Thumb Warning. Just a disclaimer I can't print in every description. It takes up too much text space. MCDISASTER LINKS PART 6 /funny_pictures/4540527/McDisaster Thumb Warning Just a disclaimer I can't print in every description It takes up too much text space MCDISASTER LINKS PART 6 /funny_pictures/4540527/McDisaster
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Thumb Warning

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to make a
statement. If you do not like my Mcdisasters
stories, and you care about comment
thumbs, you might consider keeping it to
yourself. I have seen some people drop
multiple ranks from negative response to my
posts. To the people and subscribers
thumbing down users calling me a 'faggot,'
stating my stories are 'fake, made up, and
unbelieveable:' i can' t tell you how to vote.
But I personally thumb up every single
comment that gets left on any post of mine
from a registered user. Anons deserve no
respect, and I delete most of their comments.
I love that you all love my content. I have
gone from subscribers to over 300 in less
than 3 weeks. that was a complete surprise
to me when i first saw the number. I can tell
you that i fully expected the stories to get
destroyed negatively when i posted them as
comments. I never expected to get to the top
so comment/ content slots that I now hold.
Thank you everyone for your support. I have a
plethora of stories to get into. I haven' t even
started on the ones from when I turned 17
am currently 25, working in a Call Center for
all of you who keep asking. The stories thus
far have been about 9 or 10 years old. We are
getting into the more issues,
versus customers. although their' s plenty of
shit and blood still to come, i know what you
like Funnyjunk. Keep the thumbs coming, and
I' ll keep the stories coming! Cheers!
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