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#99 - mrsockz ONLINE
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(05/09/2013) [-]
Yet our schools are full of some of the stupidest people......both teachers and students.
#134 to #99 - anon
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(05/09/2013) [-]
My English teacher junior year of high school is one such example. All you had to do is know something that irritated her and you could make her go on a rant the whole class period. I've never really felt challenged in any classes except for some of my math course, but I'm just terrible with that subject. I maybe spent 15 minutes tops my whole high school career studying. It's not that I was taking low level classes either because I've found I'm learning almost the same exact stuff in college.

Interesting how much of our lives we spend in pursuit of a little piece of paper that really serves no other purpose, than to say that you've been proven competent up to a certain extent.