013) [-]
I've lost about 120 Facebook friends (down to 80) being a smart or jack ass.

Just yesterday my friend blocked me because I commented on a post where she said "If there was no money, we'd all be rich" explaining how money, society, and adjectives work. She got pretty angry.

It's totally worth it, especially since I usually just target people who I don't even know anymore.
#129 to #72 - anon (05/17/2013) [-]
bet you're really fun at parties
User avatar #130 to #129 - Fgner (05/17/2013) [-]
I hate going to parties. I'm a rather antisocial person. I prefer just being with my fiance and a small group of close friends.

But if I do go to a party or social events, I'm the life of the party.
User avatar #133 to #72 - swimmingprodigy (05/18/2013) [-]
if there was no money, shallow people would be judged ONLY by looks, and then even the ugly people would have no chance of getting laid.
#17 to #14 - theasguard (05/17/2013) [-]
Or, you could not be a little bitch and say it anyways.
Or, you could not be a little bitch and say it anyways.
#52 to #17 - studbeefpile ONLINE (05/17/2013) [-]

I'm gonna leave this here, and steal what you have there.
#84 to #52 - tragono **User deleted account** (05/17/2013) [-]
#132 to #17 - SILENCEnight (05/18/2013) [-]
**SILENCEnight rolled a random image posted in comment #4232812 at My Little Pony fanfiction, backgrounds, songs, lyrics, and GIFs. ** Lets be honest here, if we said how we truly felt about another person on fb, everyone but our best friends and some family members would hate us.
User avatar #42 - graphenz (05/17/2013) [-]
Leagues, I love that expression. The magical expression for an imaginary roster of people based on looks and the ability to wow you. What people fail to see is how one individual places him/herself on that roster, a roster that has many, many different versions, and seem to be better than other people for the things they were born with. I know people make mistakes and people define their own appearance in some ways but it has always puzzled me how some stupid girls seem to rank above with a false sense of satisfaction just because they're pretty. Now take me, I'm a overweight couch potato, I've never been popular, I've never been good with girls or guys for that matter. But I've had women, I've had friends, I've had enough and yet not enough. I rank low on the "League of extraordinary dating potential" but I try to shoot people down and raise them up so we look at each others in a fair way.

I dunno why I had the need to write this but I did.

#48 to #42 - chickendinna (05/17/2013) [-]
hey i'm average too, but i like the beaver.....i'm a ******* average overachiever...
User avatar #50 to #48 - graphenz (05/17/2013) [-]
Who rhymes, good on you!
User avatar #53 to #50 - chickendinna (05/17/2013) [-]
yeah, there's good on me, that's why the chickies eat me up....too bad their boyfriends have to come and beat me up
User avatar #54 to #53 - graphenz (05/17/2013) [-]
I'm gonna go with a wut? this time
User avatar #55 to #54 - chickendinna (05/17/2013) [-]
wut wut wut wut.... graphenz is the dopest lady killer, that's why i will henceforth refer to him as the pussy spiller, and the driller
User avatar #57 to #55 - graphenz (05/17/2013) [-]
You remind me of Tina from Borderlands, but ehm, I feel like this conversation or w/e it is is amusing
User avatar #58 to #57 - chickendinna (05/17/2013) [-]
that's good to hear... it's not exactly funny, as the website name implies, but hey at least it's amusing!
User avatar #59 to #58 - graphenz (05/17/2013) [-]
Amusing is almost the same as funny
User avatar #60 to #59 - chickendinna (05/17/2013) [-]
just about, but less humorous, and more......amusing i guess....
User avatar #61 to #60 - graphenz (05/17/2013) [-]
I like being amused, it's when your lip is stuck in that awkward almost a grin almost a smile thing and you get eager to carry on a conversation, where as funny is the full blown moment which can quickly die down. Amusing > Funny any day in book
User avatar #62 to #61 - chickendinna (05/17/2013) [-]
dope, i've somehow managed to amuse a member, and the conversation won't die out like a funny ember!
User avatar #63 to #62 - graphenz (05/17/2013) [-]
I think you might be trying to hard, like the greeter at the mart,
making me feel welcome as someone does seldom
A smile, a laugh, a grin, a snicker.
I'll take it as long as the community grows bigger.
We welcome haters, and the furries, "Hello!"
If we didn't we'd be the people who are shallow!

- I always feel like busting when I write rhymes, unless it's in songs then yeah you get t he picture
User avatar #65 to #63 - chickendinna (05/17/2013) [-]
i think i am trying a wee bit too hard, but it's because i'm drunk as a skunk and i went full retard....so let me kick it to you like this, welcome to funnyjunk where funny is next to godlyness...
User avatar #66 to #65 - graphenz (05/17/2013) [-]
hah, tis been fun my friend but I gotta take a shower and go to a bbq soon
User avatar #67 to #66 - chickendinna (05/17/2013) [-]
sounds good dude! i'm gonna hit the sack, been up all night drinking beers and **** ...
User avatar #68 to #67 - graphenz (05/17/2013) [-]
that's my plan for tonight, it's like 3.40 PM here so yeah the beers soon commences
User avatar #69 to #68 - chickendinna (05/17/2013) [-]
woo woo, have a good day brother! it's always beer thirty at a bbq!
User avatar #56 to #55 - chickendinna (05/17/2013) [-]
beatin on the pussy like a ******* gorilla
User avatar #49 to #42 - kietzu (05/17/2013) [-]
Welcome... To the brotherhood of equality.
User avatar #51 to #49 - graphenz (05/17/2013) [-]
Thank you fellow equal!
#77 - playcolt (05/17/2013) [-]
This image has expired
And that kids is called "Serving bitches"
User avatar #36 - thedudeistheman (05/17/2013) [-]
Unless every women is going to get pregnant via artificial insemination, sex is a need. Without reproduction, the human race would die off because nobody is making new people to populate the Earth.
#11 - CargeLock (05/17/2013) [-]
#106 - joethefurball (05/17/2013) [-]
User avatar #131 to #106 - lapsushominum ONLINE (05/17/2013) [-]
Kids like this make me rage internally.
User avatar #128 to #106 - mrwillje ONLINE (05/17/2013) [-]
"you ******* faggot"
"are you calling me a faggot?"
#90 - mummyslittlebitch (05/17/2013) [-]
solid collection of burns son
#44 - neoexdeath ONLINE (05/17/2013) [-]
Ugly bitches ain't ever touchin' my swag!
Ugly bitches ain't ever touchin' my swag!
#109 to #44 - sabcy (05/17/2013) [-]
noone is. ever.
#43 - bdowns (05/17/2013) [-]
**bdowns rolled a random image posted in comment #17 at Oh, Michael.... **
User avatar #119 - hollyisthebest (05/17/2013) [-]
Sex can be considered a need because without reproduction, a population would vanish
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