Lets Write It All.. How to write galifreyan ;) Check comments, im going to post the alphabet for this.. How to write Gallifreyan" by Loren Sherman Start off wit
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Lets Write It All.

Lets Write It All.. How to write galifreyan ;) Check comments, im going to post the alphabet for this.. How to write Gallifreyan" by Loren Sherman Start off wit

How to write galifreyan ;) Check comments, im going to post the alphabet for this.

How to write Gallifreyan"
by Loren Sherman
Start off with the sentence
that you want to write.
In this example, that will be
bow ties are cool''.
E is the sst the word, so it goes on the
bottom. " can be , since the word
is short.
The letters lb, T, and it are used to make the
words interlock. l] ooble letters are denoted
by double circles. C is replaced by K or s.
Each word is a circle that is read
counterclockwise from the bottom.
will do a lot of erasing.
dowels are attached to the consonant that comes
before them. If there is no consonant, they are
attached to the main word
circle. The dotted line
in the alphabet below
shows where to
place the bowels
relative to the word
circle in that case.
o is within the circle,
H " outside it, and
How ties are "
Enid to write " by Loren Home
Let' s take a look: at the letters we will be using:
The lines on the Ill can be anywhere, and will be
extended once the sentence " complete.
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Submitted: 05/15/2013
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#25 - thenewmaroi (05/15/2013) [-]
This kind of scared me...
User avatar #19 - dawdawdwa (05/15/2013) [-]
I`m writing a book. See you in two years.
#177 to #19 - anon (05/19/2015) [-]
Where's our book fool
User avatar #178 to #177 - dawdawdwa (05/20/2015) [-]
************** thats some dedication there
User avatar #127 to #19 - partnerintroll (05/16/2013) [-]
"The Cow jumped over the moon. He landed in Mars in planted the Gallifreyan falg. Everything was peaceful, and nothing hurt. The end."
User avatar #49 to #19 - redstonealchemist (05/15/2013) [-]
DELIVER. see you in two years.
#2 - demonxxx (05/15/2013) [-]
Here it is..
User avatar #34 to #2 - bannedfartoooften (05/15/2013) [-]
User avatar #36 to #34 - windorigins (05/15/2013) [-]
K or S, depends on the sound
#117 - dagreatmax (05/16/2013) [-]
I got to the end of the picture and I still didn't understand jack 			****		.
I got to the end of the picture and I still didn't understand jack **** .
#8 - manbearpiglet (05/15/2013) [-]
Ok, so this is what was written on the side of the cot he had in "A Good Man Goes to War" and I would hazard a guess that it is his name. anyone wanna translate?
User avatar #62 to #8 - gallifreyan (05/15/2013) [-]
Someone actually translated it.

jugenmujugenmugokonosurikekaijarisugemosugematsuunraimatsufuraimatsukurunetokoro nisuremotokoroyaburakoujinoburakoujipaipopaipopaiponoshuringashuringanogurindaig urindaigurindainoponpokupiponpokunanochoukyuumeinochousuke

No way in hell is that the Doctor's name, haha....least..I hope not. It'd take half the episode to say.
User avatar #120 to #62 - xMGx (05/16/2013) [-]
those are all japanese syllables and for the hell of it i just ran it through google translate and it came out with this:
Squirrel pushing also I get to where I make Kan pine pine Unrai Hula today 's paddle only pickpocket this wretched tree-free trees Gen Gen also Shrinking of baggage bra construction pie Popeye Popeye bra and construction plants Glinda Ignacio phosphorus Zhu phosphorus Chosuke butterfly investigation of Na Ku Po N Pipo and more Ponpo of cash on Glinda doctor
User avatar #166 to #120 - gallifreyan (05/16/2013) [-]

I always wondered what it said.
#153 to #120 - gtastuntdude ONLINE (05/16/2013) [-]

Yay for minor context.
User avatar #11 to #8 - onionbubs (05/15/2013) [-]
The writers say that they just make up random patterns for what they use in the show.
The stuff you see above is just some guy thinking "I could adapt this into a language" and making it up himself.

So, sorry to spoil your fun, but its nothing.
#1 - xoyv (05/15/2013) [-]
User avatar #136 to #1 - PedoNazi (05/16/2013) [-]
all I got before I gave up is "If you (???) read"
User avatar #138 to #1 - xoyv (05/16/2013) [-]
...btw, the answer is down there V

number 6
User avatar #4 to #1 - thatonechik (05/15/2013) [-]
What's this supposed to be?
User avatar #13 to #1 - diverdee (05/15/2013) [-]
Can you tell us what this means!?
#96 to #1 - anon (05/16/2013) [-]
User avatar #5 to #1 - kierano (05/15/2013) [-]
OP is a faggot?
User avatar #15 to #5 - crampypmarc (05/15/2013) [-]
I also first thought of that.
#6 to #1 - anon (05/15/2013) [-]
If you can read this then you are a heretic and must report to the nearest inquisitor for execution.
#17 to #6 - benjah (05/15/2013) [-]
did someone say heresy
did someone say heresy
#18 to #6 - Whytemane ONLINE (05/15/2013) [-]
HA! Nice.
User avatar #53 - combatplatypus (05/15/2013) [-]
I don't even watch Doctor Who, but this is a really cool, creative language. Also there's a translator program that will write stuff for you if you can't be arsed: www.shermansplanet.com/gallifreyan
User avatar #88 to #72 - therealpokemon (05/16/2013) [-]
Java Master Code
#139 to #88 - someoneforamoment (05/16/2013) [-]
Java master malware entry point code.
User avatar #56 to #53 - theseventhmirror (05/15/2013) [-]
Technically, it's a font.
#59 to #56 - combatplatypus (05/15/2013) [-]
I think it technically would be an alphabet or writing system.
User avatar #43 - redstonealchemist (05/15/2013) [-]
we can use this to learn the doctor's name before the next episode
#61 to #43 - gallifreyan (05/15/2013) [-]
Someone translated it roughly to this:

jugenmujugenmugokonosurikekaijarisugemosugematsuunraimatsufuraimatsukurunetokoro nisuremotokoroyaburakoujinoburakoujipaipopaipopaiponoshuringashuringanogurindaig urindaigurindainoponpokupiponpokunanochoukyuumeinochousuke
User avatar #98 to #61 - Cello (05/16/2013) [-]
It's beautiful. I want him to whisper his name to me too.
#150 to #61 - ledd has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #71 to #61 - redstonealchemist (05/15/2013) [-]
isn't each circle a different word?
#80 to #71 - akimbobears (05/15/2013) [-]
it's just based off of the show they don't actually use it. Its a fan creation.
User avatar #65 to #61 - sinonyx (05/15/2013) [-]
i think them missed a few vowels
#112 - sagedivinity (05/16/2013) [-]
Found some numbers
User avatar #165 - mrgoodlove (05/16/2013) [-]
The directions weren't clear enough, accidentally wrote the bible
User avatar #102 - rel (05/16/2013) [-]
...Loren Sherman is one of my best friends. Not even joking. He's going to MIT to major in Digital Arts. This is him in the picture, and this is the video he used to get into MIT. ******* awesome.
User avatar #118 to #102 - fjvoodoo (05/16/2013) [-]
That was ******* awesome. Well worth the watch. I wish I was as good as him (although I'm in electrical engineering, not computer programming.)
User avatar #119 to #118 - rel (05/16/2013) [-]
He and I were on the robotics team together in high school, and he had this game called "The 4th Wall" and it was ******* awesome. He made it as a freshman in high school.
#87 - socketization (05/16/2013) [-]

My brain hurts.
User avatar #63 - PhenomenalPancake (05/15/2013) [-]
Using this, somebody read me the Doctor's name as written on the cradle in A Good Man Goes to War.
User avatar #64 to #63 - noobtankz ONLINE (05/15/2013) [-]
Doesn't work. The people who make the Gallifreyan in the show just make whatever looks cool. Sadly it says nothing.
#69 to #64 - someoneforamoment (05/15/2013) [-]
Yes it does, it's just that - like English - Gallifreyan words (and names especially) don't always follow proper spelling/grammar rules.
#77 to #69 - asterael has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #70 to #69 - noobtankz ONLINE (05/15/2013) [-]
Well yeah, it says literal gibberish. As shown below.
#137 to #70 - someoneforamoment (05/16/2013) [-]
Only because it cannot be translated, and only a time lord can read it.
#14 - wonderlandman (05/15/2013) [-]
i was actually looking into this yesterday and fount this:
it was lazier, but easier quicker for what i was trying to do. which was to figure out how to write "i hate everyone"
User avatar #20 to #14 - saintjimmyisawesom ONLINE (05/15/2013) [-]
Why must you hate everyone..?
User avatar #23 to #20 - wonderlandman (05/15/2013) [-]
i was in the middle of my art class full of a bunch of annoying ghetto swaggots and suburban white kids that think they're from the ghetto

being in that class makes my faith in humanity drop significantly
User avatar #26 to #23 - saintjimmyisawesom ONLINE (05/15/2013) [-]
I understand. kill me for I now hate everyone.
#21 to #14 - KillenZehJews (05/15/2013) [-]
How do you get the progam to work??
How do you get the progam to work??
User avatar #24 to #21 - wonderlandman (05/15/2013) [-]
how far have you gotten?
User avatar #28 to #24 - KillenZehJews (05/15/2013) [-]
Downloaded, and thats it....my brain hesn't been my ally the past few days
User avatar #29 to #28 - wonderlandman (05/15/2013) [-]
right click and hit extract files
User avatar #32 to #29 - KillenZehJews (05/15/2013) [-]
what now??
#35 to #32 - wonderlandman (05/15/2013) [-]
gind this file, inside there should be two items titled "gallifreyan" & "gallifreyan.java"
run the one titled simply "gallifreyan"
User avatar #37 to #35 - KillenZehJews (05/15/2013) [-]
ok, now what??
User avatar #39 to #37 - wonderlandman (05/15/2013) [-]
now when it opens type whatever the **** you want and then hit enter
User avatar #42 to #39 - KillenZehJews (05/15/2013) [-]
the two things i have are the java tile and another winrar file
User avatar #44 to #42 - wonderlandman (05/15/2013) [-]
sorry but at this point i cant help, it would be easier if i could see, but i can't so you're out of luck
#45 to #44 - KillenZehJews (05/15/2013) [-]
this is what i see
User avatar #51 to #45 - zzRedzz ONLINE (05/15/2013) [-]
Right click and select "Open With > Java(TM) SE binary"
User avatar #52 to #51 - KillenZehJews (05/15/2013) [-]
which one??
User avatar #54 to #52 - zzRedzz ONLINE (05/15/2013) [-]
They winrar file.
User avatar #55 to #54 - KillenZehJews (05/15/2013) [-]
and what will that do....i cannot brain today
User avatar #57 to #55 - zzRedzz ONLINE (05/15/2013) [-]
Just do what I said to the zipped file that you have in the picture and it will run the program.
User avatar #58 to #57 - KillenZehJews (05/15/2013) [-]
Alright, thank you
User avatar #46 to #45 - wonderlandman (05/15/2013) [-]
yeah idk
User avatar #47 to #46 - KillenZehJews (05/15/2013) [-]
well **** , is the file you run .class btw??
User avatar #30 to #29 - KillenZehJews (05/15/2013) [-]
#151 - Zydratejunkie (05/16/2013) [-]
I like boobies very much.
#143 - CaptainPugwash (05/16/2013) [-]
"The many joys of calculus"
(Which I'm currently meant to be revising)
#164 to #143 - CaptainPugwash (05/16/2013) [-]
Which I then drew onto the back of my calculus book.
I've been up for 19 hours and it's nearly half past 7 in the morning here.
I have an exam today. **** you, internet.
#169 to #164 - anon (05/16/2013) [-]
you are most welcome
#132 - wired (05/16/2013) [-]
T-shirts are cool.
#110 - derricktwo (05/16/2013) [-]
In the episode about the battle of demon's run, "where a good man goes to war" the doctor has a crib with him that he takes out of the tardis. He says it is his. does that mean that the gallifreyan on the foot of the crib is his name? If so, then in using this we can find out the doctor's name?
User avatar #124 to #115 - EricClapton (05/16/2013) [-]
somebody pls
User avatar #126 to #115 - megaton (05/16/2013) [-]
i wishi i could read this. ive been trying to translate for a while but cant figure it ou because the first letter in the first word already doesn't look like it means anything since there are 4 lines coming off of it an nothing as far as i can see should have that. the dot after it also looks like it doesn't mean anything unless its initials since it looks like a vowel that just isn't attached to anything even though it clearly isn't the first letter and i cant figure out the last letter though it kinda looks like an H. and after going through that with the first part i didn't feel like doing the second word since it looks way more difficult srry.
User avatar #128 to #126 - megaton (05/16/2013) [-]
nvm guys just realized that there isnt an actual translator since the guy who made this language just made it simmiler to the actual gallefreayen language and isnt the same so there isnt an actual translation for this. i dont feel like fixing the spelling errors
#103 to #99 - anon (05/16/2013) [-]
User avatar #104 to #103 - taintedangel (05/16/2013) [-]
I am so done. Pretty close.
User avatar #97 - GodofTV ONLINE (05/16/2013) [-]
Try writting a whole book in one circle then tell me this is an efficient way to write.
User avatar #100 to #97 - taintedangel (05/16/2013) [-]
it's a bunch of circles linked together.
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