Why?. Why the would you do this? www.ibtimes.co.uk/articles/467900/20130515/man-sweden-dies-sex-hornet-s-nest.htm. Swedish Man Dies After Having Sex With Hornet thats desperate
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Swedish Man Dies After Having Sex With Hornet' s Nest
By HANNAH OSBORNE: Subscribe to Hannah' s RSS feed I May 15, 3: 48 PM GMT
Man tilled after having a hornets nest (wid commons]-
A man in Sweden has died after trying to have sex with a hornet' s nest on his
farm outside Istad
The , known only as Hasse, had 146 sting
marks on his body, including 54 to his genitals, News
Sweden said
His body was found by a neighbour, who said Hasse was so
swollen he initially mistook him tor a whale carcass-
Hasse was unconscious when he was found but died an
hour later from the injuries he sustained.
Neighbour Bertie said he called over to his
neighbour to ask what he was doing: "At first [I thought he
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